Friday, April 23, 2021

How Do You Answer the Tough Questions A Five-year-old Might Ask?

Since I have my office in my home, the only time I 'dress up' is for Zoom calls - full make-up, business attire, and jewelry. If I have to run errands, I rarely bother with make-up. Sunglasses and a mask cover my face! How about you?

Last week I had two interviews the same day and wanted to run my errands between them. One of those errands was to go to the recycle center. I had several trays of recyclables but there was a strong wind outside which made cans and plastic bottles fly out of them and roll down the parking lot. It was a gong show. I would run after one can while another bottle was flying through the air. 

Finally, I got inside the building, cashed them in and left for my next errand. When I turned the corner, my eye caught my right hand on the steering wheel -  with NO ring on it. I freaked. I started to pray out loud as I turned the car around, ran into the center, and searched the parking lot - NOTHING. 

Do I call my husband? What would I say to him? 

I emptied my purse onto the front seat of the car and there it was - at the bottom. How did that happen? Was this one of those times when an angel was looking out for me and put it there?

I called my husband but only told him the first part of the story. Was that mean of me to want him to feel my panic? Half-way through the story I had to say, "Don't worry - everything's okay."

Lesson learned. Don't leave the house dressed up. Go out with no make-up, no jewelry.

Some of you may remember the story of Charlie - my daughter's Bernese Mountain dog that we rescued. Charlie was seven years old and suffered many close calls since we saved her life when she was a puppy. She almost died when her tummy flipped. She almost died when she gave birth and she had other close calls. 

We realized how difficult it was to determine if something was wrong because she lived her life with an incredible attitude. She never showed any indication of pain. She 'smiled' all the time. She was gentle and loving and adored the kids. 

One morning a couple weeks ago, my SIL found her in the woods in obvious distress. He gently carried her home. The local vet was kind enough to make a house call and tell them it was her time. She had run away to die. Charlie was my grandson's best friend.

This was not easy for a little guy who has suffered much loss - heart-breaking at every turn. But, as always, what a trooper he was as he comforted his little sister. Their daddy took them for a walk while my daughter stayed with Charlie.

"Good-bye, Charlie"
We will miss her forever

"Mom, I'm sitting here holding Charlie's head in my lap," my daughter said through her tears. "Right up to the last second, Charlie is fighting her demise. She has pulled through so many times. She doesn't want to say good-bye."

William asked me to make a story book with pictures of Charlie and have it printed. I am sure I will have many tears as I do that. 

During spring break, the grands spent the week with me. It is the first time I have had them visit without their mom. I planned activities and enjoyed each minute to the fullest. I'm already excited about the next time they can visit us. 

No, I didn't spoil them. 


I bought one of those kits to paint Easter eggs. Can someone explain to me why the dye they use stains everything? We made a huge mess. I had to sit down on the kitchen floor because we were laughing so hard. 

Hunting for Easter eggs this way was a lot more fun
and an advantage over her cousins!

Let the Easter egg hunt begin!

What a great success it was!

Since they were very young, whenever they visited us, they could take two hands full of loose coins from the change bucket. Their hands are getting bigger now and they love counting it to see how much they get. 

Gramma: "Brie, what are you going to do with all that money," I asked.

Brie: "Give it to my daddy, in case he needs it."

Brie: "Gramma, how come you don't paint your nails anymore?"

Gramma: "Because I work from my home office, now."

Brie: "So, Gramma, you really need to get out more."

I was stumped for an answer to this five-year-old.

Brie: "Gramma, I'm five now. Do you think I need a bra?"

        Gramma: Dumbfounded look on my face. 


With the time change during spring break, it was not dark at dinner time.

Brie: "Gramma, why are we eating dinner in the morning?"

Gramma: "It's not morning; it's evening."

Brie: "Oh, Gramma. You are so silly. It is never light outside at dinner time." 

William is nine years old but reads at an eighth grade level. He loves books and I teared up when he said, "Gramma, you're an author, right?"

"Sure am!"

"Do you think I could read your books?"

"Of course! But I will expect a review, okay?" That really excited him.

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Friday, March 19, 2021

Sometimes the Only Way to say Thank You is to Pay it Forward

One of the only justifiable reasons for eating dinner out is my  laziness if I do not feel like cooking. Rarely is it a treat. The choice of restaurants in our community is limited and usually a grave disappointment.

