Sunday, May 1, 2016

Quotes That Make You Go "Huh?"

I enjoy quotes.  Many of us do.  I like sharing quotes.  Many of us do.  I love quotes that underscore a point we are trying to make. 

It would be difficult to write a post about quotes without including some of my favorite dog quotes!  We are dog rescuers and therefore, dog lovers!

dog chase

Dogs Rules

dog smarts

There are many quotes that make you stop and think about them for a minute.  Some make you feel warm and fuzzy and some give you encouragement when you are struggling.  Personally, I like the quotes that have to do with self-improvement or encouragement.   

But when they make no sense, do we blindly share them and agree with them?  

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What Makes You an Expert? Can You Add to this List of 9?

Everyone is good at something.  My dad was a minister and he officiated at one man's funeral who was the 'worst' guy in town. No one had anything good to say about him.  At his funeral, my dad shared what a good whistler he was and it made people realize that each of us can be an expert at something.  

What is your expertise?

Have you noticed how many people toot their horns on social media? On any given day, you can find dozens of experts on any subject; social marketing; media strategies, blah, blah, blah.  Often that makes it difficult to know whose advice you should take.

I thought about it and realized that I, too, am an expert and I bet if you think about it, you will realize how many things you are over-the-top awesome at doing.

putting your foot in your mouth

I'm an expert in putting my foot into my mouth.  I have done it so long and so well I could write a book on it.

dim witted

I am quick-witted (and sometimes dim-witted) and can turn almost any negative comment into something funny, catching them off guard.

I'm an expert on saying what I think which goes along with being an expert at putting my foot in mouth.  But......I am usually quick enough to rectify it if I realize I have offended someone.  I tell's an ART.

I'm an expert in trying to solve everyone's problems - even people I don't know.  Tell me about any situation, no matter how difficult, and I will work, research, and stay up nights, whatever it takes to help you solve it.

I'm an expert in staying in contact even when people don't answer back.  This is a tough one because sometimes people want to cut off a relationship with you and they just stop.  They don't return your calls or answer their emails.  You have to determine if they are avoiding you or if they are hurting so deeply they want to be left alone.


I am truly an expert in understanding most experiences that can make you want to roll over and quit. In my memoir, Battered Hope, I tell of the many diverse traumatic experiences that I have had which have made me empathetic and able to offer an understanding ear.


I have become an expert in patience.  As a Type A personality, I have to have it done NOW.  I need a decision NOW.  I want that fixed NOW.  I want an answer NOW.  I will work until it is finished, no matter how long it takes or what time it is -- it must be done right and done now.

When my husband was in a near-fatal car accident that left him with brain damage, my world stopped.  My life was put on hold.  I was responsible for everyone and everything.  I was forced to spoon feed and nurse him for six years.  Nothing was happening quickly. When I spoke, I had to wait what seemed indefinitely for an answer.  It was brutal.

I am still a Type A personality but I will bite my tongue, I will wait, I will be patient.  It's not easy but it brings peace and harmony to most situations.  Patience is kindness.

I am an expert, well, not really an expert but I certainly can tell you a lot about rescuing dogs.  We have rescued over 30 and some cats as well.  When they are rescued, not only do they receive love like they have never known, but they are put on a totally raw food diet and makes them healthy and happy.  QUICKLY.  Read my article here exposing what ingredients are in commercial pet food.  

A boy and his dog

My daughter rescued this Bernese from a terrible situation two years ago. We thought Charlie would never be trained but we were so wrong.  Charlie is one of the best-behaved dogs we have had and knows she has been saved from destruction.  Here she is with my grandson.

I am an expert at TACO PIZZA.  I have been making taco pizza since the late 1970's and I still make the best -- there is no competition. Bring it on..... if you think you can do better!

taco pizza

I am also an expert on NACHOS.  When I see the nachos some restaurants offer, it makes me cringe.  Those aren't nachos. They are stacks of chips with some cheese and salsa -- they are certainly not a meal!


What are your areas of expertise?  Would love to hear about them.

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

5 Rules - What Your Blogging Manners Say About You

When we were little kids, our parents and teachers taught us manners.  They taught us to say "Please" and "Thank you" and "Excuse me" to name a few.  We were also taught to respond when we were spoken to and to be polite at all times.

Now that I have been a member of the blogging community for a couple years, I have found it interesting and sometimes annoying, that these same manners don't seem to apply.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Can a 4-Year-Old's View of Marriage Be Enlightening?

Ever get a brand new major appliance that DID NOT work?  I was so excited to finally get a new washer and dryer operated by a computer instead of the old fashioned dials. The first day I noticed that all the bells and whistles were not functioning but assumed it was the operator, not the machine. But I soon realized that the only water temperature I was getting was HOT.

I did NOT need my jeans to shrink!  After calling Sears, they assured me it was a simple fix and a repairman would be there shortly.  I'm pretty easy going in these situations because I realize that mistakes happen; there are lemons that can be from the factory.

For the year that followed, I had three motherboards replaced and four repairmen try to fix it.  Every single time I called to find out the status of the replacement parts or when the serviceman was going to show up, I got the same response.

"I understand you are having a problem with a machine that does not fill up with water."

Each and every time I would tell them that there is no problem with the machine filling up with water -- but that NONE of the settings work and I cannot change the water temperature.

F I N A L L Y.....they agreed to replace the machine with a brand new one.  They showed up the next day and once again, I was thrilled to have a new washer -- and one that worked.

I filled the washer, turned it on and lit up like a Christmas tree.  YAY!

Three.  Minutes.  Later.  I hear 'ding' indicating the load was complete.  Clean clothes in three minutes.  This must be some kind of miracle.

I assumed I was having yet another blonde moment and needed to try it again.  Obviously, I did something wrong.  But, no, it was the exact same scenario.

I took all the clothes out, started the machine again and used a flashlight to see what was happening. The machine started with a gentle spin, then stopped, another gentle spin in the opposite direction and that was it.  Why?  BECAUSE THERE WAS NO WATER.

I knew instantly that they had given me a refurbished machine and let's just say you don't need to know what I told them -- but they are delivering a new machine tomorrow with an extended warranty -- their gift to me.  I'll keep you posted.

Get the picture?

Friends came for dinner the other night and brought their new dog, a French Poodle by the name of Mister Red.  We snapped his picture while he was sleeping on our living room carpet and when I looked at it later, I couldn't stop laughing.

Friday, April 15, 2016

When You Least Expect It -- And It's Bad News

Ever feel like someone hit you with a baseball bat?  Right across the gut? Hard. Bad news can often affect us like that.  It hurts.  Deep.

In recent years, I wonder what is wrong with me when something traumatic happens in my life. I don't handle it as well as in the past. Does aging force me to deal with things differently than when I was younger? Does age make it more difficult to deal with stress?