Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What Can You Possibly Do? The Internet is DOWN.

"I'll have to send a technician out."  Words that make you want to cry out "NO, NO, please fix it now."

The internet was down.  Immediately my mind was full of 'what ifs'.  What if they can't send anyone out for days, or weeks?  What if I don't meet my time obligations?  What if I get so far behind that I won't be able to catch up?  What if someone is trying to contact me and can't get through?

I tried my phone, my tablet, my laptop, three computers in the house and they were ALL DOWN. What am I going to do?

@BatteredHope What happens when the internet is down?

Then the technician on the other end of the phone line said something that made me love him instantly.  "The good news is, I can have a technician there before noon tomorrow."

"Are you kidding me?"  I wanted to kiss him.  "No, I am not.  Will you be home?"

Of course I will be home, are you some kind of an idiot to think I have more important things to do than to be here for the tech.  "Yes, I will most definitely be here."

It was late afternoon.  What am I going to do for the next several hours?  I decided to take a deep breath, and have a look at the proverbial list.  Listed there were all the things I had been putting off because I was spending all my time in front of one or more computers.

I thought of my on-line friends.  Would they notice I disappeared?  Would they realize I was not responding to their comments?  Would they care?

Another deep breath.  I chose to watch some TV with my husband, without guilt.  Usually I am sitting there wishing the show would end so I could get back to work in my office.  Tonight, I had no choice.

I actually went to bed at a decent hour and was hoping the tech would arrive first thing in the morning. He didn't.  It was supposed to be a very hot day and I have put off gardening because I don't do heat!

First thing on my list was to weed the garden.  It actually felt good to be working in the great outdoors with the morning sun beating on my back.

I did some baking and vacuumed every nook and corner before the house got too warm from the summer heat wave.  I finished all the laundry and tackled my worst favorite job.  IRONING.  I don't know about you, but this is one thing I hate to do.  I will put it off until there are no shirts for my hubby to wear.  We have a deal.  I iron and he keeps the top of his desk clean.  Neither one of us are good at keeping that promise.

I ironed for a couple hours while the technician was working in my office.  He found several problems and now I have internet that is so fast, it is scary.

How quickly we get caught up in the drama of not having internet.  I hear it all the time from my fellow bloggers, friends, family, and business associates.  This morning I got a taste of what life used to be like - before this pressure of today's world.

I actually had a nice conversation with the tech guy and it was ......pleasant.  I don't have to tell you what the subject of our conversation was -- DOGS, of course.  I talked to him about the raw food diet and he had already put his little Maltese on raw food who was living a remarkable life without any health issues commonly known to that breed and she is eleven years old.  I didn't feel the pressure of cutting him short so I could get back to work.  He worked, we talked.

@BatteredHope No Wi-Fi?  No Problem

How about you?  Can you turn off the computer and not feel guilty?  Or are you a crazy workaholic, like myself, who believes the world may end if you don't get everything done?

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