So if I succumb to the lack of energy to cook at home, we venture out. We have several Asian restaurants in town but since Covid they only offer take-out. I miss the Sushi and fantastic entrees but when we want to eat 'out' that does not mean bringing it home.

But for most of the cuisine offered locally, we have been there and never want to go back. New restaurants get one shot to take my money and if they don't measure up - forget it. 

Hubby's birthday and Valentine's day are a day apart. As much as he loves my cooking, I wanted to take him out for a special evening. We heard one of the local restaurants had a new chef and the town was shouting his praises. We ventured out and hoped it might be as good as the feedback was shouting.

The appetizers shocked us and could have been the main course. Unfortunately, that is often the case. Then the entre disappoints and we choose never to go back.

The restaurant had limited seating (Covid) so we chose to sit at the bar. I glanced at the guy sitting two stools over. I glanced again and he caught my eye. 

"Hi, how ya doin?"

"Great - I couldn't help but notice you look like one of my favorite actors in a new series I am watching on Netflix."

"I get that a lot," he laughed. "Which series?" 

"Firefly Lane." He nodded. "Love the series but no, not me. But I am doing one that is on Netflix."

"AHA. So, I was right. What series are you in?"

"I can't possibly tell you that," and he muttered something under his breath that sounded like, "if I told you, I'd have to...." 

I laughed. It was weird.

We finished our dinner of steak and prawns with all the trimmings. It was one of the best meals we have had in this town. We didn't want to leave. But there was no room for dessert.

Then she said the strangest thing. "If you would like dessert, it is on me." WHY?

"Thank you, but we couldn't possibly eat another bite. Just give us the bill please."

"There is no bill. The guy sitting next to you paid."


"I don't know. He's a really nice guy and a regular."

I asked for his name but she said she couldn't give that to me. Understood.

My first thought was how to pay this forward and I told the waitress that we would be back to do just that.


"Hey, would you like the kids during Spring break?"

"ARE YOU KIDDING!? I'm so excited I don't know how I will wait that long."

We have never had the grands on their own - without parents. What a great opportunity to spoil them. I have been making plans.


Our SIL runs a road construction business and Brie was on the job site after school with her daddy. He was explaining to four workers (including the foreman) how to do a particular job with the new piece of equipment. 

Brie was listening and it was obvious the message was not getting across to the workers.

"Here - watch," she said.

She proceeded to show the men. Remember Brie is four years old.

Thomas said the look on their faces was a priceless moment. He turned to the men and said, "You are all fired. She's four years old!"

A month later, she received a pony for her fifth birthday. Daddy told her she would have to learn how to feed and care for her new baby. This included helping him build the water trench. 

Without hesitation, she got a shovel and started digging. Gotta love the attitude.


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Friday, February 19, 2021

Is Dental Surgery as Awful as it Sounds? The Truth How to Survive it

When my dentist put a temporary cap on my front tooth he told me, "That should hold about two weeks, and then we have to start the process of putting in an implant."

My first thought was "Do you know how much an implant costs? $3,000 to $5,000."  I decided to wait until it was necessary and then.....THREE years later, I had a problem.

Is Dental Surgery as Awful as it Sounds?

I tried a new 'recommended' dentist in hopes of walking out with another temporary fix. WRONG! He wouldn't touch it and said I had three options:

  • Do one implant but that was risky as the neighbor teeth had issues - $5,000 for the one tooth which could fall out
  • Repair the surrounding teeth including the implant $12,500
  • Dentures - $4,500      

After spending most of the day deciding on my options, having X-rays and consults, dentures seemed the best option.

Was I scared? YUP. My past experiences in the dentist chair, especially as a child, made me sweat and shake. When I was a kid Novocain was not used and screaming out loud was not allowed. See why I waited as long as I did?

How to survive the dentist

With the new technology, dentists no longer have to take an 'impression' to make teeth using a wax mold. They use a scope that takes pictures of your entire mouth. This is sent to the denturist to create your new smile. 

My appointment was set. Three days before Christmas. Excited? Well, it meant I didn't have to cook a turkey dinner but could veg at home for a week or more.

Scared? Terrified! Fifteen teeth to be removed.

Acute Gingivitis

The day-by-day journey was unlike anything I have experienced. I had a lot of questions through the different phases but few answers. I have considered writing a book to help anyone going through this nightmare. Extensive research was the only way I survived. 

I knew the endgame would be worth it - but it is the getting there.


Kids are born older now

When I was five years old I played in the dirt; in fact, I ate dirt. I found out years later that is a  calcium deficiency. 

