Friday, July 6, 2018

How Important is Your Freedom?

ArrestFreedom: The definition of freedom can certainly mean different things to different people.  Essentially it is the power or right to act, speak or think as one wants to without restraint.  

Sometimes we are bound by circumstances out of our control.  When I was arrested I knew the officials had made a mistake and the truth would come out.  BUT.....when you are locked in a room and realize you have no rights or freedoms, your mind races and fear can overtake your thoughts.  (Read that story here)

Broken marriage

Some people feel bound in a marriage/relationship and spend every waking moment either planning their escape or figuring out how to survive while 'incarcerated.'  Unfortunately, it is a negative state to exist in and often leads to fear, depression and even disease.  

Teen leaving home

Sometimes we can feel imprisoned only because of our current state.  This is often true of teenagers wanting to leave home.  I left home the day after I graduated from high school.  I felt free!  I grew up in a loving home but I wanted to be able to make my own decisions even if it meant suffering the consequences. 


In hindsight, I would give anything to go back home -- to have my parents who cared about my welfare make my decisions for me.  My mom died shortly after I left home and my dad years later.  How often I wished I would have stayed home longer.

When I open the gate of my dogs' kennel, they run around in circles to such an extent that one would think they were forever bound - a matter of perception.

Star and Gunner

My granddaughter likes to open the front door and leave the house when no one is looking.  At two years old she wants to be 'free.'  She is fearless!


If we had the choice, I wonder how many of us would look at our past and realize what we thought was confinement was merely a season we had to travel through in order to learn from and advance to the next one.

Considering the current state of my country, I am regularly reminded of how precious my freedom is and what sacrifices were made by those who protect my country.  While watching the news, I wept as I watched people burn our American flag.  As a child, I often stayed overnight at my aunt's house and asked if I could use the US flag to lay on the floor before making up my bed there.  My aunt was appalled and explained that I needed to learn how to respect the flag and explained why.  The flag is a symbol of our freedom and I have come to appreciate it more than ever in recent days. 

Burning flag

Every day I am reminded of my freedom in one form or another.  I appreciate my husband of 46 years who has never put any type of restraint on me for anything I wanted to attempt.  He supports my efforts and applauds my results. I never have to ask his 'permission' to go anywhere or do anything I want to do.  In my generation, this is not necessarily always the case.

I tend to think that freedom is a matter of perception.  I often hear complaints about relationships or jobs or situations that could easily be changed or improved upon strictly by changing an attitude.

What do you think?  How important is your freedom?  Have you had a good long look at whatever seems to be restraining you and think of ways to change it?

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