Friday, March 20, 2020

How Often Do You Have a Rude Awakening?

Rude awakenings come in different forms. As a Type A, I pride myself on working multiple jobs, running a tight ship at home, and being the greatest organizer on the planet. But then there is the reality check.

I met with my friend of two-plus decades for early Saturday morning coffee. For as long as we have been friends, this is our special time to share our secrets and concerns. It is usually a serious time outside of any other times we spend together.

Last Saturday morning was her birthday. Along with a gift, I wrote a long letter about how much her friendship meant to me. I actually teared up when I wrote it. I knew she would be touched. 

She read it while I was eating my muffin and I almost choked when she burst into howling laughter. 

"What is your problem?" I was hurt and at a complete loss.

She attempted to talk but kept laughing too much to make any sense. When she finally calmed down she said that her birthday was eight months ago. 

"Are you sure?" I didn't believe her. 

"Yes, but now you don't have to worry about remembering in July."

Rude awakening: You are not as organized as you think you are.

I don't do plants. I hate gardening. I think it is a waste of time and would rather have no flowers, no shrubs, no nothing but this house came with a beautiful flower garden that must be maintained. 

My husband would love to have a huge garden but he works seven days a week so it is not in the cards. 

When he came home from work last week he asked me to step outside. "I bought you a present." 

"What the heck is that?"

"It's a garden wagon."

"A what?"

"A garden wagon."

"What does it do?"

"You can put all the weeds in it or anything you want."

"Then what?"
Garden Wagon

"Then you can take them down the street and put all the clippings in the woods like everybody else does."

"Let me get this straight. You want me to fill up this massive wagon with weeds, roll it down the stairs, then walk down the street for a few blocks UPHILL spilling stuff all over the road, empty it into the woods and walk back up again."

"Yup, what's wrong with that?"

"Right now I fill up a garbage bag and put it out on the street for pick-up. What did you think I did?"

He paused, "Well, maybe the grandkids will have fun riding around in it." 

Rude awakening: I'm not the only one getting old and weird.

My Aloe Vera plant gave birth. Almost overnight it went crazy. I want to replant it but the nurseries are only selling 100-pound bags of soil right now.  Has there been a run on potting soil just like toilet paper? I don't get it.

Aloe Vera

Rude awakening: Keep a better watch on your indoor plants?

Star is loving her position as top dog. Since Gunner died she is developing new habits. All of them good - but some a bit odd. In the past, she followed whatever Gunner did. And Gunner was more cat than dog. He only aimed to please himself.

Star's new habit (she has OCD) is that she will only lick bowls, eat snacks, or table scraps if they are put on her placemat. She will not eat them from your hand or a few inches off the mat. 

Rude awakening: I have never been in charge. This is my dog's kingdom.

I slid into the tub to relax. I was about to close my eyes when a huge daddy-long-legs spider dropped from the ceiling an inch from my face.  END of bathtime.

Spiders are scary

Rude awakening: Vacuum your ceilings more often.

I have been teaching people how to keep their immune systems strong since I cured my own cancer over 30 years ago. My doctor gave me two years to live but I never accepted that - I chose nutrition instead - and here I am.

I haven't had a cold or flu for over 35 years - Keep the immune system strong -- it is your best defense.

My strongest message has always been: PREVENTION  It is key to staying healthy.

Never to late to get healthy

Many people believe that all products are the same or that they can mix and match products to produce results. Self-medicating without acknowledging facts. 

Fortunately, it is never too late. You can always build a strong immune system.

I am thrilled to be able to help people improve their health, get straight answers and restore hope. My latest blog post regarding health: 

Rude awakening: Your past experience can help others now 

The Grands were supposed to visit during Spring Break but......instead, the world, as we know it, stopped. My daughter keeps me posted with their latest pics - and there is always face time. 

Rude awakening: Never take your family for granted. (I never did.)

He's a thinker and loves the outdoors
His goal: Marine Biologist

Free spirit
She is the opposite of her brother
Her goal: Live Life - Don't worry about anything

I was sad that I could not attend Brie's birthday party. Rochelle did an awesome job as she always does. This year's theme was "Princess."

Birthday princess
FOUR years old

Princess birthday cake
What an amazing cake!

Birthday party
Dancing and eating cake
Isn't that what a party is all about?

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Sunday, March 8, 2020

You Should Be Afraid of Hand Sanitizers. Do You Know Why?

Is Your Hand Sanitizer Killing You? 

We often use the phrase, "what you don't know won't hurt you" but when it comes to your health, the opposite is true.  

No one wants to believe that the food supplements/vitamins they are taking could harm them, especially if they have been recommended by a health care professional. But, unfortunately, there are more supplements on the market that can harm you, then there are those that can help you.

When I lecture on building immunity or how to realize optimum health, people are shocked to learn of the harmful and sometimes even life-threatening side effects resulting from taking OTC synthetic or natural-altered vitamin supplements.

