Friday, September 18, 2015

Where to Look if Your Dog Goes Missing

"Ma'am"  I didn't respond.

"Ma'am - excuse me, MA'AM?"  This time I turned, reluctantly.  I remember the first time I was called ma'am - I felt like someone's grandma.  Well, now I am someone's grandma so I better heed the call.

"Ma'am, you have some toilet paper hanging out of your pants."  Yup, sure did.  The restroom was full of women, probably chuckling under their breath, but one was kind enough to alert me as I was leaving.

This happened on the ferry headed to Rochelle's place to do the usual house/dog/cat/sheep/goat sitting.  The goats are gone. Rochelle was tired of herding them home on LEASHES - on a busy highway. She gave them to a neighbor with a higher fence around their property.

Rochelle and family were attending a wedding which was a two-day drive away.  I always appreciate having the solitude of her home to spend time writing and catching up with my on-line deadlines.

Their newest addition to their family of six dogs is Rocky who I introduced to you last month.  He is only five months old and incredibly well-behaved, especially for a dog who was found wandering on
the highway - alone and forgotten.  He is obedient, gentle and already knows several tricks. However, he does have a shoe fetish and if there are shoes on the floor, he will eat them.

When I woke up one morning I couldn't find my slippers because they were in the hall with my shoes. He ate one shoe and one slipper - why it had to be one of each I have no idea.  It was my fault for not putting them up high when I went to bed.  His face said, "I'm guilty!" But his eyes said, "That was fun!"

Rocky is extremely quiet for a puppy. He is calm, reserved and sneaky  The dogs have several acres to run all day long but I like to keep an eye on them to be sure they haven't escaped. One morning I was freaking when I couldn't find him. Everyone else was accounted for but no Rocky. I jumped in the truck and headed up the highway.  "ROCKY!  TREAT!"  Surely he would come bounding home but he was nowhere to be found. 

I drove every direction for a mile or so Rocky.  I would have to call my daughter and give her the news.  I felt absolutely sick about it.  
As I was waiting for the automatic gates to open, I had a thought - an obscure one but worth a shot.  I remembered that I was in the laundry room earlier that day and closed the door behind me. There he was, sound asleep.  

Poor Rocky -- was he gone forever?

Two days later, Rochelle called and was very concerned.  This time Rocky was gone for good.  She had been driving for three hours stopping at various neighbors, but it was now dark outside and no Rocky.

As she was getting ready for bed, she had a wild thought.  She remembered that her husband had been in their travel trailer earlier that day.  She ran outside, opened the trailer door -- there he was - sound asleep.  As a stray he had to fend for himself and find places to sleep -- it will take him awhile to figure out that he has a home now.

The crazy thing is how does he sneak behind you without you noticing it?

Rochelle is due in February - who wants to guess the date?  the weight?  the sex?   

No one is more excited about this new baby than my three-year-old grandson.  He is convinced it will be a girl and tells her 'secrets' every day.  He has big plans for his little sister.  So, any guesses?

Remember to encourage your fellow bloggers...

I am sure you appreciate recognition as much as I do but when it is completely unexpected, it is even more special.  A fellow blogger, Traci Lawrence, wrote a post  that really touched my heart. It made me realize more than ever that I need to be acutely aware of who needs that special boost. The link is here to read Two Examples of How to Heal Heartache    I loved her words:  "Carol's existence is a symphony of humor, heartache, and everything in between."

How can you possibly even respond to that?  The kindness of others brings such healing.

Caption Needed.....please

Rochelle snapped this pic of her hubby and William at the wedding. What is your first thought when you see this pic?

William - a Sophmore at Preschool this year

Three-year-old William is a sophomore at his pre-school this year.  He is excited about helping the new students to learn the ropes.  If any of you are familiar with Montessori schools, you will understand how "helping one another" is a major part of their education.

Ever have an long lost friend contact you out of the blue?

Just before I was going to push the "publish" button for this post, an email popped up that said, "Remember me?"  I didnt recognize the last name but certainly recognized the face.  How could I forget her?  She was my closest friend for many of my adult years.  She was there when we picked up our son from the adoption agency and was there through many of the difficult times in my life.  

Then, for whatever reason, we drifted apart and I had not seen or heard from her for over 20 years. She is 85 now and looks like 65 - from that I assume she is still very young at heart.  What a joy it will be to reconnect!  Over the course of thost 20 years I thought of her at least once a week - when I make her world famous broated potatoes!

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