Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Why You Should Never Take Candy From A Baby - Ever

Is there a Murphy's Law that says: "When you are dressed to the nines, that is when mishaps/mini disasters/poop happens?"

My daughter, her two children, my husband, and I had attended the Celebration of Life service for a dear friend of ours. It was difficult for all of us as he had been a friend for 35 years and was close to our entire family. It was exceptionally hot outside and we were anxious to get home. 

My husband was in the far rear seat of my daughter Rochelle's SUV facing our one-year-old granddaughter, Brie, in her car seat. Hubby was entertaining Brie and she was giggling and having a great time with Papa.  

It's Not Chocolate...

Each of us was deep in thought regarding the day’s events when hubby shouted from the rear, “Why did you give her chocolate?"  

"What chocolate? I didn't give her any chocolate. William, did you give your sister some chocolate?”

"MOM, it isn't chocolate. It's POO!"

Taking candy from a baby

Brie had been cleaning out her diaper and handing the poo to Papa.  She thought it was a great game. Papa....not so much. It was too late. He had already taken some 'chocolate' from his granddaughter.

Why You Should Never Take Candy From A Baby

We were on a busy highway with narrow shoulders not allowing much room to clean the baby and the car. Please remember, we are all dressed up, it is hot outside and all we had to use for clean-up were some baby wipes. No water. No bag to make the deposits.

Rochelle stripped the clothes off of Brie, put them on the side of the highway which I protested for a moment. "Mom, do you want to hold them in your lap the rest of the way home?" Thoughts of the odor wafting through the car made me gag.

Placing Brie on the driver's seat, it was my job to clean her using baby wipes. It was in her hair, under her nails, everywhere. It was Rochelle's job to clean the entire car seat, the window, the door, and the floor......all with one box of baby wipes. 

We could only open the car door partway as there was a cement barricade on the edge of the highway shoulder.

Moral Of The Story

Amazingly, we were able to do a thorough enough job to get us the rest of the way home, which was a five-hour drive.

Considering all the emotions of that day, the moment that will be etched into my mind forever was the look on Papa's face when he realized, "This ain't chocolate!"

And the moral of this story? Never take candy from a baby!


  1. LOL it's funny now but I can only imagine what it was like then! Visiting from the UBC.

    Janet’s Smiles

  2. It was funny then ....... with moments of disgust thrown in!

  3. I loved this story the first time I read it, Carol, and I certainly enjoyed the second time around. No candy from babies for me!

    1. You have a great memory -- that was about 5 years ago.


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