All of us want to be healthy.  We take all the necessary precautions.  We try to eat healthily, exercise, maintain a good attitude and yet will consume vitamins laden with chemicals and petroleum (the base used for synthetic and natural altered supplements.)

As a society, we generally believe what we are told by health care professionals and advertising of products endorsed by doctors, yet we often do not take it one step further -- to find out what's REALLY in our vitamins.

The BODY HAS THE ABILITY TO HEAL ITSELF IF GIVEN THE PROPER TOOLS. There is no drug without side effects. Often the side effects listed are far greater than the benefits you are hoping to achieve.

This is one post in a series to bring awareness regarding the vitamins you may be consuming. I am available for any and all questions. Tell me what brand you are taking and I will help you determine if they are natural or synthetic.

In the past decade or so, we have become acutely aware of "dirt." We over-sanitize our homes with more chemicals than were even in existence until a few years ago. Many products you use every day have become extremely toxic to both you and your environment.  This includes household cleaning supplies (a BIGGY), dish soap, bath soap, shampoo and fragrances intended to "clean" the air (and are actually polluting it).

Dirt is not necessarily a bad thing.  I'm talking about playing in the dirt kind of dirt. We build natural immunity against bad bacteria by allowing our good bacteria to thrive and not destroying it with over-sanitizing. Take your kids to the farm - let them get good and dirty. Clean them with chemical-free soap and water.

One of the first culprits that came on the market were hand sanitizers. Now you see them in grocery stores, banks, women's purses, and most cars. And the biggest shock of all: DOCTOR'S OFFICES. 

The industry plays on the fears of consumers to introduce chemicals that will destroy all bacteria -- unfortunately, the good with the bad. When you destroy the good bacteria, you have NOTHING left to fight with -- to keep your immunity intact.  

Household chemicals contribute to many children's illnesses including respiratory and immune deficiency diseases.  Household chemicals can also be a contributing factor in Alzheimer's Disease.  

Triclosan, the main ingredient in hand sanitizersWEAKENS the immune system.  The School of Public Health at the University of Michigan shows that people exposed to Triclosan actually have a higher risk of developing allergies and asthma.  It kills off all bacteria, good and bad, allowing yeast to overgrow internally.  Triclosan has been shown to increase drug resistance to antibiotics like Bisphenol A (BPA) which messes with your hormones.  Triclosan is actually in a variety of personal care products, such as soaps, deodorants, toothpaste, and lotions. 

When exposed to sunlight, Triclosan converts to dioxin, increasing the risk of cancers and reproductive disorders.

There is a library of information on this subject, yet many of us don't check the research because we firmly believe we are protecting ourselves by using the sanitizers. Reference
"In a review of recent studies, researchers at the University of Michigan School of Public Health have found that the ingredient commonly used in these products, triclosan, provides no additional benefits beyond those of plain soap; it also may contribute to the rise of many different drug-resistant bacteria, including a relative of tuberculosis. 
Given that triclosan can also form the probable human carcinogen chloroform when exposed to chlorinated water, you may take pause lathering up with that antibacterial soap next time you shower. (Never mind the fact that triclosan has been found in rivers or that it can concentrate in fish tissues to be eaten by us later.) Avoid soaps, body washes and other bathroom products (including towels!) that advertise themselves as "antibacterial" or "antimicrobial." The majority of products so labeled include triclosan or the similarly problematic compound triclocarban."
This is especially upsetting for those of us who are aware of the dangers of using sanitizers and have to be subjected to it in our water!  

What's In YOUR Vitamins?

Listed below, I have recapped my previous posts on testing your vitamins. Prepare to be shocked but more importantly.....enlightened.
Each one of these articles below is packed with easy to understand information that could mean the difference between being healthy or..............

Week One:  Do you want health for your time tomorrow?  Click here 

Week Two:  Does your brand produce vitamins with the life factor intact?  Or are they over-processed and of little value?  Click here

Week Three:  Simple Test to see if your vitamins are toxic or not  Click here  

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Week Five:  If this scares you, it is time to do some research and make a change.  Click here

Week Six: Are you confident the supplements you take will not harm you?  Click here
         Week Seven: Can You Trust the Brand You are Taking?   Click Here 

What you don't know can, in fact, hurt you. I have spent the last 35 years of my life making people aware of the harm OTC vitamins can do to you.

I am here to help you in any way I can -- just ask.

Friday, February 21, 2020

How Do Dogs Grieve the Death of Another Dog?

We have a new old dog. Her name is Star and she has lived with us for four years. She is now a new dog.

Have you witnessed a dog going through a time of grieving the loss of another furry friend? When we adopted two rescues four years ago, they came as a package. We wanted one long-haired Doxie but the adoption center would not allow these two to be separated.

Mini Dachshund

The male, Gunner, was ten years old and had been Star's protector for her entire life of six years. She was a show dog. They both lived in cages and were abused. They rarely saw the light of day. Gunner took the brunt of the abuse because he protected his little 'wife' and consequently got kicked, pushed, and thrown by their owner. 

