Friday, December 8, 2017

What Would You Like Your Superpower to Be?

In a monthly blogging challenge called Secret Subject Swap, I was asked this question:  "You think your neighbors have secret superpowers.  Do you spy on them?  Bribe them?  Become friends with them?"

This is extremely difficult for me to answer because I have never enjoyed fantasy - of any type.  I don't watch it on TV and I don't read books written in that vein.  You get the picture.  I am a realist by nature and practical in all areas of my life.  So I struggled with this question.

However, as an interviewer on my radio show, I have learned how to ask questions.  Hubby says I can go into a room of 25 strangers and in less than an hour I know each of their life stories.  That's just it -- I love true life stories.  Always have.

But the challenge is that I must answer the question - so here's my best shot.  I can be sneaky.  I worked for a detective agency in my youth and learned a trick or two about finding out the truth.

Most definitely I would become friends with them.  I would find ways to set them up to either reveal their powers to me or put them in a position that they would be required to use those powers.  I hopefully would ask the right questions and possibly offer scenarios for them to submit suggestions to me.  

This is so far out of my comfort zone I can barely wrap my head around it.  Maybe I need to watch a movie about someone with superpowers, or read a book, or watch a TV show.....but that won't be happening anytime soon.

You are a superpower

On June 24, 1977, my husband and I stood in line for hours to see the very first Star Wars movie.   It was the midnight showing and everyone was pretty excited.  I fell asleep ten minutes into the movie and never saw another one.  As a kid, it was fun to pretend that I had powers like Superman but now...I just don't get the hype.

Star Wars

However, if I was asked what superpower I would like for myself......that's a different story.  I would want to go FASTER.  I drive fast, eat fast, talk fast, move fast so if I could fly - that would help.

Another one would be to have x-ray vision.  Think of all the sealed documents you could see with your magic eyes.  Better yet.....the ability to see what is really in someone's heart or brain.  Now THAT would be awesome.  Guess I will have to depend on my five senses for now.

For the Secret Subject Swap, my question was submitted by who is a book reviewer.  I am sure she would love you to check out her website.

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