Monday, October 24, 2016

Are You Fed Up With Political Views on Personal Blogs?

I am confident that 99.99% of the bloggers in the worldwide blogosphere have made on-line acquaintances of varying descriptions.  In the 'real' world, we may have a variety of friends but on-line ones are completely different......... yet very much the same!
I love my on-line friends

We can be extremely intimate with our on-line friends, but may never meet them.  They may be from every corner of the globe - from India to Africa to North America, Australia, Europe and everywhere in between.  The possibilities for relationships are endless.

Many of us have told our on-line friends some confidential details about our lives that we would not dream of telling people we see regularly.  Unless you are a blogger, it is often difficult to understand this scenario.  If I told my husband some of the things I discuss with my internet friends, he may want to have me committed.
On-line friends

Why do we do this?  I know I am not alone.  Is it like meeting someone on a dating site, sharing your life story with them including your desires and dreams?

I'm not sure. But I have connected with some of my blogging friends in real life and it has been an incredible experience.  It felt like we had a connection on a deeper level -- maybe because we knew a lot about one another before we ever met in person.

Just as some people are companions for a season in the brick and mortar world, there are also those on-line connections with whom we part ways.

This brings me to the reason for this post -- I want your opinion and wonder if you feel the same way....
Opposites attract

In the 'real' world, I have many friends who are polar opposites to me.  But it makes them no less a friend.  There are people with whom I completely disagree regarding their lifestyle, their spiritual views or their political persuasion. B U T........ I have an unwritten rule I have abided by most of my life.  If I disagree with a friend's views in these areas - we don't discuss them.  It's really pretty simple. It is not a matter of putting my head in the sand or walking on eggshells.  We know where we stand -- why would we jeopardize our relationship by arguing about something that will probably never change?

When I follow someone in the blogging community, it is extremely important that I support them by reading, commenting and sharing their posts.  I anticipate the same in return and am pleased when it is reciprocated.  However, if their perspective on religion or politics is totally opposite to mine, it is difficult to support them by leaving a comment.  To avoid saying something negative, I prefer to say nothing.

This is completely different to expressing our opinions on other social media sites.  I believe that we cannot compare Facebook and Twitter to our own blogs -- this is our personal space.  Our blog is like our home, not merely a conversation that is short-lived in a Twitter feed.

No Politics

I choose not to discuss my political views on my blog. Of course, we are all entitled to our opinions.  A blog post about my conclusion in these areas would rarely, if ever, change someone's view and more likely, upset them.

I also understand that there are bloggers who have a political blog which is a whole different cup o'tea.  In that instance, I can choose to follow or not to follow them.  It is not the same as feeling obligated to agree with them or to submit a comment because we are on-line friends.

The bottom line is that usually, these posts are negative.  Aren't we exposed to enough negativity without reading it from fellow bloggers?  I don't recall ever reading a blog post praising one particular political candidate.  The posts commonly try to expose the negative points about the opposing candidate.

Hopefully, I can give the same respect to my on-line friends as those I see face-to-face.  How do you feel about this?  Do you agree that you can be friends with someone without endorsing their belief system? Do you think it is important to discuss your views about your political choices on your blog? 

Or am I all alone - out in left field?  

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Friday, October 21, 2016

How Can Dumb Criminals Get Away With It?

When you have been married for a couple decades or more, you tend to know exactly what to say and when to say it -- to your spouse. You understand how they think and also what irritates them.  You also learn when to keep your mouth shut. It may get easier over the years but there are those moments you simply must  take the plunge.

Hubby was complaining about something insignificant.  In fact, I can't even remember what it was; but after he finished, I calmly said, "Would you like to switch jobs?"

Dead Silence.  Nothing.  Then a big smile, "No, that's O K.  I've seen your job.  I don't want it. You are awesome at all you do."

Guess that's one way to draw out a compliment!


We had the opportunity to stay at a five-star hotel for an all-expense-paid weekend.  It was a great break for us.  We called our friends who lived close to that city and they met us for dinner.  It was one of those times when the food and the ambiance were perfect, which makes for a wonderful evening. We ate on the patio of a beautiful restaurant a few feet from the Caldron and could feel the heat which was much appreciated. The view was exquisite.

Olympics 2010 caldron
The massive, modern Olympic torch built for the 2010 Winter Games was lit to honor the winners of the Rio Olympics.  We were thrilled to be there that evening.  Can you see us eating on the patio in the background?Winter Olympics 2010 caldron

How Dumb Can a Criminal Get?

Hubby and I have two jewelry stores.  In this economy, it is a struggle to maintain our business and any and all setbacks hit us hard.  Some of you will recall the "humorous" account I wrote about one of the robberies at our store.  The world's dumbest criminals robbed us in the morning (to the tune of $50,000) and then had the gall to return in the afternoon to sell some of our merchandise back to us! For a hearty laugh and to answer your questions as to why insurance companies pay nothing  --click here.

No, it's not Fair!

When the phone rang early Sunday morning a couple weeks ago, I was surprised to see it was from our store manager for one of our stores out of town.

"We were hit last night."

