Friday, March 24, 2017

What Not to Do if Caught in a Dog Fight

I thoroughly enjoy each month's Fly on the Wall posts written by fellow bloggers who share what went on in their lives the past month.

One week, I was house and dog sitting for someone who has five dogs and a cat. Everything went well until the last day.  Two of the large male dogs live outside and around 4:30 one afternoon I heard a slight yelp.  I looked outside and saw them fighting.  It looked vicious.  In no way, was this anticipated nor was I prepared to deal with a fight.  I fully expected them to quit by the time I got outside but that did not happen.

I started screaming, grabbed a heavy plastic shovel in an attempt to separate their mouths.  They were ripping each other's face and ears off -- YES, literally.  I started kicking one of the males in the groin. It never occurred to me that they could turn their anger on me as I only wanted them to stop -- and be friends again.

I knew it would help if there was a hose to turn the water on them but couldn't find it.  I was crying, screaming and absolutely terrified.  One was bigger (Husky/wolf cross) and dominant but the mutt who was on his back actually caused more damage - serious damage.

Grabbing his collar I knew he could turn his attack on me

I was exhausted after 20 minutes and the blood was spurting wildly.  In terror, I called my husband and after I assured him I did everything I could do, he said all I could do was to let one of them kill the other if it went that far. was over.  The damage was extensive.  I called a neighbor who arrived in a few minutes and amazed that either one survived.  He cleaned them up as best he could knowing that the owner would be home that night to make any necessary decisions regarding veterinary care.

I chose not to post any pictures as they are too graphic.  When the owner returned home, she was thankful I was alive and well.  I felt terrible but there was nothing else I could have done.  Both of these dogs are gentle and loving -- who knows what triggered this fight?

I was away from home almost the entire month but had the opportunity to visit with my grandkids for a few days and will share in pictures here.

Ever wonder what a cow kiss felt like?

At what age do kids learn how to whistle?

One evening I kept hearing someone whistling and couldn't figure out where it was coming from as I was alone with the kids and my daughter.  Rochelle started laughing when she told me that Aubrie had been whistling since she was about six months old.

She would walk around the house, whistling a tune and it sounded like an old man.  When I asked Aubrie to whistle she started loud and clear.  I googled 'whistling' to find out what age most kids start and it is between five and seven years old.

When we went out for dinner, Aubrie loved sucking on lemons 

Hard to believe Brie Brie is ONE already
Every party needs dancing!

And then......there's cake

She was spellbound by the fish in the aquarium

If you had been in the middle of that dog fight, what would you have done?

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