Monday, January 25, 2016

Letter To My Unborn Granddaughter

Dear Grandaughter:  Here you are -- almost ready to face this world.  Here we are -- ready to welcome you.  Your parents and grandparents are thrilled that you are going to be a baby girl. Your big brother said, "If I don't get a sister, Mommy.....put it back!"

In our family, you will be the first girl born into a generation of little boys.  I can only imagine you will have the upper hand in most situations.  Girls RULE -- Boys drool, right?

I try to picture what you will look like and this in utereo photo is amazing. Technology has come so far and during your lifetime, you will see it go even further.

Aubrie Jeanne

I remember when the doctor placed your mommy into my arms for the first time.  It was not love at first sight because I loved you from the moment I discovered you were in my belly.  Your mommy was desperately wanted, just as you have been.  That story click here

You will be surrounded by love and protection from all sides of your little universe.  With such a sensitive nature, your big brother will be extremely close to you - protecting you, caring for you and teaching you everything a big brother can.

You are one of the lucky ones -- born into a home of love and gentleness even though the world at large is in great turmoil.

Who will you look like?  What will you become?  What will your passions be?  What type of personality will you have?  We anxiously wait for the day of your arrival and thank God that you did not come early as the doctors suspected a couple months ago.  We witnessed a miracle -
 click here for that amazing story of miracles in utereo.

Here is a little insight into your family:

Your mommy, Rochelle, is a woman you will want to pattern your life after.  My precious, beloved daughter - an incredible, intelligent, beautiful, gentle, wise and humorous woman.  I am proud to call her my friend and even prouder to call her my daughter. I wrote a letter to her that will be a treasure for you to keep forever.  Here is that letter -- it will tell you why she is so special - on every front. As a teen-ager, your mom was one of the funniest, most entertaining girls on the planet.  I expect you to take that torch and run with it!

Your daddy, Thomas, is a father you will be proud to call Daddy.  He may be tough on you at times because he only wants you to be strong and secure.  Watching him with your brother, William, it is exquisitely clear that he is a father to be respected.  He will teach you lessons that will sustain you through life.  I highly respect him and it will be hilarious to watch you wrap him around your little finger.  He's really a big softie!

Your big brother (he just turned 4), William, will be your greatest fan.  He cried when your mommy and daddy lost their other baby before he/she was born.  He never stopped asking for a sister and is thrilled that the time is approaching when he will hold you and help take care of you.


When William goes to pre-school, all the little girls run up to him and want his attention.  His teacher said that William is gentle with them and he treats them with respect and kindness, as well as protecting them from any bullies.  He has no issues with sharing his toys.  I am sure he will appreciate your help with chores as he has had numerous responsibilities around the farm and the house since he was very young.

Your grandpa will dote on you.  He will play games with you or have a tea party.   You will wrap him around that finger of yours and he won't even notice because he will be enamored with you.  He will be the one you will be going to for counsel as you get older.  He will listen intently and give you clear advice - even if it is not what you want to hear -- you will know that he is right.

Your gramma.  Little one, you are a miracle in every sense of the word.  Your gramma was a miracle baby.  Your mommy was a miracle baby.  Now you, too, are a miracle baby.  You are meant to be born.  You are a fighter.  You are a winner.  Your gramma will love loves you more than humanly possible.   You are a gift from God.   Your gramma will make you laugh.

The rest of your family.  You will be loved by many -- grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins.  We each await your arrival with love in our hearts -- you are blessed.

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