Thursday, October 23, 2014

Would You Be Offended If Someone Forgot Your Birthday?

I don't get the whole birthday thing.  Maybe you can explain it to me.  My birthday is coming up in a couple weeks and sometimes I don't even remember unless I look at the calendar that day.

I know how important it is to a lot of people that their families remember them in a special way - usually with gifts, cards and dinner.  Maybe even a party.  Some people enjoy telling everyone it's their birthday and expect special treatment.

@BatteredHope  a day to celebrate

I ask you - WHY?  You were born.  You are still alive.  The way I look at it, we should celebrate

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dear Prodigal Son

Dear Son:

Today is your birthday.  I believe every mother remembers the birth day of her child on their special day.  It does not matter how many years go by.  Wasn't it only yesterday I held your tiny body in my arms and welcomed you into this world?

You looked at me.  No, you stared.  In fact, you stared so long I was concerned.  Aren't newborns supposed to sleep more?  But, you just looked at me, for hours.  You were three days old.  Although the adoption seemed to take forever, nine months after we applied, we got the call.

"You have a son.  He is perfect.  You can pick him up in three days."

There were no words to describe the impact those words had on me.  I was now a mother.  Your mother.  No child was ever loved more.

And no mother could possibly grieve more.  Just after your 31st birthday two years ago,  you left us. You walked away.  You tossed our love away.  You broke our hearts.  I thought I would die.  If we knew how to fix it, we would.  Only God knows.   I will never.......ever.....give up hope.  We long for the day of your return.  This mother needs to feel her arms around her son, to hold him again.

Happy Birthday, dear son.  We love you.  We have always loved you.  We will love you forever.


In the past two years many women have shared this same scenario with me.  We need each other.  Do you know anyone who has lived this nightmare?

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Friday, October 17, 2014

The Cops Called and Left A Message (Fly On The Wall)

"This is Officer Colt and I would appreciate it if you would contact me as soon as possible."  That was the message left on a Friday afternoon.  What is the first thing that runs through your mind when a cop calls and leaves a message? 

@BatteredHope  Cops left a message on my phone

"What's wrong?"  "Who's in trouble?"  "Who is in the hospital?"  Of course I called right back but I would have to speak directly with Officer Colt and he was out of the office until Tuesday.  Every negative scenario I could think of terrified me.  At dinner I asked my husband, "Do you have a bunch of parking tickets you threw away?"  "NO!" That's good...... I guess.  I still didn't know what was wrong and it drove me nuts all weekend.



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