Friday, November 12, 2021

Have You Ever Looked At Life Like A Five-Year-Old?


How Do Five-Year-Olds Think? Priceless.

Since they were very young, whenever my grandkids visited us, they would take two hands full of loose coins from the change bucket. They could keep what did not fall out of their hands. Their hands are getting bigger now and they love counting the coins to see how much they get. 


Gramma: "Brie, what are you going to do with all that money," I asked.

Brie: "Give it to my daddy, in case he needs it."


Here's Another One...

Brie: "Gramma, how come you don't paint your nails anymore?"

Gramma: "Because I work from my home office, now."

Brie: "So, Gramma, you really need to get out more."

I was stumped for an answer to this five-year-old.


And Another...

With the time change during spring break, it was not dark at dinner time.

Brie: "Gramma, why are we eating dinner in the morning?"

Gramma: "It's not morning; it's evening."

Brie: "Oh, Gramma. You are so silly. It is never light outside at dinner time." 



This One Touched My Heart In A New Way

William is nine years old but reads at an eleventh-grade level. He loves books and I teared up when he said, "Gramma, you're an author, right?"

"Sure am!"

"Do you think I could read your books?"

"Of course! But I will expect a review, okay?" That really excited him.

It's these moments -- these are the moments we never forget. you can't put a price on them - PRICELESS

Battered Hope

And watching them bowl......another priceless moment...last month.

 Until You Have Bowled with Pumpkins....You Haven't Bowled



  1. This reminds me of Art Linkletter's radio show, Kids Say the Darnest Things. So endearing.

    1. I used to love that show. And then Steve Harvey's show a couple years ago.

  2. They are both so precocious and adorable, Carol. Thanks for sharing them with us!


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