Friday, October 9, 2015

How Do You Spend your Leisure Time?

The question posed to me was:  "You finally have a few hours to yourself. What do you do?"  Thinking about this I came up with only one answer.  

What about you?  What would you do with a few hours to yourself? When my kids were young it was great having a few hours to be alone.  I would use that time to do some baking or have coffee with a friend.  But those leisure times are long gone and now I get excited at the prospect of having a few hours without having to meet a deadline or be 'on the job.'

Having a few hours to myself gives me more time to catch up. Since launching my new career, I work around the clock taking as little time as possible to sleep or eat.  I'm not complaining - just reporting.  It is the way it is and I love being busy - daily meeting goals I have set for myself.  I know I am not the only one who feels this way.  It seems I gravitate to extremely busy people and vice versa.  
Carol Graham - jewelry store

I am the wife of a disabled man so most household tasks are on my shoulders.  I own and help manage three brick and mortar businesses which require my physical presence regularly. 
Carol Graham                                                                        

I am a health coach (my first passion) and muscle toning technician working closely with my clients to ensure them good health.  
Carol Graham podcast

I host my own talk show, Never Ever Give Up Hope, that airs bi-weekly.  This requires a lot of preparation and could easily be a full-time job on its own.  It is one of the highlights of my week, listening to uplifting and encouraging stories of people who should have given up hope but NEVER did.  

I am bookkeeper for each business, chief cook and bottle washer, dog walker (we have rescued over 30 dogs from abusive situations), house cleaner, friend, confidant, mom, grandmother....and the list goes on --- what else would I possibly do with some extra free time except  to catch up?
Carol Graham - two rescues mini-dachshunds
At least one week a month I am booked as a motivational speaker for various groups, promoting my memoir, Battered Hope, and sharing my story of never giving up - no matter what!  This requires many hours of travel.


Do I feel overwhelmed?  Some days - but not too often.  The busier I am the less time I have to think about the stresses of life that can often bombard anyone of us with negative emotions, discouragement, self-pity, or anxiety.  

Pulling oneself out of a depression is hard work; staying focused on the positive things in life is the only solution.  

So, what to do with those few extra hours that are so graciously given?  Catch up on a job I have been putting off and concentrate on everything good in my life -- everything I have to be thankful for.

What about you?  Do you long for that free time and do you use it for a much-needed rest or to finally finish that novel you started last year?  Or are you like me -- happy to have the extra time to play catchup?  And the bigger question -- do you ever feel guilty taking time for just YOU? 

This post has been a monthly blogging challenge when another blogger gives you a secret subject.  My secret subject this month was:  "You finally have a few hours to yourself. What do you do?"  It was submitted by:    Dinosaur Superhero Mommy                     

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