Friday, October 23, 2015

If it's Not a Sister, Put it Back, Mommy

"Mommy, if you have a boy instead of a sister for me, send it back."  

Daughter Rochelle was having her monthly pre-natal exam when three-year-old William made it exquisitely clear he only wants a sister.  Looking closely at mommy's belly button during the exam he asked the doctor, "Is that the baby's penis coming out?"

So, the pressure is on to produce one baby of the female gender. Last month, several of you put in your guess for gender, date of birth and weight.  Here is the newest ultrasound picture.  The contest is still running.  Rochelle is due in February.  Please tell me what you think......gender, date and weight.

baby inutereo

It was a weird month emotionally.  We received some disturbing news that threw us off track for a couple weeks.  But as much as I would have liked to have taken some time to ponder and plan how to cope, I was too busy.  It is a situation that will take months to solve and I am sure there will be moments of despair.  When you are blindsided, it is not easy to keep a positive attitude - but it is a necessity.  No one shows up when you throw a pity party and the month was too busy to worry about anything.

The beginning of the month, I was on a speaking tour in Eastern Washington and left my voice there. Apparently, when I drove all those hours through areas where they were spraying crops, I got poisoned.  This wasn't pleasant and made me quite ill, which was especially difficult to put on my radio voice and do several interviews for my show, Never Ever Give Up Hope.    BUT......the show must go on!

To all of Louis Vuitton's fans out there -- send a little love his way. Louie is our mini-Dachshund who was the wee bit who inspired me to write my memoir and start on this crazy journey to a new career.  Louie got bit in the face by another dog and suffered a terrible infection.  We thought he may not survive this, but he did! His entire body was itching him and to prevent him from opening the wounds, he had to wear a cone and SOCKS for weeks.  He is doing better now.
Louis Vuitton
Then we found out that precious little Lily, Louie's wife and mother of his children, has a serious heart condition and her days are gravely shortened to a matter of months.  Son-in-law is devastated as this is his little girl.
Chihuahua rescue
Lily and her babies

Chihuahua, Lily the Intimidator
Lily - when she was rescued
Although I am writing this post at the beginning of October, by the time it goes live, I will have returned from the gala affair in Washington D C where I will be honored and receive an award for my memoir, Battered Hope and talk show, Never Ever Give Up Hope. It seems surreal and I am having a difficult time wrapping my head around the potential opportunities this will bring.

Never Ever Give Up Hope

I have been encouraged, enlightened, challenged, uplifted and shocked by the stories of the incredible people I have interviewed these past few months.  I strongly suggest that you tune in if you ever feel like life has given you some hard kicks.  These true stories will inspire you each time -- it is a bi-weekly show and I warn you, you may become addicted.  They are just that good.

This is a regular monthly post called Fly On The Wall where bloggers share what went on behind closed doors during their past month. Please support them by reading their stories, sharing in their laughs and tears.  I know you will enjoy each one:

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