Sunday, April 24, 2016

5 Rules - What Your Blogging Manners Say About You

When we were little kids, our parents and teachers taught us manners.  They taught us to say "Please" and "Thank you" and "Excuse me" to name a few.  We were also taught to respond when we were spoken to and to be polite at all times.

Now that I have been a member of the blogging community for a couple years, I have found it interesting and sometimes annoying, that these same manners don't seem to apply.

When you start blogging and get your first comment on a post, it is exciting.  You feel you have finally arrived on the World Wide Web.  Then as your admirers grow, you soon realize these people are turning into friends!  Friends with people you will never meet in your lifetime yet feel a close connection.

Some of these friends are seasonal, some become intimate with whom you can share your life without secrets and others are fun to chat with about a variety of subjects.  It makes you wonder how you ever had a life outside of the Internet and respect these new friends with the highest regard.

Some of us bloggers have joined various blogging communities and/or challenges and enjoy an even deeper connection.

Blogging takes time and effort, no mistaking that. BUT, just as in 'real' life, making friends takes time and effort as well.

There are hundreds of posts we can read on how to grow our audience within the blogging association.  But we may forget the basics we were taught as children.  We need to display good manners.

Within some of the blogging challenges, it is always encouraged to leave comments on other bloggers posts as a courtesy.  If you are expecting people to leave a comment on yours, it is easily assumed you should reciprocate.

Rule Number One

But, we need to take it one step further.  I have often left comments on a blogger's post and notice that they never respond to my comment or any comments left for them.  It is like talking to someone who turns and walks away without responding.  The epitome of rudeness.

This is the first rule of blogging - ENGAGE.  Engage means to talk, listen and respond.  It is a two-way street. Want to grow your blogging audience?  ENGAGE.

Rule Number Two

A common consideration that all bloggers welcome with enthusiasm is when we share a post we have read.  It takes a couple seconds to hit the "Share" button and share to Twitter or Facebook.  A few seconds more to share on Google+ or Pinterest.  Granted, there are some posts I read I would never share but if you liked it, share it.  It is part of engagement - the same as telling your friends about a great restaurant you recently enjoyed.

Rule Number Three

If you read a post that you cannot agree with but feel obligated to respond by commenting, be careful. Always remember you are talking to a lot of people, not just the person who wrote the post. Be polite. On the other hand, if someone comments on your post in a negative manner, careful how your respond.

You can be respectful and still get your point across -- or you may not want to respond at all if you feel you may be sorry for saying it.  You also have the option to delete their comment if you think it may have a negative impact on your readers.

Rule Number Four

And now I need to ask a BIG FAVOR!  Unless you are hiding from certain individuals or the IRS or worse, please, PLEASE post your profile picture.  I will rarely, if ever, respond to someone who shows a bubblehead as their profile picture.  It is quite rude not to show your face when you are talking with someone.   I don't want to see your company logo either - I want to see who I am talking to.  There are many other places to show your logo or brand, even alongside your picture.

Rule Number Five

This one I know many of you might disagree with me.  Please realize I am not a "prude" at least not the last time I checked.  When I talk face to face with someone and they swear a lot I have to admit I draw the conclusion that they have a limited vocabulary.

There are times when we swear to make a point and that is understood, but some don't stop there. After a few paragraphs, it gets extremely irritating. You can get your point across without sounding like trailer trash.  You may think that is a bit harsh but just sayin'.  How many newscasters swear when they are reporting the news?  They are talking to the world in much the same manner as we are when we post on our blogs.

I'm curious, of course, if you agree with me.  And if you don't, please do comment but be courteous, k?

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