Friday, June 29, 2018

11 Reasons Why You Should (NOT) Have a Dog as a Pet

Do you wonder whether or not you should get a dog?  You weigh the pros and cons and think about all the work....... I am sure there are circumstances where someone does not want to have a dog in their life, but I can't imagine life without a four-legged fur baby.  Some people have stated they will never get another dog when their dog passes over the rainbow.

old dog
I have rescued over 30 dogs and when one dies it is always devastating.  They can become such a major part of your life and member of your family.  But for every dog you may lose, there are hundreds of precious ones who need a home.  For the love of dogs everywhere......if you are wondering whether you should invite a dog into your are some reasons to welcome this four-legged family member:
alarm clock dog

1.  You will no longer need an alarm clock.  Dogs have internal clocks with alarms that go off right

on time.  They will let you know when it is time to eat, go to bed, or anything else on their schedule that is important.  My dogs set their morning alarms for first light.  This means that in the summer I get up no later than 4:30 AM and in the winter I have the privilege to sleep until 7 AM.  I get so much accomplished by not sleeping in and even though some days I may be tired, it's worth it.

alarm clock dog

2.  You do not need to discipline yourself to get in your daily exercise.  They will let you know when it is time to take them for a walk.  They will bring you their leash, start whining with a very high irritating pitch or stare at you incessantly.  Sometimes they will fart because they know that will get your attention quickly.
excited to go for a walk

3.  You will laugh more.  Dogs have an uncanny way to find our funny bone and trigger it.  They know how to make themselves look stupid so we can laugh AT them.  Almost every day they do something to make you laugh.  I think they actually have a sense of humor and know how to make us happy.

dogs can reason

dog humor

4.  You are perfect in their sight.  No matter how homely, dumb, fat, or unloving you may think you are - to your dog you are the most beautiful, loving and smartest creature they have ever met.  They only have eyes for you.

pet loyalty

5.  You will no longer need a doorbell.  Their hearing is so precise they can hear a cheese wrapper being opened three rooms away while they are sound asleep.  When a car approaches your driveway or someone is walking outside your front door, they will hear them before you can see them.
dog as protectors

6.  You will become more social with a dog.  Try walking down the street or in a park with a dog and not have people stop to talk to you.  They have an instant bond with a fellow dog owner and take trust to a whole new level.
social dogs

7.  Dogs can help prevent asthma and allergies.  According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences last year, it showed that when exposed to dust from households where dogs were permitted inside and outside, microbes developed that protected young children from developing allergens.

Dogs have been trained to sniff out cancer cells and often alert their owners before there are any symptoms.

8.  You can safely share your most intimate secrets with a dog and they will never tell anyone.  They listen and they do not pass judgment.
dog's compassion

9.  When you are hurting emotionally or physically, they know you need attention. Better yet, they understand your pain and will cuddle you and stay close to let you know how much they love you.
Dog love

10.  They are the world's greatest babysitters.  They are cuddly and babies love sleeping next to that heartbeat.  When our son was a toddler, our Sheltie stood at the end of the driveway and if our son got too close, she would nudge him back into the yard.  She was not taught to do that.
dog and puppy

11.  Once they capture your heart, which takes about 30 seconds, they will never let go.  They won't leave you if you get angry.  They won't leave you if you gain weight.  They won't leave you if you lose your job.  They won't leave you for someone else.  They won't leave you....period.
family dog

As a dog rescuer of more than 30 dogs, I have looked at every one of them and wondered......why would anyone hurt, abuse or neglect these creatures?

Here are some of my precious babies that are in doggie heaven:

Mercedez and Louie

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