Friday, July 20, 2018

What Were Your Best Summer Memories from Your Childhood?

As a child, summer was something you looked forward to all year long.  Longer days to play outside.  Ice cream.  The beach.  Summer Camp.  NO school.  Picnics.  Road trips to visit cousins.  Playing board games on the front porch that lasted for days.  Playing in the rain.

As an adult, summer is much different.  Working.  Working inside.  Dieting so you can fit into that bathing suit.  Taking the kids camping and being the one who does all the cooking, clean-up, planning.  Forgetting how much you enjoyed the heat when you were 90 pounds young.  Hating it now.  

Regardless, summer does have its moments and my best ones are spending time with the grands.    

"Ready to go for a walk, Gramma"                 


 "Can I have a nap with my babies?"

 New Shades

summer shades

Two going on twelve

Summer fun

A tutu and a plaid jacket -- livin' in the country with a city attitude

fishing in a tutu

A patient fisherman who always catches the biggest one

fishing patience

When you are a princess, it is difficult to leave home without your crown


 Yet totally fearless


"Sorry you are having a bad day Gram, hope this cheers you up"


At the end of the day, I guess this is what I miss the most from summers as a kid


This was my monthly contribution to the blogging challenge Fly on the Wall.  Such fun.  Please read and comment on the other bloggers who contributed as well.

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