Friday, November 17, 2017

Do You Need To Speed Up or Slow Down?

Every time I think things will start to slow down, they seem to speed up.  Why is that?  Maybe it is because I have more jobs than I can count on one hand and it is pure craziness.  Someday......I'll slow down but not anytime soon.  When I think of the alternatives, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Nitestar JewelersAs of this weekend, we are opening the doors to our new store.  But, in my craziness I forgot to take pictures so will post them next month.  Something really interesting is that people who are walking in/by to say "Hi" are commenting that they had no idea we had such a variety of art.  In our last store, it was displayed on the walls behind the jewelry showcases.  In the new store -- part of the store is set up as a gallery - and all the work is done by local artists.  
Nitestar Galleries

Nitestar Galleries



A close friend of mine who used to live in our town moved away fifteen years ago and I have not seen her for seven years.  I miss her terribly and she surprised me this month with a quick visit passing through town on her way back from California.  It is wonderful to visit with old friends -- you have history and that cannot be replaced.

Major Highlight of the month/year

My daughter, Rochelle, has not been able to visit us at our home for years.  Her hubby works away from home about three weeks out of the month.  She can't leave her property because of all her animals unless I am there to take care of them for her.  Consequently, she does not visit here.  

Reason to celebrate:  Son-in-law has moved home.  It meant closing his business up north and setting up a new one at home but now he can be with his family every day.  It is quite the adjustment and the kids are ecstatic to have daddy home.

So..........she was able to visit us for four days.  That was FOUR DAYS with my grands.  Every moment was so enjoyable -- cooking for them, playing with them, babysitting them so mom could have a break seeing old friends.  They cried when they had to leave and it touched my heart.  I trust there will be many more weekends they can stay at gramma's house.

Grand kids
Set up a special kids table
so Papa could play Lego with them

I have shared many stories on this blog about how kind and thoughtful six-year-old William is and how much he adores his little sister.  But, one of the funniest and sweetest stories I have heard in a long time was something he did last week.

He is taking boxing lessons in a large class of six to sixteen-year-olds.  During their regular relays and workouts, the kids are teamed up.  Last week, they were running around the track and Rochelle noticed how slowly William was running.  She yelled, "Run, William, run!"  

In a loud voice, he shouted back and everyone heard, "I am running slow so Jason (who is nine) can keep up.  He always loses and I want him to win this time!" 

While the kids were here, I 'caught' them often cuddling on the sofa or floor.  One morning William said, "Brie, I love you, little sister, more than anything."  

"Why are you crying, Gramma?"  If he only knew!


Rochelle brought one of her dogs who is a recent rescue.  She didn't want him to stay back home with the rest of the clan.  He blended right into our carpet!

Rescue dog

This has been a Fly on the Wall monthly blogging challenge where several bloggers share what happened in their lives this past month.  Pour a cup and enjoy the other stories here:

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