Friday, July 25, 2014

Be Honest - We Love To Know What Goes On Behind Closed Doors

Come on... be honest.  You know you would like to know what goes on in other blogger's homes!  Here's your chance.  Join us each month at Fly On The Wall and you can see what goes on 'behind the scenes.' Here are some highlights of my past month:

The Pencil Skirt
I was asked to speak at a prestigious women's club and needed a new outfit.  I found the most gorgeous deep purple knit pencil skirt with a lighter shade sheer shirt.  I had the shirt altered by 'pleating' the back to make it even more stunning.  All set, and I was so pleased with the snug fit of the skirt.

After the meeting, I noticed that the skirt was sagging in the back and took it to the store, complaining.  The lady asked if I wanted a refund and I said "No, I want a replacement that will not lose it's shape."  She said she couldn't do that but would give me a 30% discount.  "What good will that do me?  Can't you just call another store and find me another?"

"That is not possible as this skirt has been recalled by the manufacturer."  I ask you, have you ever had a skirt recalled?  "I can give you a discount but you cannot return it later."

When I asked her why, she embarrassingly told me "Apparently, there is a serious problem with this skirt.  One lady brought it back after she had worn it all day at her work desk.  When she stood up, the back side had completely disintegrated.  It was gone and in it's place -- a large hole."  I burst out laughing trying to imagine that happening to me at my meeting.  It would have been pretty funny, yet... not so much!
My days as a Shepherd

Daughter Rochelle and her family asked me to house and dog sit while they were in Hawaii this month.   Apparently, the new sheep they got needed sitting as well -- me, a shepherd?  I always appreciate the solitude of the country when I house/dog sit for them.  I am able to get caught up with blog posts and research, without the interruptions of daily life.  The posts I wrote about my shepherding experience are humorous.   

Did I mention that Rochelle has SIX dogs, a cat and three sheep?  Poop Patrol was a major part of my day but I fell in love with Hurley the sheep, my new BFF. 

I never imagined Rochelle gifting me with a full day at a spa.  Not just any spa, but the Grotto Spa at Tigh-Na-Mara - 20,000 square feet of bliss.  Can a day at the spa remove the smell of sheep?

After the most incredible relaxing day of being pampered, the worst possible thing happened.  I flew through the air, but without the greatest of ease.  This gorgeous creature picked me up and threw me across the room!  Reading these three stories should provide you with your laugh of the day.

Bragging rights

It is difficult not to brag about my unusual grandson, William.  Last time I did, many of you said "Brag away, Grandma, we love to hear about this little guy."

Last weekend I had the privilege to have William at our home for a few days.  This kid is 2.5 years, but acts like an old soul.  I have been around and observed enough kids to realize he is unusual. 
This was William's first time away from his parents for the night.  Also, our home was unfamiliar to him as he had not been here since Christmas.  

He was elated to be here, squealed with delight when he arrived and said "Bye, Mommy.  Bye, Daddy."  Gramma has some pretty strict rules, but I knew it wouldn't be a problem.  Rochelle told me from the time he was born, "Don't child proof your house, Mom.  He must learn what he can and cannot touch."  It has been great never having to worry about things getting broken.  We have a lot of glass and jade in our home and I have never put anything away.

He noticed the stone carved chess set and walked over to it.  Looking at me with those big blue eyes, he asked if he could touch it.  After giving him permission, he was intrigued with the carvings and carefully picked them up and placed them down after inspection.  Then the spinning world, that looked like fun.  Same question and I said, "Of course."  He spun it gently and pointed to a spot and asked me the country's name.  We went through many countries.  Do you think he was just testing me?
How embarrassing ..... to be corrected by a 2 year old

This delightful kid never seems to tire of entertaining himself but I spent a good portion of Saturday with him, on the kitchen floor.  We played with cars and puzzles.  At one point, he picked up a puzzle piece and was trying to make it fit when I said "No, honey, that is the wrong piece."  I picked up the 'right' piece and handed it to him.  I will never forget the look he gave me as if to say, "You poor, dear, old woman, you should get out your glasses."  He gently moved my hand away, picked up the original piece he had and fit it in perfectly.  I rolled over onto the floor laughing when I saw my error.  Do you have any idea what it is like to be corrected by a two-year-old?

When it was his bedtime, I curled in with him to read a story.  He said he prayers, rolled over and was asleep in five minutes.  He never cried, or asked for his parents.  I was shocked and happy.

 The Jury is in ...... Blackberry Q10
I have been complaining about the new Blackberry for two months now -- nothing has changed, I still hate it.

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