Friday, November 3, 2017

Would You Give Up Social Media for Money?

What amount of money would it take to entice you to give up social media for a year?  That question was posed to me and after thinking about it for 30 seconds I couldn't think of any amount of money that would entice me.  I would give it up without any problem.

However, this question did make me think about what I accomplish on social media and why it would be easy to give up.

I sincerely enjoy interacting with friends, making new friends, seeing new baby pictures and pictures of my friends' travels.  But I really don't care about what strangers had for dinner or what shade of nail polish they are wearing.  That would be a conversation I may have with a friend on the phone but does the world really need to know?

I enjoy some news sources, although I have to use caution to be sure it is actually the truth and not a fabricated lie.  However, I can easily get that information from the radio or TV.


Anyone who knows me knows how much I love funny pictures and stories of dogs.  But I don't need social media to find those.  I've got enough dogs running around me already.

I do appreciate reading about concerns my online friends may have regarding a recent illness or problem they need support or suggestions about.  This would be one area I would miss and would want to be sure I had another way to stay in contact with them.

In doing some research regarding this issue I found a few sites that offer suggestions to help people break the habit of depending on social media too much.  Here are some of those findings:  

Why You Should Quit Social Media

1)  Most people would be happier without social media because they would not have to continually compare themselves with hundreds of people they have never met.  There are always those who are smarter, better looking, richer, or thinner but does it really matter?  Facebook slams this into your psyche and could easily make someone feel less than....
My happiness has nothing to do with what I see on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

how do you compare to others

2)  Most people would be more productive without social media.  I suppose that is true but it does not affect my productivity as I spend a minimal amount of time there and it is usually because I am waiting in line, sitting in an office waiting for my number to be called, or needing five minutes to clear my head before tackling the next job on my to-do list.
does Facebook bore you?

3)  Most people would have improved relationships.  This does not affect me in the least as I am from the old school who still sends beautiful cards by snail mail, calls my friends regularly for coffee or a chat and only use Facebook messaging if necessary.  I do not allow any type of 'electronic device' at the dinner table or during conversations.

No electronic devices at dinner

4)  Most people will focus more on the beauty of life.  Not even in the realm of possibility.  At my age, you begin to realize how precious each moment is - every single day.  

Focus on the Grands as much as possible

grand kids
                        grand kids

Sure, if someone insisted to pay me big bucks to give up social media -- I'll take it but wouldn't feel like I was missing out on much. H O W E V E R -- if blogging is considered social media then we are talking about a whole different kettle of fish and no......I won't give it up.

This post has been a blogging challenge called Secret Subject Swap where a group of bloggers exchanges questions each month about any subject that interests them.  The question posed to me by Baking In A Tornado was:  "I've seen memes on FB asking people if they could give up all social media for a year in exchange for a designated sum of money.  Would you do it?  What amount of money would it take to entice you?"

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