Friday, February 15, 2019

Moving Twice in One Year -- Are You Insane?

Moving twice in one year is not something I would recommend.  Every move is major but some more major than others!  Although I purged when we moved last year, I was able to take a good look at what I was saving and purged even more this move.  

Christmas concert

It has been a whirlwind experience and took a few days to recover from.  While we were at my daughter's for a week at Christmas we got the call.  "There is an offer on your house and the sooner you can move out, the more it will be worth your while!"  In other words, an offer we couldn't refuse.  

I started packing on January 3rd with the promise of friends who would help me.  But life often gets in the way.  Work schedules and flu bugs kept them from being available to help.  I packed close to 150 boxes completely by myself.  With the help of a couple hired hands to transfer all the boxes to the new house, I had everything completely unpacked and organized in the new residence before the movers came to move furniture on January 14th.  

Standing in line at the bank on the tenth day I fell asleep leaning against the wall and the customer behind me had to wake me up, "Excuse me, but you are next."  She felt bad waking me and I wonder if I was drooling!?

Although we were in our previous home for only nine months, it never 'felt' like home.  It was gorgeous, brand new and a true executive style house.  But it was cold.  

Our 'new' home is 38 years old and we fell in love with it the moment we walked in -- it feels like we have been here forever.  I have never lived in or visited a weirder house.  It has a hallway that is eight feet wide which we turned into an art gallery.  

Each room has a wall of built-in closets, cupboards, and drawers.  We have two atriums with built-in gardening boxes, room for our freezers, more storage and a wonderful, safe place for the dogs when we are not home.  The ceilings throughout the house are wood and it creates a warm atmosphere.  And the view is breathtaking.  Almost every room in the house has a view of the ocean, mountains and beautiful sunsets.

I know we will be very happy here.

The driveway is extremely steep with high hedges that provide us with total privacy.  From the street, you cannot see the house and from our house, we don't see anyone -- no neighbors, not even the street in front of us

In the Pacific Northwest, we rarely get snow.  It has been a mild winter.....until two weeks ago.  Now, we are in the middle of blizzards upon storms with high winds, record snowfalls, ice and temperatures in the twenties.  Schools have been closed for a week.  Stores, banks, and most businesses have had to close for at least a day.  Ferries have been canceled due to high winds at sea.  The ferry is our only available highway off this peninsula and the only route to the airport.  

We have our eyes on the weather forecast continuously as we watch yet another storm this evening.  TODAY I leave for the Bahamas.  We are catching a ferry one day in advance of the trip to be sure we get to the airport.   I am thrilled to be moved, settled and able to enjoy this incredible opportunity that has presented itself to me.  But that is a story for next month!

When it started snowing -- it was fun and pretty.
Now.....not so much.

Poor little Star.  She has been so nervous with this move and then she saw me packing my suitcase and she crawled inside
-- I almost cried for her.

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Friday, February 1, 2019

What Would You Sacrifice for a Huge Reward?

The question posed for this month's challenge was:  

You have been offered the following challenge - to live in a tiny house, off grid, for a year and you will be rewarded with $100,000.  Will you do it?  Why or why not?

When I read this, I laughed out loud.  Not only would I do it -- but I already had.  When my hubby suggested we purchase property to build our dream home I was hesitant because it was far from the lifestyle I had grown accustomed to.  However, the potential of turning this into something far beyond that dream was exciting.  

We got up early to catch a ferry to a place I never heard of before.  Finding out that this was only the first of two ferries, each a 40 minute mini-cruise, with a long drive in between, was not a pleasant memory.  My doubts were building but I convinced myself to "Look first; then decide."

Friday, January 4, 2019

Do You Believe New Year's Resolutions Work?

new year's resolutions
When asked what my realistic
goals were for the new year, 
it brought up my dislike for 
New Year's resolutions.  

Even though I may have good
intentions, making a New Year's 
resolution rarely  works. 
The stats prove it.

I am a driven, motivated, hard-working woman who has daily, weekly, and monthly 
goals.  And I beat myself up severely if I don't attain those goals.  I am known to push 
myself to the limit to complete a task.  I run a few businesses and also travel
as a speaker which leaves me no choice but to be organized and focused.  In addition, 
my talk show and book tours are founded on the concept of never ever giving up.  
This is why I only make realistic goals that I know I can attain.

