Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Do You Have Trouble Finishing What You Started?

Do you struggle with finishing a project?  Do you have a great idea and then run into obstacles and shelve it, rather than finish it?  Do you sometimes get discouraged because you run into hurdles and can't seem to figure out how to complete the task?

I want to encourage you to do whatever it takes to fulfill that dream you had.  I speak from experience as most of my life I have been battered, beaten, broken and had more shattered dreams than any one person should have to endure.  But HOLD ON...You can do it!
Battered Hope

Keep your focus.  Don't forget the dream.  Never forget in the darkness what you have seen in the light.  You will be rewarded.  Sometimes it may not be as quickly as you had hoped but perseverance pays off.

After years of struggling in a variety of arenas, I am finally seeing the fruit of all my labor.  Yes, there were many times when I felt it just wasn't worth it, but I assure you, it will be!

It took me ten years to write my memoir and it was not for lack of desire or time.  It was because it was so painful.  But when it finally went to print, doors of opportunity to write and to speak have poured into my life.

As difficult as it is to believe, all the pain and ugliness of the past can be turned into something good. We need to be tenacious with our dreams, our goals and see them through to the end.

WHAT IF??????

What if I never wrote my memoir? It seems like my life is divided into two parts. I will call the first part, Pre-Memoir. Pushing the button and sending my manuscript to the publisher was such a major step. I was excited, even elated that ten years of hard work was finally completed. My book was ready to fly off the shelves.

Then came the months of working on the front cover, the back cover, the forward and acknowledgment pages – this was more work than writing the book. Why did this have to be so difficult? Alas, finally it was done and ready for print.

When the day arrived and I opened the box containing all those beautiful books that represented my life in 288 pages....well, it was a bit overwhelming to handle. I was now an author. I published a book. Now, my life would be literally, an open book, and totally exposed. I got scared. Maybe I shouldn't have done it.

There were so many hardships, so much pain, and so many disappointments. Dredging up all that mess was the first step and then putting pen to paper and actually writing about it was quite another. But, and this is a very big but, I had no idea what was going to happen when it actually was in print for the world to read. My questions were non-stop. What if no one liked it? What if no one bought it? What if? Now I was in Post-Memoir mode from where I could never return.

My fears were short-lived as the reviews started coming in. I honestly had no idea it was that compelling of a story. After all, it was just my life but most of the reviewers said that they could not put it down. They had to finish it to be sure I survived. Another set of reviewers were encouraged to know that no matter what you go through if I made it, they could as well.  I have had people from all over the globe thank me for sharing, for encouraging them and giving them hope in hopeless situations.  To read the first chapter, click here.

Push yourself out of that oh, so comfortable zone

Up to a couple years ago, I knew diddly-squat about social media other than Facebook was a place to communicate with friends.  I thought Twitter was something you did when you got excited.  Google just plain scared me and Google+ sounded horrifying.  Now, these are part of my day.  Every. Day.

I keep researching, learning and trying to understand and implement all the suggestions offered.  It is more than a bit staggering but then I remember why I did this in the first place and I know I will continue to persevere and complete what I have started. 

From the release of Battered Hope, my talk show, Never Ever Give Up Hope, was born.  It is now in 60+ countries and gaining momentum every day.  I interview people from around the globe who have been in hopeless circumstances and NEVER gave up.  They became successful because they persevered.  Have a look at that site here.

Now I receive continual opportunities from speaking engagements across the country to writing for anthologies and a variety of magazines.  It required pushing myself out of that zone; but once I did, it got easier.

GO FOR THE GOLD.  Push yourself.  Focus on what you want to accomplish.  If you think you can, YOU WILL. 

You will N E V E R know success if you quit!

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