Friday, October 5, 2018

What is Your Biggest Regret You Would Like to Undo?

Are you one of those people who would rather have folks come visit you or you travel to visit them?  I certainly am!  I know part of my 'problem' is that I am a work addict and if people are visiting me, I can get up earlier than them and stay up later to complete tasks.  

For the same reason, going away on vacation has little appeal because I think of how far behind I will be when I return home.  Do I like being this way?  Nope!  How about you?  Would you rather go away and relax and not stress about getting behind in your work?  Or do you secretly work behind the 'scenes' while you have friends visiting?

When I was asked the question "If you took a dream vacation in reverse, who is the one person you would want to come to you and why?"  I would have to say very loud and clear:  "My family."  I have spent most of my adult life living far away from family and it is a major regret of mine.  How I would love to live near them and enjoy holidays and summer fun with them.  It is time lost and can never be regained.  

It is no one's fault.  Lack of funds played a major role in this scenario.  If funds were limitless, I would visit often and would enjoy buying them plane tickets to visit me.  I think of it often and cry silently when I realize how fast time is flying by.

I am envious and perhaps jealous of the people who share their stories of their family times.  I would like to wiggle my nose and go back in time to a place where I could relive those years with family part of it.  

I love entertaining.  This includes dinner parties, hosting get-togethers, or housing someone who needs a place to stay for a season. I love people around me in my home and never tire of it.

When I hear complaints from people about visiting relatives or stories of having to take care of elderly parents, I cry inside.  This was never a choice for me.  I was young when I lost my parents and my children never had the opportunity of meeting them.  I wanted my kids to grow up with cousins and aunts and uncles around them.....but it wasn't in the cards.  I grieve for that.

I am thrilled to live close enough to my daughter and her family to see them every six weeks.  I wish it could be every week but maybe some day........

Brie's First Ballet Lesson

Brie is the youngest dancer in the class and her teacher is amazed.  She takes direction well, doesn't fool around but takes it very seriously.  She is two.

This is a talent she did NOT get from her gramma.  I took dance lessons years ago so I could impress and surprise my hubby.  That teacher gave me my money back and suggested I try needlepoint or....?  On the other hand, Brie's Papa can keep 11 different rhythms going at the same time.  Something to watch! 

The question posed to me for this month's Secret Subject Challenge by
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