BUT NOW.....the stuff my grandbaby knows....and does.... is a thrill to watch. I'm learning from her instead of the other way around! 

Genius at the keyboard

Her birthday party was planned and as my daughter always does -- it was over the top. But we woke up to a blizzard.


As expected, Brie had a positive attitude about it, even though you could see she was disappointed. One little girl was able to make it to the party and the day turned out wonderful. My daughter rented the town pool for an hour and the two little girls and Brie's brother had a great time.

A few days before the party Brie had her dyed with rainbow colors. She was so proud of her new 'look.'


My podcast, Never Ever Give Up Hope, is now in its seventh year. I love doing this show and more passionate about it now than ever. Recently, celebrities from every arena are sharing their journeys of hopelessness to hope. I am booked until 2022!

Please tune in - have a look around and choose an episode to encourage, motivate, or challenge you. I would love your feedback.

Never Ever Give Up Hope

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today four bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you would see if you were a fly on their wall. Buzz around and click on the links for a peek:

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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

How to Cut Your Veterinarian Costs to Almost Zero


Have you had to sacrifice your own luxuries, vacations, or fun because of the high cost of maintaining your pet’s health?  Have you noticed that these costs seem to be rising because your dog needs more trips to the veterinarian’s office?

As animal lovers and dog rescuers, we would do whatever was needed to ensure our pets lived a happy, healthy life.  But having to say good-bye to our precious furry friends never got easier, especially when they died too young. 

As a kid, we fed our dogs table scraps (which since has become taboo). Long before ‘pet food’ turned commercial, people rarely if ever, took their dogs to the doctor. They lived long, happy lives. So WHAT HAPPENED?  Pet food, that’s what.

Friday, December 18, 2020

What Happened to My Right to Celebrate Christmas?

After I wrapped the last Christmas gift a few days ago, I began my Christmas baking. While baking my grands favorites I heard the devastating news: CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED.

What Happened to my right to celebrate Christmas?

Of course, it came with a lame apology but our peninsula is on 'house arrest.' No Christmas celebrations. No family get-togethers. A $2800 fine if you are caught.

Many people might ignore this mandate but we don't have a choice. The ferries will not be running. 

I am angry and sad because I know this decision is more about control than it is facts. In our area, we have ZERO cases and where we were headed there has only been a handful. Yet, here we are - on house arrest. The worst part is explaining to the kids who do not understand.

Appreciate the little things

Thank God we were able to see the grands a few weeks ago. Brie wants piano lessons for Christmas and it is evident she has musical talent waiting to be exposed. Here she is practicing on Papa's keyboard:

What happened to my right to celebrate Christmas?

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Do You Struggle with that Dirty Little 15 Letter Word?

One word that almost always brings groans and utterances and people often wish they could remove it from their vocabulary. 

That word is 'procrastination.' Many people hate to admit they are procrastinators, yet some are proud they can put things off until the last moment and still get them done.  Are you one of these people?

Maybe you have monthly, weekly, daily even half-daily lists. When crossing tasks off those lists, it can bring you great pleasure.  The tricky part is to be flexible and spontaneous when something fun or necessary takes priority and totally messes with your lists!  To do this without getting flustered is an art, creativity at its best.  It takes practice and a lot of patience.

procrastination - now or later
Only you can choose

Friday, November 20, 2020

You Can Find Joy and Contentment No Matter What

Most of us plan our holidays to share with family and/or friends. Especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yet, this year our plans may be altered or shattered for many of us.

This must be especially difficult for children to understand. I am thrilled that I have not had to make any changes to how we spend our holidays (dinners, travel, etc.) and look forward with enthusiasm and excitement to the impending celebrations. I trust you will be able to enjoy your holidays as well.

When Rochelle took the kids trick-or-treating, they passed a father walking with his kids. The father was dressed up as Jesus. 

In a loud scream of delight Brie shouted, "Mom, I see Jesus!" 

The man must have heard someone say Brie's name because he said, "Hello, Brie."

"Mommy. Jesus knows my name!" She was absolutely thrilled and I think the man felt pretty good about making that little girl's day.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

What is the Secret to Handling the Little BIG Things?

I wanted to scream but resorted to talking to myself out loud. Could this day get any worse?

Stress Management. How many articles and books have been written on this subject?  How many medications are taken daily in hopes of managing the stress we experience? What coping mechanisms can we practice?