Tuesday, January 5, 2021

How to Cut Your Veterinarian Costs to Almost Zero


Have you had to sacrifice your own luxuries, vacations, or fun because of the high cost of maintaining your pet’s health?  Have you noticed that these costs seem to be rising because your dog needs more trips to the veterinarian’s office?

As animal lovers and dog rescuers, we would do whatever was needed to ensure our pets lived a happy, healthy life.  But having to say good-bye to our precious furry friends never got easier, especially when they died too young. 

As a kid, we fed our dogs table scraps (which since has become taboo). Long before ‘pet food’ turned commercial, people rarely if ever, took their dogs to the doctor. They lived long, happy lives. So WHAT HAPPENED?  Pet food, that’s what.

Friday, December 18, 2020

What Happened to My Right to Celebrate Christmas?

After I wrapped the last Christmas gift a few days ago, I began my Christmas baking. While baking my grands favorites I heard the devastating news: CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED.

What Happened to my right to celebrate Christmas?

Of course, it came with a lame apology but our peninsula is on 'house arrest.' No Christmas celebrations. No family get-togethers. A $2800 fine if you are caught.

Many people might ignore this mandate but we don't have a choice. The ferries will not be running. 

I am angry and sad because I know this decision is more about control than it is facts. In our area, we have ZERO cases and where we were headed there has only been a handful. Yet, here we are - on house arrest. The worst part is explaining to the kids who do not understand.

Appreciate the little things

Thank God we were able to see the grands a few weeks ago. Brie wants piano lessons for Christmas and it is evident she has musical talent waiting to be exposed. Here she is practicing on Papa's keyboard:

What happened to my right to celebrate Christmas?

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Do You Struggle with that Dirty Little 15 Letter Word?

One word that almost always brings groans and utterances and people often wish they could remove it from their vocabulary. 

That word is 'procrastination.' Many people hate to admit they are procrastinators, yet some are proud they can put things off until the last moment and still get them done.  Are you one of these people?

Maybe you have monthly, weekly, daily even half-daily lists. When crossing tasks off those lists, it can bring you great pleasure.  The tricky part is to be flexible and spontaneous when something fun or necessary takes priority and totally messes with your lists!  To do this without getting flustered is an art, creativity at its best.  It takes practice and a lot of patience.

procrastination - now or later
Only you can choose

Friday, November 20, 2020

You Can Find Joy and Contentment No Matter What

Most of us plan our holidays to share with family and/or friends. Especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yet, this year our plans may be altered or shattered for many of us.

This must be especially difficult for children to understand. I am thrilled that I have not had to make any changes to how we spend our holidays (dinners, travel, etc.) and look forward with enthusiasm and excitement to the impending celebrations. I trust you will be able to enjoy your holidays as well.

When Rochelle took the kids trick-or-treating, they passed a father walking with his kids. The father was dressed up as Jesus. 

In a loud scream of delight Brie shouted, "Mom, I see Jesus!" 

The man must have heard someone say Brie's name because he said, "Hello, Brie."

"Mommy. Jesus knows my name!" She was absolutely thrilled and I think the man felt pretty good about making that little girl's day.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

What is the Secret to Handling the Little BIG Things?

I wanted to scream but resorted to talking to myself out loud. Could this day get any worse?

Stress Management. How many articles and books have been written on this subject?  How many medications are taken daily in hopes of managing the stress we experience? What coping mechanisms can we practice?  

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Is Your Life a Rose Garden or Does Poop Mess it Up?

Is Your Life a Rose Garden or Does Poop Mess it Up?

There must be a Murphy's Law that says: "When you are dressed to the nines, that is when mishaps/mini disasters/poop happens."

My daughter, her two children, my husband, and I had attended the Celebration of Life service for a dear friend of ours. It was exceptionally hot outside and we were anxious to get home. My husband was in the rear seat of the SUV facing our one-year-old granddaughter in her car seat. Hubby entertained the baby as she giggled having a great time with Papa.  

"Why did you give her chocolate?"  Hubby shouted from the rear of the SUV.

"What chocolate? I didn't give her any chocolate. William, did you give your sister some chocolate?

"MOM, it isn't chocolate.  It's POO!"

Friday, October 23, 2020

During Stressful Times, We Can Be Thankful We Have A Home

Every other year my Christmas shopping would be done by now. Usually, I shop in August and September and wrap gifts in October. By the time Christmas comes around I have forgotten what I purchased for everybody so it is a big surprise for me as well. I get my thrills where I can!

Not sure what happened this year except that it has been incredibly busy. Although I have not been on the road for any speaking tours during this pandemic, every other part of our businesses has soared. 

Angels Took on a New Form

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Do You Avoid the Triggers That Remind You of Past Memories?


Memories are triggered in many different ways.  Sometimes it is when you smell a fragrance your friend used to wear. Or maybe a bad smell of food (cooked cabbage) that reminds you when your mother MADE you eat it.

Some memories are triggered by sounds  - especially music. I think most of us have vivid memories from our teen years or when we fell in love for the first time.

Each of us has good and bad memories. Hopefully, it is the good ones we hold on to and let the bad ones go. But both types of memories have triggers.

And then there are pictures. Pictures of when we were children. Pictures of our first date, dance, or graduation. Pictures of long lost friends or family members.