Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What Is Your 'If Only' Moment?

How many 'if only' moments do we get?  If only I had not said that.  If only I had not gone there.  If only I had made a better choice.  If only I had called them.  If only I had made the effort to see them one last time.  If only.......

Once we have said it..... it is spoken.
Once we have done it.....it is done.
Can we take back the words, undo the deed?  No.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sure-fire Solution to Combat Depression

Depression. Hopelessness. Battle Weary. Despair. Many of us have used these terms to relay our feelings. I have been on this road.....a lot.

In light of Robin Williams' death, we have been encouraged to support the depressed. Pretty hard to do if you don't know if someone is in need of help. Personally, I think one of the worst things you can say to a depressed person is "Don't worry - Be Happy!" It only empathizes the point that they should not be blue and creates an overwhelming feeling of guilt.

I encourage you to watch David Letterman's tribute to Robin Williams linked here.  David shared his relationship with his close friend of many years. As close as they were, Mr. Letterman had absolutely no idea of Robin Williams' pain.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Rich or Poor? A Matter of Perspective

A Lesson in Appreciation.  I was raised to count my blessings. No matter how tough life seemed, my parents showed me that I could always find someone who was hurting more, owned less or who was not as fortunate or healthy as myself. They explained that by throwing pity parties, we will rarely accomplish more than underscoring how we already feel - hard done by.

The lesson my parents taught me carried me through a rough life. No matter how much I had to endure, if I found a way to encourage someone who was hurting; in turn, I would be encouraging myself.  I think the following story speaks volumes to this end.

@BatteredHope  Are you rich or poor?



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