Friday, April 22, 2016

Can a 4-Year-Old's View of Marriage Be Enlightening?

Ever get a brand new major appliance that DID NOT work?  I was so excited to finally get a new washer and dryer operated by a computer instead of the old fashioned dials. The first day I noticed that all the bells and whistles were not functioning but assumed it was the operator, not the machine. But I soon realized that the only water temperature I was getting was HOT.

I did NOT need my jeans to shrink!  After calling Sears, they assured me it was a simple fix and a repairman would be there shortly.  I'm pretty easy going in these situations because I realize that mistakes happen; there are lemons that can be from the factory.

For the year that followed, I had three motherboards replaced and four repairmen try to fix it.  Every single time I called to find out the status of the replacement parts or when the serviceman was going to show up, I got the same response.

"I understand you are having a problem with a machine that does not fill up with water."

Each and every time I would tell them that there is no problem with the machine filling up with water -- but that NONE of the settings work and I cannot change the water temperature.

F I N A L L Y.....they agreed to replace the machine with a brand new one.  They showed up the next day and once again, I was thrilled to have a new washer -- and one that worked.

I filled the washer, turned it on and lit up like a Christmas tree.  YAY!

Three.  Minutes.  Later.  I hear 'ding' indicating the load was complete.  Clean clothes in three minutes.  This must be some kind of miracle.

I assumed I was having yet another blonde moment and needed to try it again.  Obviously, I did something wrong.  But, no, it was the exact same scenario.

I took all the clothes out, started the machine again and used a flashlight to see what was happening. The machine started with a gentle spin, then stopped, another gentle spin in the opposite direction and that was it.  Why?  BECAUSE THERE WAS NO WATER.

I knew instantly that they had given me a refurbished machine and let's just say you don't need to know what I told them -- but they are delivering a new machine tomorrow with an extended warranty -- their gift to me.  I'll keep you posted.

Get the picture?

Friends came for dinner the other night and brought their new dog, a French Poodle by the name of Mister Red.  We snapped his picture while he was sleeping on our living room carpet and when I looked at it later, I couldn't stop laughing.

William is absolutely in love with his little sister, Aubrie.  When he wakes up in the morning and comes upstairs, he is calling her name. She hears him and gets so excited she can hardly stand it.  I am so pleased that they are already such close siblings.  They were lying on the bed together and he was talking to her.  Without warning, she had a projectile spit-up that landed in his mouth.  Rather than get upset he got the giggles on his way to the bathroom to rinse it out. He understands the need for patience and tolerance for a baby, for which this gramma is delighted.

Apparently......... William got married to his life-long friend, Lily, without telling anyone.  They were playing house the other day and William kept coming to the kitchen to get things; food, toys, doll clothes for 'their baby.'

When Rochelle asked William what he was doing he said "Taking care of my wife."  She asked him why his wife was not able to take care of herself to which he replied, "Mom, she's TIRED." Wiser words were never spoken by any husband.

Rochelle 29 years ago with Aubrie today

Amazing how much they look alike right down to the "V" on their foreheads.

Guaranteed to make you smile

Every time Rochelle sings to Aubrie, she tries to sing along.  I believe this is pretty amazing for a baby barely seven weeks old.   I can't watch this 8-second video just once, can you?

An Offer I Couldn't Refuse

Totally out of left field, I was offered a position as a book trailer copywriter for a publishing company last month.  When they made the offer, they suggested I have a look at half a dozen book trailers and report back what I thought.  They were looking for someone who could think outside the box.  

A few minutes later I returned the call.  "What did you think?" he inquired.

"I think they were pathetic."  He laughed and had to agree with me.  I have studied a fair number of book trailers before I completed my own and rarely does one inspire me to read the book.  

Negotiations began and I am now the copywriter for their book trailers.  I was also offered a column in their monthly magazine and I know this is just the beginning.  So, maybe it is true....'Good things come to those who wait.'

One Last Word

For those of you who have not yet had a chance to check out my bi-weekly show, Never Ever Give Up Hope, I want to encourage you to have a listen.  My guests have incredible stories to share of overcoming tragedy, loss, abuse, financial ruin, cancer, and broken relationships among a few.  

These stories will encourage you and raise your spirits -- I promise.  And who knows, you may discover an interview with someone who had the same situation you are encountering now?

Each month a group of bloggers shares what has been going on behind closed doors on their Fly on the Wall posts.  I know you will enjoy all of the following blogger's posts as they share the funny and not-so-funny things happening in their homes.

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