Friday, June 10, 2016

3 Life Lessons You'll Never Forget

Biting my tongue, I tried not to cry. The man on the other end of the telephone was breathing heavily and sporadically. When the seconds between each breath lasted too long, terror ran through my veins.

I needed more time. I needed him to breathe normally. I needed HIM. But the time had come. It was his time to leave.

I could tell by his breathing pattern how my words were affecting him. When the breaths came rapidly, I knew he was becoming emotional. When they were slower, it meant he was calmer.

I told him how much I loved him; how much I appreciated my heritage and the ethics he instilled in me. I thanked him for putting up with my incessant babbling when I got excited.  I reminded him how he would offer me 25 cents to be quiet for five minutes when I was a little girl. I felt him smile inside.

I'm the little one
I thanked him for the blessings he graciously bestowed on me for the decisions I made in my life.  He did not judge me for my blunders.  I knew this was often difficult for him to do, but he did it – in love.

He taught me never to judge others "Walk a mile in their shoes before you say anything.  After that, you'll have nothing to say!"

I promised him I would raise my children as I was raised, with high morals, good work ethics, and a love for our Heavenly Father.

I asked forgiveness for all the times I messed up in my life and for any harsh words, I might have uttered when I was angry.

I thanked him for the life lessons he instilled in me. As a girl, I did not understand how much of an impact these lessons would have on my life, but now realized they helped form who I have become.

He taught me to never put off until tomorrow what I should do today “Do it right! Do it now!”

He taught me to always be the first to forgive – in any situation, no matter who was at fault.

He taught me to feed my faith, instead of my fear, because what I fed would grow and what I starved would die.

I didn't want to say good-bye. I knew it would be the last time I would say those words to him. But it was time. He could not utter any words but his breathing told me how my words were affecting him.

“Goodbye, Daddy. I love you. Please tell Mommy how much I love and miss her too. I will see you again someday.”

William and Martha 1927
Silence. It was over. He was gone.

William Frederick 1903 - 1982

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hilarious labels we see everyday

Are you a label reader?  If you are, then I am sure you have come across some labels that give your head a shake.  There are labeling laws which are in place to protect the consumer. However, when you read some of these actual labels, it makes you wonder if the industry thinks the human race is stupid, or worse.  

On the bottom of McCain's Tiramisu dessert:  "Do NOT turn upside down."  UHhh, a bit late!



On Planter's peanuts:  "WARNING:  may contain nuts" I was hoping for nutless peanuts!

Friday, May 20, 2016

If Insurance is a Joke, How Come I'm Not Laughing?

Promise you won't laugh at me?  PROMISE?  I drink decaf coffee. Have one cup a day made in my Keurig.  Everyone knows that the darker the roast, the less caffeine and I buy the darkest DECAF I can find.  I like it strong, but don't need the 'buzz.'  Gosh, if I had any more energy than I already have I would be flying instead of walking.

So..........I open a new box of Starbucks Pike Place Decaf Coffee Pods.  Hubby calls to me and says "Wanna join me on the deck for coffee in the sunshine?"  It's Sunday.  Why not?  I could use the break.

"Absolutely! I'll be right there." We spent the better part of two hours chatting and enjoying the sun. I had two cups of 'coffee.'

"This coffee is the weakest Starbucks I have ever tasted."  I drank it from a black large mug so could not see the color but it sure tasted like water.

Monday morning rolls around and I make my coffee.  Same thing -- it is so weak without much flavor.  I decide to try a second cup after I poured the cold leftover coffee from my mug into the sink. IT WAS WATER.  Are you laughing yet?  It gets better.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Where is Your Focus When Life Throws You a Curve?

When calamity strikes, how do you cope?  Have you ever had to suffer the loss of everything you hold dear in this world?  After years of traumatic events in my life, I was constantly asked to "write a book" because as difficult as it was to believe, people would draw strength from it.

I did write the book and that is precisely what happened.  I firmly believe we need to share our stories to help others who may be experiencing a similar dilemma.  Hence, my talk show was born - interviewing ordinary people who went through extraordinary circumstances and remarkably survived.  They give us tips and coping skills in dealing with the curves life throws at you.

THEN....smack in the middle of one of the greatest pains in my life (read about it here) the fires in Fort McMurray started.  Around the world, people pulled together to support those who had to flee their homes. Many of them did not have a chance to retrieve their wallets, or heartbreaking to believe -- their pets.  That story is here.  That post was written in response to a prompt challenge in a blogging group.  

Imagine my surprise when the next challenge was to use words that tied in precisely with those fires.  A fellow blogger at Climaxed gave me the words honey ~ blowing ~ fort ~ fireplace ~ problematic ~ social anxiety.

I was not expecting to grieve so deeply for the people in Fort McMurray, but it was too close to home.  My daughter and her family recently moved from there and they have friends and family who work there.  This tragedy is far from over and will affect lives for a long while.  In light of the fact that the summer has not yet started, the world prays for rain, the blowing winds to cease, and cooler temperatures.

The social anxiety that comes with these disasters is often bittersweet.  The tragedy can be beyond coping but it draws families and communities together.  We learn very quickly what is important in our lives.  As difficult as it is to lose our possessions, we cherish the people in our lives on a deeper level.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Did You Know the World's Biggest Con Job Thrives on Blind Trust?

Your immune system is as powerful as you make it.  If you want to be protected from Ebola or Zika or anything in between, it is up to you to keep your immunity against disease a strong force. Optimum health is possible if your body is given the proper tools.  

Optimum Health Is A Choice

Are you tired of feeling tired?  Of getting sick?  Having those awful symptoms that come with aging?  Lacking energy?  Is your hair getting thinner? Aging prematurely? Not sleeping well? Having health issues that just won't go away?  You are in good company because the longer I practice as a Symptomologist, the more I hear these discouraging words.  It is thrilling to offer improved health and......hope.

Do you believe the claims that vitamin companies make about their products?  Do you take the time to check if they are true? This is number six in a series on understanding the vitamins you are taking and whether or not they may harm or help your health.

I almost died (ovarian cancer) before I found natural unaltered food supplements that actually fed my cells and helped me gain a healthy life. Before that, I was taking vitamins, expecting them to help me.  But I had no idea what I was taking or that they were actually hurting me.  It is frustrating when people blindly accept what the advertisers tell them; it could be destroying their health, and their lives.

There are many vitamin companies, whose names I cannot will not mention for obvious reasons, that make false claims.  One thing I often hear is, "I take X brand supplements because they are a company I can trust."