Friday, April 20, 2018

If You Accomplish Nothing, Have You Really Worked?

The definition of work is to put in the effort to achieve a certain goal.  Does this mean that if I bang my head against a wall all day and not leave a dent in the wall, I have accomplished nothing?  We all have those kinds of days and this month I was devastated by working so hard on a time-sensitive goal and producing zip. 

About a month before we moved I realized that we would not have the same email server at the new house.  This didn't seem to be a concern until the internet provider enlightened me that when we closed our account with them, there was no way to access any of my folders or files.  

I had hundreds of files saved from 20 years in business.  It was crucial that these were saved.  I also had photos and warm fuzzy files in my personal folders.  Hence, I began the task of going over each and EVERY email, determining if I wanted to save it and then transferring it to a new Gmail account.  Not only a huge task but I did not like the folder option layout available on Gmail.

I dedicated three hours a day, every single day for almost a full month, to complete this task.  Then two days before moving I called the cable company to see if there was any other way to keep my old account open.  "Yes, of course.  You could put your account on vacation hold indefinitely."  WHY didn't they tell me that a month earlier?  I had already deleted everything from my old account but decided it couldn't hurt to keep it open to save all my contacts -- for at least another month.

After finally getting settled and ready to get back to work, I opened my new Gmail account to gain access to a few files and almost suffered heart failure.  All of my folders were there BUT most of them were empty.  I checked trash and spam.  NADA.  Empty.

Talked to computer guys but noone seemed to be able to help me.  I finally had to succumb to the fact that everything was gone.  All those years of files for our businesses and the businesses I managed for others were gone!

After much stress and investigation, I discovered that in Gmail, if you have several files in a folder and delete one of the files - it deletes them all.  I never heard of anything so ridiculous.  It didn't compute.  But it was true.

After allerting some of my business connections, my accountant and other associates that I no longer had access to old files, I resolved to find anything I could from other sources.  The move had set me back and my desk was covered with unfinished tasks.  Now, this!

The last time we moved was 12 years earlier and I didn't realize that those years had taken a toll on my stamina when it came to packing, unpacking, and carrying over 100 boxes up and down the stairs.  But mission accomplished, I was now ready to get back to work.

Five weeks later, I had one of those thoughts that gave me a head rush.  I knew all my files in my old account had been deleted but I never emptied my 'sent' file.  I was shaking when I opened that file and THERE THEY WERE.  Each and every single one of them was nicely compacted into folders I had sent to Gmail.  I shouted and got far too excited about this but it meant years of work had been found.  For the $15 it cost per month to keep my old account on vacation hold, it was worth every penny.

Moral of the story -- I'll leave that to you in the comment section.  Would love to hear your take away on this scenario. 

It feels wonderful to be settled and enjoying our new home. It's been fun entertaining and having access to so many things that had been in storage for years.


The highlight of the month was having my daughter and kiddos visit for a few days.  This kitchen has a huge pantry and the kids loved 'going shopping' several times a day.  It was a delight to watch them.

Gunner and Star seem to be happier here -- not sure why.  Maybe it is because they can run up and down the stairs all day.  Gunner is such a gentleman.  If Star wants the whole bed to herself, he allows it but stays close in his protective mode.

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Friday, April 6, 2018

Have You Got Away With Doing Something Illegal?

I had a lot of fun interacting with the people who responded to my recent post on Facebook.  "I don't know if any of you have been bold enough to do what I just did. Just in case there would be knock on the door from the police, I told my husband what I was about to do. I thought about doing this for a long time and today I took the plunge. Today (please don't think less of me for doing this) I cut off all the manufacturer's tags on my throw pillows and rugs. I ignored the label warnings that it was against the law. There! That feels so much better to have that off my chest!"

Many responded that they would be visiting me in prison and others said they would bring me a 'special' cake.  Many said that they had also done the same but were never caught. 

Couldn't resist sharing this one:

Friday, March 23, 2018

Moving Day is Fun - Said No One Ever

I GET IT!  I really do.  "Why don't you hire someone to pack for your move?" they said.  "I can do it myself like I always have!" said I.  What I did not take into account was in the 12 years since our last move, we have collected more and as hard as it is to believe, we are now 12 years older.  So......although I understand why people hire help I don't know if I could.  Too many decisions to make along the way.

