Friday, April 7, 2017

Do You Have A Favorite and Why?

Nitestar Ceylon sapphire pendant
One of the blogging challenges I enjoy each month is the Secret Subject Swap. In this challenge, another blogger picks a subject for you to write about in your own style. This month I was asked, "What is your favorite piece of jewelry and why?"

Considering that my husband and I have been in the jewelry business for over four decades, you would think it would be an easy question to answer.  But, it is not. Each piece of jewelry I have owned has been hand crafted and designed by my husband. He was as excited to give me the ring he created for me this past Christmas as he was to give me the ring he made for me in South Africa almost 50 years ago.  

I have always loved contemporary designs but when he has occasionally given me one that is a fancier design, I love it just as much.  

Here are some of the pieces he has made me over the years but my favorite has to be the first one he did -- weird as it looks, it meant so much to me all those years ago.

Nitestar Jewelry

An aquamarine ring with two rubies sitting on a rough bed of gold.  I never did figure out the design but I wore it for years....with pride.

Nitestar Jewelry

The blue pendant is a 7.5ct Ceylon Sapphire with a half-carat diamond.  He made this for me when I was awarded Author of the Year for Battered Hope.
 I love all the earrings he has made -- these two are emeralds and aquamarines. 

Nitestar jewelry earrings

This one made me cry -- it was one Christmas we decided NOT to exchange gifts as it had been a rough year.  But he couldn't resist making this ring with a beautiful marquise 3.5ct sky blue sapphire and diamonds.  

Nitestar jewelry

Nitestar jewelry

He made this purple spinel ring years before spinel became extremely valuable.  Spinels are the red stones in the Crown Jewels -- they are not rubies as many people thought. In nature, they grow alongside rubies and come in every color of the rainbow.

Nitestar Jewelry

Over thirty years ago, hubby put this stone away knowing that it was rare.  Over the course of all those years, he never found another pink topaz that was totally natural and not enhanced in any way.  He knew he could never sell it and made it into a ring for me this past Christmas. It is a princess pink Imperial topaz -- one of a kind.

Nitestar jewelry emerald ring

My first wedding ring was the same design as this one but it had a much smaller emerald. This one he gave me on our 25th. wedding anniversary and it has a flawless three carat emerald. of a kind stone. Emeralds are rarely flawless.

Of course, he has made me other pendants, rings, and earrings but these are the ones that carry a special significance and there is no way I could ever choose my favorite.  Can you?

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