When we rescued them, Gunner never allowed Star out of his sight. He washed her face, her mouth, and ears every day. He stayed close to her when we went for walks. It took several months before he trusted us enough to give him belly rubs or to move our feet swiftly without him pouncing on them to be sure we weren't going to kick Star.


Star depended on Gunner. They slept together, ate out of the same the same time and there was never one harsh word between them. They adored each other.

When it was obvious that Gunner's days were numbered we had great concern for Star. Would she give up and die of heartbreak? Would she get depressed? 

Star has always been skittish and shy and extremely quiet. Gunner barked when needed but Star kept quiet and with her padded feet you never heard dogs in the house.

Then the inevitable happened and Gunner crossed the Rainbow Bridge in December. That story here.  
Crossing the rainbow bridge
He was gone in this picture
But I couldn't let him go....yet

The first night Star spent alone was hard on her. She spent it looking for Gunner and finally fell asleep under our bed. 

By the end of the second day, Star realized she was now top dog. Hubby and I were shocked. It was as if she woke up a different dog.


She is now confident, friendlier to everyone, bolder with a complete personality change. We love it. I think she does too.

These are the times I wish dogs talked. If so, I would ask her lots of questions.

"Were you intimidated by Gunner?"

"Are you covering up your pain of loss by ignoring the fact that you are now alone?"

Star now has the attitude that she is the prettiest dog on the block and struts across the park as if she owns it.

She smiles more, cuddles more and it makes me wonder.......Was she happily married?

And then there are the grands

I didn't get to see the grands this month but love the pictures they send me. William now has a cell phone and sends this gramma love messages every day. He is proud of the fact that he is now eight years old and a 'pre-teen.'

Why do they have to grow up so quickly?

Fourth Birthday Party

Family Day Fun

Our Annual Snowfall Day
Once a princess, always a Princess
Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 4 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Are You Afraid of the Coronavirus?

Your immune system is as powerful as you make it.  If you want to be protected from Coronavirus, Ebola,  Zika or anything in between, it is up to you to keep your immunity against the disease a strong force. The bonus is optimum health.  

Optimum Health Is A Choice

Friday, January 24, 2020

Do Dogs Know When it is Time to Say Goodbye?

No matter how much we prepare ourselves for the inevitable, it is extremely difficult to say good-bye to our furry friends. Even more difficult is making the decision as to when - do we wait a month, a week, or does it have to be today?

Rainbow bridge
Gunner's time was approaching and I prayed that he would let me know when it was time. He did. 

Around eight in the evening, he started to pace and then stand in a corner for a few minutes. He did this all night and I stayed up with him. The first vet appointment available was at three in the afternoon. As much as his human daddy wanted to be there his schedule didn't permit; I had to go alone. 

Gunner's doctor took one look at him and then back at me. There was no need for an examination. "I'll give Gunner a shot that is incredibly fast-acting. He will be gone in a matter of seconds but you can hold him as long as you want to stay with him." I did. 

Friday, December 20, 2019

What Do You Do When You Are Blindsided and Can't See A Solution?

Three going on....?
"Have you noticed how much happier everyone is this time of year?"  Someone asked me that the other day and frankly, I was a bit shocked.

I witness the opposite each year. Maybe it is because we are in retail business and people are regularly complaining -- not enough time or money to do what they need to do.  In general, people are impatient and grumpier than the rest of the year - hands down. 

Stress is over the top for many people at Christmas time. Personally, I find this time of year relaxing as I am prepared at least a month or two in advance. My goal is to have all the gifts wrapped and baking done by November.

Friday, November 22, 2019

How to Know When It Is Time to Say Good-bye

November is my birthday month but celebrating it has never been a priority. My mom was very ill my entire childhood and spent most of her life in bed fighting a debilitating disease. Birthday parties were out of the question. I often hoped my mom would forget my birthday so she would not have to feel guilty if she was not well enough to bake a cake or buy me a present.

Consequently, I often forget my birthday if I am busy or forget to check the calendar. Yet, I love birthday celebrations and try not to forget those special days for family and friends. And even if I may forget... my family always remembers.

I often wondered:  Why don't we celebrate our mothers on our birthdays?  After all, they did all the work!
Fall is here

Monday, October 28, 2019

How to Cut Your Veterinarian Costs to Almost Zero


Have you had to sacrifice your own luxuries, vacations, or fun because of the high cost of maintaining your pet’s health?  Have you noticed that these costs seem to be rising because your dog needs more trips to the veterinarian’s office?

As animal lovers and dog rescuers, we would do whatever was needed to ensure our pets lived a happy, healthy life.  But having to say good-bye to our precious furry friends never got easier, especially when they died too young. 

As a kid, we fed our dogs table scraps (which since has become taboo). Long before ‘pet food’ turned commercial, people rarely if ever, took their dogs to the doctor. They lived long, happy lives. So WHAT HAPPENED?  Pet food, that’s what.