Sunday, October 25, 2020

Is Your Life a Rose Garden or Does Poop Mess it Up?

Is Your Life a Rose Garden or Does Poop Mess it Up?

There must be a Murphy's Law that says: "When you are dressed to the nines, that is when mishaps/mini disasters/poop happens."

My daughter, her two children, my husband, and I had attended the Celebration of Life service for a dear friend of ours. It was exceptionally hot outside and we were anxious to get home. My husband was in the rear seat of the SUV facing our one-year-old granddaughter in her car seat. Hubby entertained the baby as she giggled having a great time with Papa.  

"Why did you give her chocolate?"  Hubby shouted from the rear of the SUV.

"What chocolate? I didn't give her any chocolate. William, did you give your sister some chocolate?

"MOM, it isn't chocolate.  It's POO!"

Brie had been cleaning out her diaper and handing the poo to Papa. She thought it was a great game.  Papa.....not so much. It was too late. He had already taken some 'chocolate' from his granddaughter.

We were on a busy highway with narrow shoulders not allowing much room to clean the baby or the car. Remember we are dressed up, it is hot outside and all we had were some baby wipes. No water. No BAG to make the deposits.

Rochelle stripped the clothes off of Brie, put them on the side of the highway which I protested for a moment.  "Mom, do you want to hold them in your lap the rest of the way home?"

Placing Brie on the driver's seat, it was my job to clean her using wipes. It was in her hair, under her nails, everywhere. It was Rochelle's job to clean the entire car seat, the window, the door, and the floor......all with one box of baby wipes. And we could only open the car door halfway.

The moment that will be etched into my mind forever was the look on Papa's face when he realized, "This ain't chocolate!"


We can get angry......or play the blame game -- or find the humor in it and move forward. All of us have unpleasant moments in our lives. All of us have had our share of drama and trauma. How we deal with it and use it as a stepping stone rather than a setback makes us stronger....and wiser.

Friday, October 23, 2020

During Stressful Times, We Can Be Thankful We Have A Home

Every other year my Christmas shopping would be done by now. Usually, I shop in August and September and wrap gifts in October. By the time Christmas comes around I have forgotten what I purchased for everybody so it is a big surprise for me as well. I get my thrills where I can!

Not sure what happened this year except that it has been incredibly busy. Although I have not been on the road for any speaking tours during this pandemic, every other part of our businesses has soared. 

Angels Took on a New Form

Since the onset of Covid restrictions in our community, the homeless have not had a source for meals. Hubby and I decided to feed them as often as possible, almost every day. It is more than rewarding. 

First, the obvious ... it is a delight to see them eat healthy food. And then, the not so obvious. They are the new security system for our store. They have taken the initiative to watch our store. One of them sleeps in a van right next to our back door and has had more than one encounter with someone trying to break in at night. We are more than grateful for what they are doing. And we never asked them.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Do You Avoid the Triggers That Remind You of Past Memories?


Memories are triggered in many different ways.  Sometimes it is when you smell a fragrance your friend used to wear. Or maybe a bad smell of food (cooked cabbage) that reminds you when your mother MADE you eat it.

Some memories are triggered by sounds  - especially music. I think most of us have vivid memories from our teen years or when we fell in love for the first time.

Each of us has good and bad memories. Hopefully, it is the good ones we hold on to and let the bad ones go. But both types of memories have triggers.

And then there are pictures. Pictures of when we were children. Pictures of our first date, dance, or graduation. Pictures of long lost friends or family members.

Some of you will remember all of the pictures below.  I did. Some of you will remember none of these items. Some of you may wonder what we ever needed these things for! And some of us wish we still had them!

Share in the comment section if you remember any of these......

When you filled your car up with gasoline, you received a free glass.  It was exciting to collect the set

free glassware

You had to hold this camera very steady and when the flash went off it blinded you and often the bulb burst and broke -- very messy


 When my kids were little they wore cloth diapers with rubber pants.  We did a lot more laundry.  If I had to do it over again, I would still use them instead of disposables

baby rubber pants

America's favorite family show -- glad to see Steve Harvey brought it back with
"Little Big Shots"

Little Big Shots

I didn't grow up with one of these but my kids did -- we lived on acreage without indoor plumbing while we were building our house.

out house

 Every September we got a new pair of Saddle Oxfords. You had to use white shoe polish that you applied with a wet applicator to keep them looking nice for the whole year.

saddle oxfords

Every pre-teenage girl had one of these on her Christmas list. We kept our deepest secrets in it and prayed no one would find the key - often worn on a string around our neck.


 The kitchen chairs were vinyl and you stuck to them in the heat of summer. The table had one or two leaves to make it bigger when we had company

1960s kitchen table set

Theater or church seats were NOT that comfortable

theater seats

Going to the Sock Hop was so much fun once a year. You danced in your socks and left your saddle oxfords by the entrance.

sock hop

One button to turn the lights on and one to turn them off 

1940s light switch

 These aren't that old - some are still around
Most people had party lines which meant that two households had the same number and you could hear their conversations. You also had to wait until they were off the phone (possibly your neighbor or someone across town) before you could make your call.  ANNOYING

dial phone

Vanilla Phosphate Soda -- the VERY BEST.  Still miss them

drug store fountain

When you went to the gas station, you got your windows washed, oil and tires checked and a free glass or plate to add to your collection.

full service gas

 You could tell when a fuse burned out!

fuse box

 So EXITING to get my first home perm. I looked like I put my finger in an electrical socket and it took forever to grow out, stunk something awful, and made your hair like straw.

home perm

Every booth in the local restaurants had one of these.  You put in 25 cents and could play up to three songs of your choosing

juke box

Keeping those seams straight was a difficult feat. If they were crooked you looked unkempt. The garter clips dug into your thigh when you sat down and were painful.
But........sure a lot sexier than pantyhose!

seamed nylons

Some people threw their tinsel on the Christmas tree. We placed them one strand at a time. 
 It was great family time.

tinsel on Christmas tree

Diaper pins for cloth diapers and God help your baby if one of them opened and pricked their little behind!

diaper pins

You had to look up the book you wanted to take out at the library by going through the card file to find out where it was in the library

index cards at library

No such thing as lunch boxes or backpacks

paper lunch bags

 Doing the laundry was a full day's job -- every Monday

wringer washing machine

The only adhesive we had in school -- what a mess to work with.


 This hair gel turned your hair into cement and kept your "do" intact even when you slept

dippity do

 I saved for a month to buy my first transistor radio -- it cost $1 but was worth every penny.  If you stood in just the right spot you could pick up more than one channel and listen to your favorite tunes.

transistor radio

We would sit around this radio on the weekends and listen to our sit-coms. 
 I never had a television growing up.

radio 1930

Friday night game night -- Pic Up Stixs was so much fun and challenging

pick up sticks

 My sister had to curl my hair every Saturday night after she washed it.  
These bobby pins HURT to sleep on.

bobby pins

Another favorite game we played on the front porch for hours -- JACKS

game of jacks

Our desks at school

school desks 1950s

 If your parents were 'rich' they would get your first pair of shoes bronzed and they would be displayed on the fireplace mantel
bronzed baby shoes

The very best....ever
Black cough drops
Do you remember these? Any other ones you can share? It's been stated that the earlier you can remember 'stuff' the more intelligent you are!