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Do You Miss Any of These 49 Childhood Memories?

Merry Springtime!  Happy New Life!  Spring is a time for rebirth and new life.  We open our doors, smell the fresh air and new blossoms, hear the birds sing and children running and playing.  
What I woke up to today

In light of this, the Secret Subject challenge for this month is:  "If you could resurrect anything from your past what would it be and why?"

The first thing I thought of was my childhood.  I am so fortunate to have had a childhood where I was loved and cherished.  At the time I may have had my doubts, growing up in a very strict home.  But, life was so simple.  My grandchildren will never experience that simplicity even though their parents are 'old-school' minded. 

Growing up, my world was just world.  We didn't know or very much care what was happening around the rest of the globe. Life was......uncomplicated.

Yup....I'm the little one!
When I think about what I miss, I imagine many of you miss the same things:

Running down the street being chased by cops, my favorite game outside -- Cops and Robbers
playing in the street

Someone reading me a bedtime story

Riding my brand new Schwinn Racer with my arms in the air and my eyes closed

Using crabapples as chalk to play hopscotch in the middle of the street.  Cars would go around us so they would not disturb our game

Jumping rope

Drinking water straight from the hose in the backyard, while planning a new place to hide so my friends could not find me

monopoly gameRunning to my friends house first thing in the morning to finish the game of Monopoly we had started a week earlier

Playing Dodgeball in the school yard

1950 memories

Getting dressed up for church on Sunday mornings

A big roast beef or roasted chicken dinner after church

Making popcorn in the corn popper on the stove

The milkman delivering milk to our door.

The ice cream truck playing music through the loudspeaker giving me time to find a dime in my piggy bank for a fudgsicle

The Fire Department turning on the fire hydrants for the kids to run through on really hot summer days
fire hydrant

Curling up on my mom's bed, eating frozen bing cherries or sunflower seeds while we listened to a 'soap opera' on the radio

My dad taking me to Robert Hall or Sears to buy some new dresses

Piano lessons

hula hoop
Competing in hula hoops contests and spinning several hula hoops on different parts of my body at the same time -- two arms, one leg, neck, waist

Hearing the applause when I won the Regional Spelling Bee

Family talks around the dinner table

Annual church picnics 

Lying in the back seat of the car with my feet out the window, on the way to summer camp

Summer camp

Vanilla Phosphates at Jay's Malt Shop

Getting 25 cents every Saturday after my chores were done.  

Running to the corner store to buy penny candy

Howdy Doody

The Long Ranger

I Love Lucy

Father Knows Best

Walking through the woods in the dark

Swimming in the lake in the dark - fearless
poodle skirt

Poodle skirts

Saddle Oxford shoes

Penny loafers

Paper dolls
paper dolls

Velvet dresses with satin sashes every Christmas


Pretzels in a box

Penny boxes of raisins

Trusting strangers

Trusting politicians

Spending time with the neighbors

Never having to rush

Stress was not a word in our vocabulary

The 1950's!

Coming home from school to freshly baked cookies -- it meant my mom wasn't in bed sick where she spent most of my childhood.

But what I miss the most are my mom and dad.  My mom has been gone for 50 years.  My dad has been gone 33 years.

This is their wedding day -- December 1927

William/Martha 1927

The challenge this month was submitted by Angrivated Mom

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