I was still half asleep but immediately felt the adrenaline rush and knew it wasn't good.  "Some idiot threw a rock through the front window and reached in to grab whatever he could.  Of course, everything valuable is in the safe but he got an eight hundred dollar watch."

My heart sank but I didn't want to wake up hubby with this news so sat in silence in the dark until he woke up.  Even though the robber didn't get much of value, the damage to the showcases and some of the artwork that was on display in the front window and, of course, the front window itself would be a major expense.  One we cannot afford.  Refer to the above article I noted to find out why insurance does not pay - SURPRISE!
Breaking a jewelry store window

Nitestar Galleries

Speaking of dumb criminals........this same guy stole a ring while he was in the store last year.  He ran out the door with Tony, our store manager, chasing after him.  The guy knocked out Tony's front teeth but Tony got the ring back.  Yes, our manager is an amazing and dedicated man!

With every story, no matter how negative, we can find something positive and this one is no exception.  In a small town, news travels fast and a few days ago the stupid burglar, KIDNAPPED a local drug dealer so that he and his buddies could beat him up for his money and drugs.

A neighbor heard the commotion, called 911 and when the cops showed up, EVERYONE involved went to jail.  With his list of offenses, the robber should go away for a long time.

When does it stop?

A few days later, again at three o'clock in the morning, the phone rang.  Our power was out due to a severe storm and we were running around in the dark trying to find the phone -- dreading who was on the other end of the line.  It was the alarm company.

"We just got an alert that the alarm on your back door has sounded.  You need to investigate as soon as possible."

"We can't get there.  We have no power and the garage door won't open.  Can you send the cops?"

"Sorry, we can't do that unless there is activity inside the store and those alarms have not sounded."

We were able to get another car started that was parked outside and drove there, not knowing what we would find.

The back door to our store is a huge and heavy steel one with two sturdy latches.  In front of that is a steel gate to prevent anyone getting in even if they were able to get the door open.  When we pulled into the back, the door was swinging in the gusty winds. The alarm was sounding loud and I wondered how many people it woke up.

We will never know how that back door came unlatched and unlocked but can't help but wonder if someone had done that from the inside when they were in the store earlier.

The silver lining

On a lighter note, the highlight of our lives is our grandchildren and our pets.  I was so pleased when my daughter called to say that four-year-old William's teacher asked to speak to her one day after school.  The teacher told Rochelle that she has never had a student of William's age grasp math and decimals, in particular, as quickly as he has done.  She said that her own 13-year-old son was struggling with decimals but William 'got it.'


I hope you enjoy this pic of Aubrie and William (in the background) swimming -- those eyes will get me every time and I know she will learn to use them to her advantage -- especially with her daddy and her grandpa.

William's last catch of the season


It is with deep sorrow that we said our goodbyes to Louis Vuitton this week.  Little Louie.  Lou Bear. Boo Boo.  Please get out the Kleenex and read his story here.  All dogs are special and we have rescued over 30 of them, but Louie stands head and shoulders above most. He was the funniest, most clever and compassionate dog I have ever seen.  Here is that story.

This is his last picture.  He had breakfast at MacDonald's and although very happy and licking Rochelle's face, he went to sleep forever.

Louis Vuitton

This has been the monthly Fly on the Wall blogging challenge.  It is a time when we, as bloggers, can share what has been going on in our lives over the past month.  If you want the opportunity to brag a little, or cry a little, or laugh -- I encourage you to read the following blog posts and hopefully join us in sharing your life as well.

Friday, October 14, 2016

How Do You Say Goodbye to Your Furry Friend of 13 years

Each day we live with our furry friends, we love them more. Every day we grow to appreciate them more. Yet, in the back of our minds, we are fully aware that they have a short lifespan compared to ours and that the day will come when we need to say goodbye. It is never easy. No matter how many times we have to go through it, it never gets easier.

I have been rescuing dogs for many years and also have adopted some who have not been abused. Louis Vuitton was one of those. He came into our lives when he was a puppy. He was a gift to our daughter, Rochelle, for her 17th. birthday. The young man who gave Louie to Rohelle is now our son-in-law. She and her hubby have also rescued numerous dogs. I have shared many of their stories here. When Louie came into our lives, we had our beloved black Lab, Mercedez. Louie adored Mercedez as he did all the rescues we brought home.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Are You the Same Person You Were a Year Ago?

Past or future
Are you the same person you were a year ago?  Have your views or opinions changed? 

There are often times in our lives when we feel like the world is crashing in around us and are overwhelmed with the drama in our lives.  There are other times when we may feel that life just couldn't get any better.  I have experienced both as many of you have as well.  

Someone dear to me jokingly often said,  "One thing is certain: If things don't change they will stay the same."  But I think you will agree that that is not true.  Everything changes. People. Circumstances. Everything.  One thing that must remain constant in our lives is our focus and our positive attitude.  This is crucial.  

Thursday, September 29, 2016

How Do You Motivate Yourself?


We all experience many types of external motivation which can look nothing like a motivational pep talk. 

Actually, most of the motivation we receive is not obvious. We rely on friends, books, family, luck, achievements and social pressures to tell us what to do and to keep us doing it.