Friday, April 21, 2017

How Would You Like To Live In One of the Most Beautiful Places in the World?

Blogging is a wonderful way to journal your life.  One of the blogging challenges I do each month is called Fly on the Wall  and it gives bloggers an opportunity to share what went on in their lives the previous month.

This month my great niece and her friend came for a visit.  I had not seen my niece (my sister's oldest daughter's middle daughter) for a few years.  When she emailed me that she would be in this area with her friend, I was thrilled.  I think they were amazed at how much there was to do and see within a few minutes of our home.  They wanted to go hiking and each day was a new adventure.  It brought an appreciation for the incredible, awesome, marvelous world my husband and I call home.  

Our dear friends, who are away for the winter, were very gracious to allow the girls to use their home for the entire week.  

Sunny day

The weather prediction was for rain every day.  BUT...... it only rained one day and was cloudy a couple more.  Otherwise, bright sunshine -- a blessing for this time of year!  Here is their visit in pictures.

See the rainbow over the harbor?  When I fly to my daughter's place this is the harbor I leave home from -- it is a 12-minute flight which would take six hours to drive.


There are so many inlets and coves to explore.  Each one is so different and interesting.

Pacific ocean

This is one of the strongest rapids in the world because it is one of the fastest tide changes. My close friend was working as a volunteer on a practice run with the Coast Guard when their boat flipped over in the rapids and she was instantly killed.  It looks calm here -- but twice a day when the tide changes, it can be merciless.  Amazing to view. The girls enjoyed the sea life -- close enough to touch!

Skooumchuk Rapids

Every day they had a choice of a new trail.  There are hundreds to choose from:


First growth trees

Rain forest


Waterfalls in the rain forest
And many waterfalls......

Beaches of every description

Pacific ocean

Pacific Ocean



Ruby Lake


Spectacular views around every corner

Ocean view property

Ocean beauty


Ocean and mountains

Woodland trails

Endless waterfalls

They had a chance to spend a day in the city.  This pic is one of the oldest areas full of many boutiques and fabulous FOOD 


Granville Market

My husband and I took them to the rapids and while they hiked we stayed on the beach. Star and Gunner got a lot of attention from people walking the beach.

Mini DachshundGunner

Ruby Lake

Every night we played Dominoes and Golf.  Star adopted my niece and had to be part of the game.  It was instant love.

Love forever


Five days flew by and then it was time to say good-bye.  I hope they find their way back here sometime in the near future.  They are both elementary school teachers on the other side of the country.  NOTICE THE RAINBOW?


We had hoped they would have a chance to visit their cousin, my daughter, but time did not permit.

However, I did have a chance to visit my grandbabies the previous week which is always the high point of my month.  She is always the thinker.

Grand daughter

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