Thursday, March 23, 2017

What Chance Do You Have of Surviving?

Your first line of defense against disease is NUTRITION - not medications!  Every time I see yet another television commercial promoting a drug, I get a little more nauseated by the lie that is being perpetrated on the general public.  This is especially disheartening when it involves our youth, a drug-induced generation.

food supplemnts

If it is true that no drug can replace nutrients, then why are we so quick to swallow a pill when we have a cold or flu? Why don't we use natural methods to curb allergies?  Why don't we use nutrition to ward off disease and yes, even find a cure?

As I have written in a series of articles on the World's Biggest Con Job, we are sold a lie by Big Pharma that drugs can heal and/or restore.  Between the lack of education we are offered and our own fears, we buy that lie......hook, line and sinker.

In the mid-1970s I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and given less than two years to live. I knew next to nothing about nutrition, but I knew that if I had a hysterectomy or if I died without having the surgery the specialist said I must have......then WHAT CHANCE DID I HAVE -- of living?  Or having a baby?


Green, naive and terrified -- I sought answers and found them.  They are available - which is one of the main reasons for this series - to help you find them too.

Do you check your labels to see how much of your diet is imported from China? 

According to Dr. Richard Brouse, a biochemist, certified clinical nutritionist, and lecturer on health preservation and disease prevention, 77% of our imported food comes from Asia and Africa.  Are you willing to bet their level of quality control is above U S standards? 

Let's have a look at our own U S food production
  • Highly processed
  • Artificial colors added to enhance their appeal
  • High in sugar and salt
  • GMO regulations allows for excessive herbicides and pesticides
  • Soil is highly fertilized with chemicals to force production
  • Soil lacks microbes for sustainability - it needs WORMS but most  worms can't survive in the depleted chemical-based environment   
    Other contributing factors to poor health

1. Our kids.  They are given antibiotics, vaccines and medications to ward off disease.  Got a fever?  Take a pill.  Got a cold?  Take medicine.  Got dirty hands? Use hand sanitizer.  Read this article on how hand sanitizer could actually be killing people.

Let your kids experience the world and play in the dirt -- the best protection to warding off germs.  By over sanitizing we lose our own ability to defend and strengthen our immune systems.

2.  Toxic exposure from the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe.  Drink filtered water.  

3.  I am writing an article on how we are poisoning our families through chemicals in our homes.  To the best of my ability, my home has been as free as possible from chemicals for the past four decades. We have the health to prove it!  I will share what you can do to replace all those chemicals that are destroying us within our own homes.  For example, are you aware that fabric softeners can cause seizures in kids? 

I am so thankful to have raised my kids without chemicals and toxins. I never would have known how to be healthy or to have a healthy home if I had not had cancer as a young woman.  Read the story here why my cancer diagnosis was the best thing that happened to me.  I cured it WITHOUT chemo, WITHOUT surgery, and WITHOUT radiation.  Our home is a toxin-free environment.

4.  Stress -- 'nuf said.  We are all aware of the havoc of stress on our health.

5.  All drugs, including coffee, nicotine, and alcohol cause some form of malabsorption of nutrients.  If you don't abstain, at least be aware that you need extra nutrients to ward off the negative effects.

6.  Negative thinking.  Do you spend more time thinking about what could go wrong or what did go wrong than to recognize what you can change?

7.  Sugar intake.  Again...'nuf said.  Have you considered substituting Stevia for sugar? Here's a great article explaining why you should.

What's the solution?

If you have been following this series, you know that the majority of my articles deal with food supplements and how to find a safe supplement that is ALIVE and preferably Kosher approved.  This is your assurance you are getting supplements that will actually help you instead of harm you.  These articles are listed below.

food supplements

In researching one of the top brands of vitamins that have become a 'household' word, I made even more shocking discoveries.  For obvious reasons, I won't share their name here but if you PM me I will direct you to the source.  

This company uses the CHEAPEST ingredients available, is totally synthetic and in 2015 made a NET profit of $48 B I L L I O N - at the expense of our health.  It grieves me when I read some of my fellow bloggers write posts advertising for them on their blogs.  It is pure unadulterated poison.  

This company is also one of the top sellers of pre-natal vitamins.  I am one of many nutritionists who strongly believe that the increase in childhood disease, especially cancer (and sickeningly brain cancer) has been caused by these pre-natal and child vitamins.  If people would take the time to research the ingredients on the label, they would realize that the chemicals used will cause serious side effects.

You have nothing to lose and a life of health to gain by taking the time to find out what is in your supplements.  I am MORE than happy to help you reading the labels on your bottles, making suggestions and doing an assessment of your current health status.  Email me at

I am recapping the first seven posts of this series here:

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