Sunday, September 14, 2014

9 Lies We Tell

Let's face it.  Everyone Lies.  We may not think of it as a lie, but we do it, even without thinking.   Why do we do it?  Mostly to protect ourselves or to spare someone's feelings.  How many of these are you guilty of telling?

How are you?  Fine, thank you....and you?

Truth:  I'm terrible and I'll thank you NOT to ask me that again.   I don't care how you are, please just leave me alone.

How is your business?  Great - having a good year.

Truth:  You just HAD to ask.  Did you want to rub it in my face that you are doing so well?  It has been our worst year on record and we are hoping to keep the doors open at least another year.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Saying Goodbye To Our Dog, Our Friend (Use Your Words)

Willow.  Six years ago this baby girl was tied to a fence with a coat hanger waiting for the "dog disposer" to pick her up.  Who could imagine the rejection this gentle creature must have felt?  It was obvious she had been abused.

It was Easter four years ago.  Rochelle was visiting us when she got the call from her hubby who was working in the Arctic North.  "Now, please don't be angry with me but I got us another dog."  I watched Rochelle's mouth tighten and the air was tense.  She had three dogs and a cat and certainly did not need another one.  They argued about it for a few minutes.  When she got off the phone, it was clear she lost the battle.

@BatteredHope #Husky needs to cool off

Great way for a Husky to cool off

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What Is Your 'If Only' Moment?

How many 'if only' moments do we get?  If only I had not said that.  If only I had not gone there.  If only I had made a better choice.  If only I had called them.  If only I had made the effort to see them one last time.  If only.......

Once we have said it..... it is spoken.
Once we have done is done.
Can we take back the words, undo the deed?  No.



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