Monday, March 2, 2015

Is There A Right And Wrong Side Of Anger?

I believe that most anger starts as an annoyance but can turn into rage - if allowed.  To get angry is expressing a normal emotion but out of control it can be destructive.  It can destroy relationships, careers and most definitely, your health.  Anger is a natural response to a threat and helps us defend ourselves but must be controlled to be beneficial. 

You can be assertive when you are angry; expressing your feelings calmly and respectfully allowing you to get your point across without being offensive.  An unhealthy choice is to suppress anger which can lead to passive-aggressive behavior and hypertension or depression.  It is crucial to find a way to vent without hurting others or ourselves. Otherwise it can be a one-way street without a way to turn around and take back what had been said.
@BatteredHope wrong side of anger

Friday, February 27, 2015

A Large Bully Is No Match For A Tenacious Little Girl

Recently I had the pleasure to meet three on-line friends in person and each experience was amazing. My friendship deepened with each of these women, and I know we will be life-long friends. Many of you shared your own experiences when you met your blogging or on-line friends after reading How Your Blog Can Make An Impact  and Sensational Friends You May Know.

I have also had the pleasure of connecting with Erin from my grade school years.  We were friends from Kindergarten through high school and then lost touch for four decades. After all those years, we discovered we were living in close proximity of each other - 3,000 miles from where we grew up. Every year since then, we have spent a girls' getaway weekend together to play catch-up.
@BatteredHope   Bully vs a little girl

Thursday, February 26, 2015

When You Are Forced Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I am not a sheep midwife.  I am neither a shepherd nor a goat herder.  I am a relatively sophisticated city girl.  I love petting the fur of a soft puppy or kitten as much as the next person.  But being kicked and pushed by filthy sheep ready to give birth is NOT my idea of a good time.
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