Friday, September 7, 2018

Paperback or eBook - That is the Question

pocket paperback

Do you prefer reading a paperback or an eBook?  Why?  That question was posed to me as the secret subject of this blogging group.  I submitted a Facebook survey and appreciated the 148 responses.  I have condensed those reasons below.

61 responses

One person said that research has shown that people who read 'real' books absorb more information.  Thinking on that, I tend to agree.  When I read an eBook, my mind tends to wander -- no idea why. My preference is paperback and until this survey, I didn't fully understand why.
Many of the responses had to do with our senses: smell and touch.  People like to smell the print and hold the book in their hands, turning pages as they read.  Another reason was that you cannot have a digital book autographed and you don't have the option of loaning out your favorite ones for your friends to read.  I was surprised to learn that most Millennials prefer hard copy.

ebook or paperback
Paperback books have their individual look, feel, and design.  Some of our books may be coffee stained or have earmarked pages or margin notes of special significance.  Personally I enjoy glancing at the book title of what someone is reading in a public place.  It can tell me something about the reader before striking up a conversation.  
It is also unlikely someone will steal your book but a Kindle could attract a potential thief.  Personally, holding a physical book in my hands feels more welcoming and nostalgic than staring at an electronic device - something which I have to do most of the day, every day.

53 Responses

The main reason regarding eBook preference was convenience.  The ability to travel with one device instead of numerous books was number one.  Many people like reading more than one book at a time.  
The ability to purchase and download a complete book in minutes from anywhere in the world or your bedroom on an early weekend morning ranked high on the list.  Having the option to adjust the font size, anti-glare, and screen resolution was another.  
Of course, there is the environmental issue of less paper!  
Personally, I am old-school enough to have a great appreciation for the hand-written thank-you card in snail mail.  Doesn't happen too often but it is heart-warming.

34 Responses

Those who did not have a preference use both methods of reading for the same reasons as cited above.  Traveling with more than one book without the added weight was the number one reason.
Which do you prefer - paperback or kindle
To answer my fellow blogger Rena who asked "Do you prefer paperback or eBook and why," I enjoyed this challenge and reading all 148 responses.  My question to you is - what is your preference?  Please have a look at the other secret subjects that were discussed this week and join us for the fun.

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Monday, September 3, 2018

It is All a Matter of Roots

I'm not much of a gardener.  In fact, I know very little about gardening but I do know that it is wonderful therapy for many people.  I don't understand gardening, yet I have learned a valuable lesson from a tree. 

Years ago, we lived on a large acreage and over the course of any summer, trees seemed to spring up out of nowhere.  It was as if they had some special magic like the seeds in the story, Jack and the Beanstalk.  In a matter of weeks, these alders would grow tall and if we didn't get rid of them, they would easily take over the road.

It was not difficult to eliminate them as they had a meager root system.  The tree could be several feet high with roots that were only a few inches deep.  If you leaned on them they would uproot.

Real Trees 'Know'

What I did not understand was why some trees took so long to grow and these grew so quickly. I asked an avid gardener friend and her response was, "Real trees know better than to go up until their roots have gone down.  Trees that last," she said, "have as many roots underground as they have branches above."

BAM!  That hit me hard.  It rang true when thinking about life and what matters.  I applied this concept when I share on optimum health.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Why Does Anxiety Make It Difficult to Function?

Text Therapy
The image that comes to mind when people think about therapy is of a person sitting on a couch talking to someone who is taking notes.  A new type of therapy that is being recognized as ideal in many situations and has numerous benefits is called text therapy. 

One of the most important factors of the effectiveness of this type of therapy is the company which offers it.  Talkspace offers the most effective mobile therapy solution for people.  With Talkspace online therapy, anyone can get therapy without traveling to an office – and for significantly less money than traditional therapy

How many times did you find yourself in a position where you wish you had someone to talk to – someone who would understand – someone who could help?  How often did you need that person to be available right NOW?

Friday, August 24, 2018

How Can Such A Wonderful Season Wreck Havoc

Summer is winding down -- none too quick for me.  Never liked summer.  Like it even less since it has been exceptionally dry and hot the past few years.  There is no outside watering allowed - of any kind - this year.  The car wash is closed.  Kids can't ride their dirt bikes or any type of vehicle that could render a spark.  Watering of gardens is prohibited.

The Pacific North West is not supposed to get the extreme temperatures like we have endured the past few years.  Few businesses and almost no homes have air conditioning even though the temperatures have been in the 80s and 90s for weeks.

But the saddest part is the wild fires that are out of control destroying everything in their paths.  Towns being evacuated, homes burning down, people losing their lives.

Pacific North West fires 2018

The smoke is so thick in the air that you can't see the forest or the mountains.  In fact, it is like driving through a fog.  The air quality level is over 10; off the charts.  When I walk my dogs every morning my feet get covered in black soot.  Anyone with lung or breathing issues is having great difficulty.  We need rain.  We are praying for rain.  We need relief.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Do High School Memories Make You Shudder?

Mackenzie High School
Mackenzie High School Detroit

When asked what my favorite school memory was I shuddered.  Favorite.  School.  Memory.  I couldn't think of one.   

I did well in school with excellent grades but school is as much about socializing as it is about academics.  Socially, I was an outcast and had few friends.  I grew up in a legalistic home where anything fun was not allowed.  I loved my parents dearly and did not rebel but I realized that they were imposing their convictions on me and I felt that wasn't fair.

Girls Basketball

The best way to sum it up is to relay a vivid memory with you.  It was gym class.  First of all I hated gym.  I have never been nor do I want to be athletic except for basketball.  I was our team's star player and the memories on that court make me smile - especially the free throws.  I could do them backwards and still make the basket. But it was only a small portion of the whole school picture and the negative memories certainly outweighed the positive ones.