Sunday, May 24, 2015

Letter of Gratitude from an Old Dog

Dear Important Human:

Before I tell you why I am writing this letter, please allow me to tell you about myself.  I am a 15 year old Black Lab/Dalmatian mix and probably one of the happiest and friendliest you will ever meet. My name is Mercedez and my former owner abandoned me and my siblings when we were only two weeks old.  This awful person took me away from my dog mommy but it wasn't long before I found out I had a new human mommy.  No one could love me more.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Last month I spent a few days at Rochelle's farm doing the usual house/dog/cat/sheep/lamb and goat sitting.  I was unaware she had hired a team to landscape the area around the house.  As I watched from the kitchen window I was shocked at how organized and fast this team worked.

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I have never seen any gardeners maintain such an incredible pace. They mowed the lawn, completed the weed eating and pruned the fruit trees and bushes in record time. They had equipment that was so quiet I never would have known they were there if I had not looked out the window.  But the most amazing part was the unique way they fertilized as they worked.

goats, landscaping, pets, humor

When they were finished, they left as quietly as they arrived and I found out they never charged for their services.  I wonder if they need a promoter....

goats, landscapers, pets, humor
Oh, and by the way, the sheep do not make that nice "Baaa" sound we read about in nursery rhymes. They sound more like old men burping....or worse.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What is the World's Greatest Con Job - #2 - Test your Vitamins

Is there a difference between types of vitamins?  Most definitely!  Is there a way to determine these differences?  Most definitely! The purpose of this series of posts is to bring some understanding to the choices you have when purchasing vitamins.

First of all, let's recap last week's post.  There are three types of vitamins:  synthetic, natural altered and natural unaltered.

This is the very basic part of deciding what vitamins to buy and there are many other factors that come into play.  Even if the average consumer knows of the three different types there are to choose from, how do you determine which is which?  If you have not read the first post please do so here. It explains the difference.

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