Friday, October 23, 2020

During Stressful Times, We Can Be Thankful We Have A Home

Every other year my Christmas shopping would be done by now. Usually, I shop in August and September and wrap gifts in October. By the time Christmas comes around I have forgotten what I purchased for everybody so it is a big surprise for me as well. I get my thrills where I can!

Not sure what happened this year except that it has been incredibly busy. Although I have not been on the road for any speaking tours during this pandemic, every other part of our businesses has soared. 

Angels Took on a New Form

Since the onset of Covid restrictions in our community, the homeless have not had a source for meals. Hubby and I decided to feed them as often as possible, almost every day. It is more than rewarding. 

First, the obvious ... it is a delight to see them eat healthy food. And then, the not so obvious. They are the new security system for our store. They have taken the initiative to watch our store. One of them sleeps in a van right next to our back door and has had more than one encounter with someone trying to break in at night. We are more than grateful for what they are doing. And we never asked them.

Anyone Else Join the Challenge?

I joined the Ultimate Blogging Challenge this month which means one post per day. That's a lot of blogging. I decided to do funny posts and of course, posts about dogs. Here are some of my favorites and I assure you they will make you laugh.

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This is my monthly post for the Fly On The Wall challenge. A few bloggers share what is going on in their homes - to keep them sane and to bring you a laugh or two.

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  1. I love that you are feeding the hungry, and that they've found a meaningful way to pay you back.

  2. Kudos to you for taking care of the homeless people in your area. Love the photos of the grands and yes, that turkey is HUGE!

    1. I've seen turkeys attack people -- I wouldn't want to be this close to this one.

  3. If each of us help one person,then life would get better.This is a beautiful reminder of that

  4. What a blessing! You were doing good with no expectations and they decide to do something nice for you too. Your posts are funny -- I have missed a few. I will have to go back and check on them

    1. I am glad you are enjoying the laughs. And thank you for your comment

  5. What a wonderful gesture you are doing for these homeless folks, Carol, and what a blessing that they have chosen to protect your business in return. I know you're grateful for that! And can your grandkids get any cuter? Such a delight to see them here. I know you miss them!

  6. It is great that you have made sure that homeless people have good, healthy food, and it's also great that the homeless people have chosen such a kind way to help out your business. Beautiful story.

  7. What a wonderful thing you and your hubby are doing to help the homeless what a blessing that they are there to help you also. I love your dog photos!

    1. We have been doing it for so many years that when the pandemic hit it was just expanded naturally.

  8. So awesome what you are doing and how wonderful they are blessing you in return!