I really don't feel my 'age', whatever that means.  And in the normal course of events, I don't feel any older.  But carrying over 100 boxes up a long flight of stairs has a way of making you feel those aging joints.  After a couple weeks of packing and purging, I realized I had built muscles.  That felt great.  Considering I will now be walking up and down stairs several times a day and also carrying the dogs (their legs are too short and they are too old to make it up by themselves) I will hopefully maintain some of those newly built muscles. 

It took two weeks to pack and three to unpack.  There were six or seven trips to the dump and a few to the thrift store.  Saying goodbye to things I had not used for many years was a good feeling - even though there was a twinge of sadness once in a while.  It was difficult putting things in storage that my son had given me.  But I no longer needed the daily reminder that he is no longer in my life.  Not having things in my vision on a regular basis will help ease the pain in the long run.

My business was put on hold.  Actually, my life was!  I certainly tried to stay on top of the daily routine of emails, phone calls and my zillion jobs - basically, it was still put on hold.

I am extremely glad that I stayed in the 'old' house to clean while the movers unloaded at the new one.  Although the moving company had terrific reviews, I later found out that the owners had recently gone through some heavy personal and emotional issues and turned to alcohol.  They arrived hung over and too tired to move.  We have heavy furniture.  A piano.  Oak bedroom furniture.  A cedar cabinet that is six feet high.  I held my breath and didn't watch.

Later, I wondered how my large plants got crushed as they were standing up in the van.  Apparently, the movers thought the plants were a good place to put sofa cushions on top!


When they arrived at the new residence, my husband was sergeant major.  He kept yelling for them to wipe their feet because the driveway is not complete yet.  It was raining.  The mud, gravel, and sand were everywhere. 

The house was not quite ready for residency which meant that on MOVING DAY there were 13 construction workers doing finishing touches, three guys from the moving company, hubby, and friends.  It was like a moving party except it was not fun.

Our first guests were daughter Rochelle and kiddos.  What a delight to have them come for a visit.  Rochelle asked me several times if she could help with the move for a few days.  But I kept insisting that when she came for a visit I wanted her to be able to relax, not work.  It was nice to have everything done when they were here and what fun we had - especially with all the new places to play hide and seek!


Two-year-old Brie is a force to be reckoned with.  Like most toddlers, she has boundless energy.  As in the past, my greatest delight is to watch her six-year-old brother interact with her.  He is so responsible and caring.  Brie will tease him, even throw the occasional toy at him to see what he will do.  He 'corrects' her gently and explains that this is not acceptable behavior.  What six-year-old does that!  

Brie is fearless.  She got up on the quad and started it.  Fortunately, her legs were not long enough to reach the pedals but she figured out how to start it just by observation.   


They loved the new bathtub and with it being deep the splashing stayed IN the tub.

Even though most of the work is done, I wonder how long it takes to actually feeling settled.  I wander around my kitchen aimlessly looking for stuff.  As organized as I think I am, when friends helped me organize the kitchen, it may take months before I find what I am looking for.  Wouldn't have it any other way.  What an adventure!  

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Is It Easy For You to Let Go?

Removing memoriesTwo men in a big truck took away 50 years of memories today.  Only one tear found its way down my cheek but my heart grieved in a way that was foreign to me.  I had not experienced it before.   A variety of memories were in that truck that will no longer be tangible.  Some had been kept for no reason.  Others were kept hoping it would stop the pain of loss.  But tangible memories often make the pain worse, especially if you look at them every day.

I no longer needed to know what grade I received in third-grade arithmetic.  I suck at math now but got straight A's in Advanced Math in high school.  I noted my D in Health class which made me laugh.  I remember that D.  It was because I forgot my notebook too many times. For the past 35 years, I have been a Certified Health Coach and it is one subject I am passionate about.
report card

I didn't need to keep the hundreds of photographs from umpteen years that I will never look at again.  The ones wanted are in albums, which I kept.

I didn't need the boxes of dishes or small kitchen appliances I never use and someone else might enjoy.

I no longer have a VCR or cassette deck but held onto dozens of tapes.  Why?
cassette tape

As I put each crystal ornament my son had given me into a box I wanted to scream "Stop, bring them back!"  But I bit my tongue and cried silently.  I will never forget the moments when he gave them to me.  He was so proud that he had found the perfect one for each occasion to give his mommy.  I cherished them and always will.  They went into a box labeled "retired" and I hope to bring them out to show his children...... when he returns to us.

blue whale

After he left us six years ago, I have run through the gamut of emotions a zillion times. I no longer need to see those tangibles to remind me of how much I love him.  How much he once loved us.  

