Friday, January 24, 2020

Do Dogs Know When it is Time to Say Goodbye?

No matter how much we prepare ourselves for the inevitable, it is extremely difficult to say good-bye to our furry friends. Even more difficult is making the decision as to when - do we wait a month, a week, or does it have to be today?

Rainbow bridge
Gunner's time was approaching and I prayed that he would let me know when it was time. He did. 

Around eight in the evening, he started to pace and then stand in a corner for a few minutes. He did this all night and I stayed up with him. The first vet appointment available was at three in the afternoon. As much as his human daddy wanted to be there his schedule didn't permit; I had to go alone. 

Gunner's doctor took one look at him and then back at me. There was no need for an examination. "I'll give Gunner a shot that is incredibly fast-acting. He will be gone in a matter of seconds but you can hold him as long as you want to stay with him." I did. 

After ten minutes the doc came back into the room. "It's amazing, Doctor. Gunner is still with me." He was still in my arms looking up at me. Gently the doctor explained that he had crossed the rainbow bridge immediately but his eyes would remain open. 


I had spent those ten minutes talking to Gunner. I told him what a good dog he was and how much we love him and would miss him. I assured him I would take care of his little life partner, Star. I had no idea he had been gone the whole time. 

That night, little Star looked for him. In the middle of the night, I found her under my bed, crying. My heart broke all over again. Within two days she was back to her normal self which surprised, yet pleased me. 


Belated Christmas

We had scheduled our Christmas trip to see the kids a couple of times but the ferries were not running due to extreme weather. The roads were closed. Ferries sat in the dock. Everyone waited until life would resume.

Even though it was the second week in January, we were finally able to make the Christmas trip to visit the grands. For them, it was exceptionally exciting - Christmas all over again. 


Rock wall
Even climbing a rock wall, 
she had to wear her NEW HIGH heels

Smallest Snowman on record

small snowman

A new year with new challenges and new victories. May this year bring you many joys and few sorrows. I enjoy our monthly Fly On The Wall posts giving us a peek into your world.

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  1. I'm so sorry about Gunner, I've been hearing stories about him for years.
    I'm glad you got a chance to celebrate with the kids, they're growing so fast!

    1. Gunner was a comedian and will be remembered as that - he still makes us smile. Thank you Karen for your kind words

  2. So hard. Our Daisy's time is running down, and I'm dreading that drive to the vet. Gunner might have been gone, but he heard you, Carol.

    1. I am sorry about your Daisy. I agree - Gunner heard every word. Thank you

  3. Oh, Carol, I'm so sorry you had to put Gunner down, but I do agree with you that dogs sense when their days are up. Thank you for cheering me up with those precious photos of the grands. In her high heels, no less? LOL! That girl has guts!

    1. I responded below Martha. For some reason it did not connect with your comment.

  4. Three years old and high heels. I remember begging my mom for a pair of heels when I was ten. LOL

  5. I’m so sorry about Gunner but so happy you got that time with him! ❤️

    1. We have rescued over 30 dogs and each one is difficult to say good bye to-- rescues seem to love on a deeper level, if that is possible.

  6. Your story on Gunner brought back memories. I too had dachshunds for many years, but the last one, Kramer, died at the vet's I think. My exhusband would not allow me to know where he was or see him. A few tears at the moment.

  7. How sad for you. I'm so sorry you had to go through that and not be with him.

  8. I'm so sorry you lost Gunner but thankful Star is okay with it. Maybe she like you, knew it was time. Still it's never easy.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade