Friday, October 16, 2015

Are You Addicted to Chocolate? Could it Kill You?

"You better wrap your pretty little head around it because it is the only honorable thing to do!"  How dare she speak to me like that?  SHE was the one living in total darkness and completely oblivious to what was really going on?  

I felt like a kangaroo - jumping from one conclusion to another - wishing someone would point a glow stick in the direction I should go.  Would someone please rescue me from this dilemma?  

I L O V E  chocolate.  I had hidden several pieces of those little gems from my roommate. But she caught me red-handed, with chocolate on my mouth.  

Now those little angels were yelling at the door, "TRICK OR TREAT!" She actually expected me to give up my stash I had so carefully hidden but unfortunately, couldn't resist.  Hence, she found my hiding place.

I knew she was right.  It was wrong to hoard.  Those little kids waited weeks for the opportunity to put on their costumes and hopefully scare old people into giving them candy.  

Honorable or not, I wanted chocolate - NOW.  I wasn't giving in to her threats of telling the kids I wouldn't share.  But then she said those five little words that made me cry and want to throw up - "CHOCOLATE IS POISON TO DOGS!"

The words I received for this month's Use Your Words challenge had me stumped this month.  The only answer was to start typing and see where it would take me -- there you have it.  The weird combination of words Confessions of a Part-Time Working Mom gave me were:  honorable ~ wrap ~ darkness ~ trick or treat ~ glow stick ~ kangaroo.

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