Sunday, September 13, 2015

Do You Have a Preference - Pointed or Flat?

Are you prejudice against certain dogs?  Do you stereotype them?  Do you believe some are smarter than others?

Our family has rescued over 30 dogs.  The other day it occurred to me that we have never adopted or rescued a flat-nosed one.  I asked my husband why and he simply said "I don't like flat-nosed dogs."  Come to think of it, I do prefer the long-nosed ones as well.

My question to you is this:  Dogs find us.  We must have some kind of internal magnet that draws the lost, the strays, the hurting to us. do they know we prefer long-nosed dogs? 

I did a little research to determine what differences there were between long and flat faced dogs.  Flat faced dogs often have breathing and respiratory complications which can lead to  health 
issues.  They are also more prone to infection, i.e. ear and eye problems.   It doesn't answer my question as to why only long nosed ones find us.  Do they SMELL us from afar?  And follow their noses?

Many of you have followed my rescue dog stories long enough to recognize many of these critters.  I have shared a few of their story links beneath their picture.  If you are a dog lover and want a laugh or a good cry -- here you go:

charlie, rescue dog
Abused Bernese "Charlie" was out of control
Now...two years later she is one of the best dogs ever

Dakota rescue shepherd
Dakota was inherited and definitely King
Everyone misses him

Rescue doberman
Brandy was saved just minutes before her demise

Our newest rescues who are now secure and totally different dogs since adopting them 6 months ago
We lost Texas last Christmas - he was 18
His beautiful story here

Mercedez - rescue Lab
My Mercedez - for 15 years - my BFF
Click for her story

Her mom was rescued from abuse

Mercedez and Louis Vuitton
Louie inspired me to write my memoir
His sweet and funny story here

Funniest dog ever!  Saved from death
Had her 13 years

Louie took care of our 3-legged Zack

Louie protected this Dobie, Zack

Lola's mom was a rescue -- Lola is weird

Our newest - Gunner
Skin and bones and abused 

His story

Sheba adopted us and she was with us for 13 years

Daughter rescued goats as well

My first dog - Perky
Had her 17 years

Lola's mom, Lily
Precious but now has a failing heart at 11 years

Sweet Lily

Lola was an honorary graduate
She doesn't like most people 

The jury is still out on Nayla
Hunter of the wild
Hard to tame

Shortest nose - Quincy
17 years

Only had Rex a short time
His owner (neighbor) tried to kill him so we stole him
and found him a home.  Very gentle creature

Newest puppy -- found on the highway
Best puppy ever

Sinker jumped out of her wheel barrel cold home and chased my car for two miles - THREE times  Funny story here

Willow was tied to a dumpster and shot
Most gentle of all

Every rescue dog has a unique story - if only they could talk. 

Do you have a preference to long or flat-nosed dogs?  If so, please share why.

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