Friday, October 19, 2018

Ever Have One Stress on Top of Another?

Ever feel like you are hitting your head against the wall -- especially when dealing with government agencies?  My life, my memoir, and my talk show all echo the same message -- I never quit.  "No" is a word rarely in my vocabulary especially when I experience an injustice.   

I sold an amplifier on eBay last May that the post office damaged extensively.  The man who purchased it mailed it back to me for a refund, RATHER than submit a damage report at his local PO.  Consequently, I was denied my claim of over $1,000.  I submitted three appeals and they were each turned down for the same reason.  The parcel was securely packed so that was not an issue.  It was denied strictly because the buyer jumped the gun and sent it back to me demanding a refund.  

I researched on how to take the PO to small claims court.  You can't.  I thought I had exhausted my resources after spending numerous hours on the phone with various branches of the claim department -- all to no avail.  Three strikes and you are out.  You can't submit another appeal.

Then I contacted the Attorney General of the US in D.C. and registered my complaint about three weeks ago.  Yesterday I received a phone call from the head office of the USPS and they said they were reopening the case; and after I submit the pictures, they will resolve this for me.

 Sometimes you feel like.....if it isn't one thing it's another!

We were rudely awakened by the telephone several times one night.  It was the alarm company calling about an attempted break-in at our store.  The police were called as well but they refuse to respond until the store owner goes there to make sure it isn't a false alarm.  We live in a small town.  The cops are seconds away.  

Hubby flew out of bed each time and rushed to the store to confirm it was a false alarm.  Maybe a bird or mouse at the back door?  We never found out.

But the next morning the manager of our store in a different town let us know that we had a break-in there.  The thieves were only able to steal a couple watches which were in the shop's front window but the damage to the glass was a few thousand dollars.  And it hurts!

Lesson Learned:  Read the small print

While driving out of town my hubby realized he ran over something on the road.  He pulled over but couldn't see anything.  About an hour later the dash light warned him of a tire losing pressure. Sure enough, he had a flat tire.  After putting on the spare, he was warned not to drive over 50 mph.  Longest trip ever!  I told hubby not to be concerned about replacing it because I bought tire insurance when I bought the car.  

A few days later I made the trip to the dealership which was 100 miles away, white knuckling it all the way watching big semi-trucks in my rear-view mirror going 75 mph and obviously angry with me for driving so slowly.

What a relief when I arrived safely and the service department informed me I needed all four tires replaced.  The guys in the shop couldn't believe what they saw and everyone had to have a peek at this tire with FIFTEEN nails in it.  The only explanation was that a nail gun from a construction truck had fallen on the highway.


I showed them my insurance papers and settled into the waiting room for the next couple of hours.  BUT.....they were quick to inform me that my tires were measuring 3 3/32 and the insurance did not cover tires at 3 3/32 or less.  How is that even possible that it could be that close?  I was devastated.  Choking back, I asked to speak with the service manager who I knew well and he crunched the numbers to give me a few hundred bucks off the price.  In checking online to compare prices, I knew he was honest with me.  FIVE hours later, I was able to drive away with my insurance intact for any mishaps in the future.  Lesson learned.

Weirdest Dinner Party - EVER

I'm a great cook -- at least that is the general consensus by all those who have enjoyed a meal in our home.  My husband tells me almost every day that is why he married me -- not sure if that is a compliment or not!  Our guests often put in their 'request' when we invite them for dinner especially if I tell them we are having East Indian or Mexican cuisine.  

We invited our neighbors for dinner last Saturday and for an entire week, they told us how much they were looking forward to it.  Now, I am wondering why......

I make everything from scratch so it is not unusual to spend an entire day preparing a meal.  I served roast beef rolled in olive oil, peppercorns and Dijon mustard with roasted potatoes and carrots, buttered squash, cauliflower in cheese sauce, huge popovers, and Caesar salad.  Our guests seemed thrilled and impressed.  They each took huge helpings.  Here's the weird part -- they barely touched their food.  I mean, maybe five small bites.

It was awkward eating an entire meal while they watched us eat.  They kept saying they had a late lunch and were stuffed.  Should I point out that they came with their own thermos of alcohol?

Several times throughout the previous week they said how much they were looking forward to my famous chocolate mousse cake.  When we served it, they refused to eat it saying they were bursting from dinner.

We did have a delightful evening sharing stories and getting to know them.  They continue to send us messages of how much they enjoyed coming over for dinner.  Huh?  

Our dogs sure enjoyed what our guests left on their plates for the next three days.  My hubby suggested the next time we serve popcorn.
The Grands!
Of course, no post would be complete without sharing the grands.  Brie is the youngest in her ballet class.  She listens, takes direction well and at two, we see great potential as a dancer.

William, at six, is enjoying 'helping' daddy build their new playground and learning how to run the big equipment all by himself.

Brie loves shoes! Especially slippers.  After breakfast out with daddy, she was thrilled to go shoe shopping.


 New Creations this week
Here are two of the beautiful creations hubby did for a very happy customer this month.  Blue topaz set in white gold with diamonds.


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