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My name is Carol Graham - author, talk show host, certified health coach, keynote speaker, blogger, mom, and grandmom!

I am passionate about a few things that have driven and sustained me for years. One of those is my love for dogs and many of my posts are dog stories that will make you laugh, cry or both - GUARANTEED!

I am passionate about health as I was given two years to live over 40 years ago..... I found my own cure and now, as a health coach, teach people how to build and maintain a strong immunity.

I am a charismatic motivational speaker whose stories bring hope. I inspire transformation and healing by using my own compelling life stories to engage and connect on a deep emotional level. Through laughter and tears, audiences learn how to move forward without denying the past.   For bookings: click here

I am passionate about love, family and my faith in God.  I could never have made it through many years of trauma without His strength.

I am passionate about humor -- and will always find a way to bring humor into a situation and help lighten the burdens of those who are hurting.

I am a published author, who released my memoir after spending 10 therapeutic years writing my story, as it was difficult to bring up the buried past. 

I started blogging to introduce my readers to a lighter side of me -- my love for dogs and life.....sometimes, in that order!

Now........read here why I was driven to write my memoir and why it has been a success -- encouraging and inspiring people to believe that they too, can succeed against ALL odds.

 Did you ever feel like giving up?

I was given two years to live - cancer.  I was also told I would never bear a child and felt the emptiness and pain especially when it was the single most important thing I wanted in life.

I was falsely accused and arrested
I have lost everything I owned in this world in less than 24 hours.

How could I possibly go on?

lost a child, not once but twice,

I was raped and left for dead.

I remember waking up in the morning upset that I was still alive after deciding to end my life.

I put my trust and confidence in a business partner who then stole my entire business.

I have nurtured and spoon-fed my husband of over 20 years as a result of brain damage from a car accident.  

All these happened to me......and more

I am a wife, mom of two, extremely proud grandma of four and have had many four-legged fur babies.  In addition to my faith in God, the one thing that has given me strength through all these traumas is a sense of humor -- I firmly believe that laughter can get you through almost anything.

In 2018 Carol received the One Woman - Fearless award for facing her fears and making this world a better place for women

Carol has two monthly columns in magazines where she shares stories of people who never ever gave up.

Random fun facts about me are......

    I am the Queen of Organization and Multi-tasking
    My motto of over 50 years - "DO IT RIGHT....DO IT NOW!"

    I have my own talk show Never Ever Give Up Hope 
    Love to cook ethnic foods
    I have been self-employed since the 1970's
    I am the most patient and the most impatient person in the world
    I never met a dog I did not like
    I own and manage 4 businesses
    My greatest passion is public speaking
    Have been a health coach for over 35 years

   I NEVER...EVER...give up
I would love to connect with you and hear your story.  You can find me here.  

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