Friday, December 7, 2018

What is a Gift from the Heart?

toilet tissue
Standing in line at the post office with over a dozen parcels in my hands, someone tapped my shoulder gently.  When I turned, she said in a quiet tone, "You have a long line of toilet paper behind you."  Mmmmm.... I wonder how many people had a smile when they saw that; yet one woman was kind enough to let me know.
pantie hose falling down

My birthday party last month was at a swanky Italian restaurant and I was surrounded by family and friends.  I dressed up for the affair and found the perfect pair of (brand new, of course) pantie hose to match my black and white polka dot top.  When it was time to hug everyone goodbye at the door, I stood up and my pantie hose fell down.   I immediately sat down, motioned for a close friend to loan me her wrap and continued to hug everyone from that position.  Husbands of friends have had a field day with this and love teasing me mercilessly.

These are memories we won't soon forget but they always bring a smile even though they were embarrassing at the time.

In this month's blogging challenge I was asked "What is your very best Christmas memory?"  I don't have to dig very deep to respond quickly.  

Friday, November 23, 2018

When You Think Romance is Dead - It May Surprise You

Forty-six years ago today hubby and I tied the knot -- and they said it wouldn't last!  For $100 we bought the wedding package from the Elvis Chapel in Las Vegas.  It included a chauffeur-driven limo to the courthouse to get our license, the cost of the license, the trip back to the Chapel, the chaplain, flowers, music, a witness, a cassette tape of the ceremony and pictures.  I'd say it was a good investment, wouldn't you?

46 year anniversary

Another Milestone

As a joke over the past year, I invited people to my surprise birthday party.  I knew it would never happen so I felt safe making a joke about it.  As this new decade approached, people asked me what I was doing for my birthday.  Neither my husband nor I have ever made a big deal about birthdays and I often forget them until I looked at the calendar.   When my hubby asked me what I would like to do this year as it was a 'big' one, I asked him to cook dinner for me.  He makes the best halibut cheeks and my mouth watered just thinking about them.  

When my daughter said that she and the kids were coming for a visit on my birthday weekend I was ecstatic.  That was the best present.  They were here for four glorious days.  

Friday, November 9, 2018

Do You Live Life With Regrets?

Life is too short

Nothing makes you more aware of fleeting time than your birthday.  I believe each of us has our own timeline embedded in our mind as to how long we will live.  Many of us feel like we have crossed a milestone when we live beyond the number of years that our parents lived.

We are also constantly reminded how short life is; that we need to live it to the fullest and not have regrets.  We need to make sure we forgive those who hurt us, no matter how difficult that might be.  Science has proven that bitterness takes its toll on our psyche and can cause health issues resulting in a shorter life.  

Life is too short

Yet, as we approach our 'golden years' I am convinced this term means different things to

Friday, October 19, 2018

Ever Have One Stress on Top of Another?

Ever feel like you are hitting your head against the wall -- especially when dealing with government agencies?  My life, my memoir, and my talk show all echo the same message -- I never quit.  "No" is a word rarely in my vocabulary especially when I experience an injustice.   

I sold an amplifier on eBay last May that the post office damaged extensively.  The man who purchased it mailed it back to me for a refund, RATHER than submit a damage report at his local PO.  Consequently, I was denied my claim of over $1,000.  I submitted three appeals and they were each turned down for the same reason.  The parcel was securely packed so that was not an issue.  It was denied strictly because the buyer jumped the gun and sent it back to me demanding a refund.  

I researched on how to take the PO to small claims court.  You can't.  I thought I had exhausted my resources after spending numerous hours on the phone with various branches of the claim department -- all to no avail.  Three strikes and you are out.  You can't submit another appeal.

Then I contacted the Attorney General of the US in D.C. and registered my complaint about three weeks ago.  Yesterday I received a phone call from the head office of the USPS and they said they were reopening the case; and after I submit the pictures, they will resolve this for me.

Friday, October 5, 2018

What is Your Biggest Regret You Would Like to Undo?

Are you one of those people who would rather have folks come visit you or you travel to visit them?  I certainly am!  I know part of my 'problem' is that I am a work addict and if people are visiting me, I can get up earlier than them and stay up later to complete tasks.  

For the same reason, going away on vacation has little appeal because I think of how far behind I will be when I return home.  Do I like being this way?  Nope!  How about you?  Would you rather go away and relax and not stress about getting behind in your work?  Or do you secretly work behind the 'scenes' while you have friends visiting?

When I was asked the question "If you took a dream vacation in reverse, who is the one person you would want to come to you and why?"  I would have to say very loud and clear:  "My family."  I have spent most of my adult life living far away from family and it is a major regret of mine.  How I would love to live near them and enjoy holidays and summer fun with them.  It is time lost and can never be regained.