This does not mean that I choose to forget him or that I have given up hope.  Not for one second.  It only means I will not have the stabbing pain in my heart when I see those trinkets in my bathroom or bedroom.

As the men closed the door of the truck and drove away and I pivoted on my heel to go into the house, my heart pivoted as well.  It is a new day.  A new era.  New memories will be made.  I have the pictures my grandbabies recently painted for me.  Those I will hang on the refrigerator and smile every time I see them.  It is a new day.   A new era.  

Gramma Time 

Speaking of the grands...they were here for a couple days this month. Were my kids this much fun?  YES!  What is different is that I don't have to discipline if it is needed.  Mom is there to handle that department and it makes me look like the good guy.  All. The. Time.

Is Moving As Much Fun as They Claim?

We haven't moved in 12 years and as organized as my home is, I was surprised at how much stuff I am disposing of.   I keep my closets and drawers free of clutter and purge regularly.  BUT it is the stuff I have kept forever stored in boxes that I took the time to sort through and toss.  I was able to convert more than a dozen large boxes to two small ones.  What a feeling of accomplishment.


A lot of people pack their breakables in newspapers but I pack them in paper towels which can be reused in my new kitchen.  Then nothing has to be cleaned when I arrive.  

With this move, I have learned not to ask my husband if he wants to keep clothes he has not worn in decades.  His answer is always a resounding "YES" so THIS time, I am not asking!  Will I be sorry?  Maybe.  Am I worried?  What do you think?

One Woman - Fearless

one woman
This weekend I am traveling to an award ceremony in another city where I am the recipient of an award I did not even know existed before.  Someone anonymously nominated me for the award which I will treasure forever.  It is the global One Woman - Fearless award given to women who let go of their fears to live their dreams; those who overcame much and never quit.  My daughter will be with me and I am sure it is a day that will be ingrained in my heart forever.  

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Friday, February 2, 2018

Have You Ever Considered Trying Out for the Olympics?

Olympic symbols

Have you ever dreamed of being in the Olympics?  Can you imagine the world cheering you on while you rush towards the finish line?
I was asked this question and laughed out loud.  I don't even watch sports on TV.  Actually, that's not true.  Last year I watched the Super Bowl for the first time in my life.  Surprisingly I enjoyed it.  Will I ever do it again?  I doubt it.  My husband watches a sports event once or twice a year which I am thankful for otherwise, I might have to learn to enjoy it.

But I was asked a direct question which means I need to answer it honestly.  There were two sports I aced in high school.  One was basketball.  I was the star player for the Mackenzie Stags.  I enjoyed the rush and wanted to make my team proud.  It was an easy feat to make a free throw with my eyes closed or facing the opposite direction.  Now, I would be throwing air balls and an embarrassment to any team.  Memories are a good thing.

Even more than basketball, I could beat anyone of any gender on the track.  Several times I had boys approach me wanting to bet they could beat me.  I took those bets and always won.  They were not pleased and the language -- well, it wasn't fitting for high school kids back in that day.  

I almost ran a full block without stopping last week.  I was proud of myself.  WHAT HAPPENED?  I take my dogs for a power walk every day but running -- a lost art.

I gave my kids every opportunity to try any sports activity they wanted to and was surprised that my son really didn't enjoy any of them -- unless paintball is considered a sport.  My daughter was a natural for dancing classes of several varieties and I thoroughly enjoyed watching her perform.  But that is an art -- not a sport. Not growing up with sports watched in the home probably had a lot to do with it.  

If asked what sport I actually do enjoy watching, it would be boxing.  When I found out my daughter put her son, William, in boxing last year, I was thrilled.  I attended one of his classes; he did Gramma proud!  Sportsmanship can be taught in many ways and when you experience your grandson displaying it, you know his parents did it right.
Kids and sports

Six-year-old William was partnered with a 12-year-old boy while running laps at his boxing class.  His mom was shouting as all moms do "Run, William, run!"  Loud enough so that the entire gymnasium could hear, he shouted back, "I'm running slow because Jason (his partner) always loses and I want him to win this time!"  Gramma cried.

Have you ever dreamed of being an Olympic athlete?  What would your sport be?

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