Saturday, July 26, 2014

The 'Funnest' Award - Quintet of Radiance

Awards are so unexpected - I suppose that is what makes them so special.  One of the rules for this award is to describe yourself using the letters of the alphabet.  At first, this seems a bit difficult because it feels like you are bragging.  However, it is just sharing with others the way you see yourself.  Hopefully, there is some accuracy.  When I couldn't decide which adjective to use, I used more than one - so sue me!

I received the Quintet of Radiance Award from Tina Basu and I graciously accept.   Knowing that there are fellow bloggers that appreciate your writing, is reward in itself.  Thank you, Tina

A - Abnormal - some of you already know that :)
B - Big-hearted
C - Caring, Composed and Courageous
D - Diligent, Determined and Devoted (Dog lover is two words)
E - Eager and Extroverted
G - Gracious, Grateful
H - Helpful, Humble  Can you be humble and admit it -- isn't that prideful?
I - Impeccable, Intelligent  I dare you to prove that wrong (Notice the word I coined - FUNNEST)
J - Joyful
K - Kind  Unless I'm not
L - Leader, Loving
M - Married  -- 42 years
N - Neat - goes along with impeccable
O - Organized - my middle name
P - Passionate
Q - Quick-witted
R - Right  Always - according to my husband
S - Speedy
T - Tender, Trustworthy and many would say Talkative
U - Upbeat
V - Victorious
W - Wise    Sometimes....not so much
X - No clue -- how about Xceptional, but then that's not a word
Y - Youthful
Z - Zealous

Another rule is to nominate some bloggers and I can't wait to see their lists

Please check out the other blogs to see why they deserve this award!

Cat Graham of Cattitude and Gratitude

Kathy Coombs of The Giggling Trucker's Wife Writes

Laurel Regan of Alphabet Salad

Annah Elizabeth of The Five

Here are the rules:

1.  Display the logo on your post
2.  Thank the blogger who nominated you
3.  Use the letters of the alphabet to describe yourself
4.  Nominate a few bloggers and inform them of the award

Thank you, Tina, that was fun.

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