Friday, May 22, 2020

Are There Any Advantages To Being Over the Hill?

A few months ago I started asking questions on Facebook twice a week. Some are silly, some are soul searching, and some stimulate memories. It has been rewarding in various ways and certainly has connected me with people who are both like-minded or polar opposite.  Each question has between 100 - 200 comments. I believe this is what Facebook was originally intended to be - a place to connect with both old and new-found friends.  Stop by....if you haven't already.  Answer some questions or let me know what you would like me to ask the group. 

Everybody enjoying the crazy social-distancing line-ups at stores?  I try to schedule my time to do any shopping or banking when the wait times are the shortest. 

Last week I needed to make a bank deposit - with cash. The bank was closed so there wasn't any lineup. This would have been great except for this flashing NOTICE on the bank machine. 

We are not accepting cash deposits at this time
"What?" I asked out loud. The machine responded with the message flashing faster.  Muttering to myself that this would mean I had to return and wait in line when it opened at 11 A M.  I arrived at 11:15 and about 30 people were waiting.

The bank manager asked each person waiting in line what they needed to do as they only allowed people into the bank whose transactions required personal assistance. By the time he got to me there were still about 25 ahead of me.

"Good morning, Carol. What are we doing today?" Don't you hate that when they say "we?" I had no idea what he was going to be doing that day.

"Making a cash deposit - the bank machine won't accept any cash."

"Sorry 'bout that? We have been having some issues with the machine over the weekend."

"Carol, you're not over 60 are you?"  Why would he ask me that - especially in front of all these people?

"Yes, I am."

"May I see some identification please?"

I handed him my driver's license and with a loud voice, almost shouting, he said, "HOOOOOOLY. You're 72."

EVERYONE - I mean.....everyone stared.

He immediately realized how loud he had spoken and he cupped his hand over his face mask. "So sorry, Carol. I was just shocked. I didn't think you were 60. You don't have to wait in line. I'll take you right in."

I guess sometimes it's a perk to be 'over the hill.'


A friend told me about an up-and-coming social media platform that was not run like the Gestapo. It is non-radical, informative, fun, and gaining huge audiences rapidly. It is called AllSocial.

Checking it out, it had the feel of both Facebook and Instagram combined. While scrolling through I noticed there was a Mother's Day contest asking that you post anything related to mothers. There was no mention regarding the prize and I assumed it was for 'recognition' purposes. 

I posted these two pictures and blurbs:

Wedding 1967
The last time I saw my mom who died shortly after my wedding in 1967

Mother and daughter
My beautiful daughter who has been everything I could ever have hoped for in a daughter. Now with babies of her own, she is a magnificent mom (pictured here at 12 years old)   
A few days later I received an email: CONGRATULATIONS! You are our Mother's Day contest winner. I completed the necessary forms which I thought were a bit much for a small gift as I had no idea what I won.

When I received the notice of what I won, I thought it was some kind of scam. I was shocked. It was an online gift card to florists or gift stores in the amount of $100. But that's not all -- the next prize was a Visa card for $250 to use as I please. Will I be promoting their website? Duh!

I would have done it anyway. The marketing gal interviewed me yesterday regarding my reaction to the prize and what I planned to do with it. We chatted a bit about their goal in the social medial world and it felt....good, homey and non-threatening. 

Sure missing those kids

Not seeing those grandbabies since Christmas we were so anxious to be with them. Then the second week of March the world shut down, including the ferries we would need to travel to see them. So, like many other people, we wait.

But here are pictures their mom and daddy took for us:

How to feed the sheep
Brie feeding the sheep
Notice her new 'car'

Feeding sheep

Chopping wood
William learned how to chop wood

Brie is missing her Papa so
she drew his picture.
She drew him with HAIR 
Kids on ATV
Glad they have the opportunity to play outside

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  1. For me, the hardest part of staying in during this pandemic is the people I miss. We did a family Zoom on Mother's Day. That's how I now know my youngest son has a mustache. Hope you get to see those grandchildren soon.

    1. Whenever I think about how difficult this has been, I am quickly reminded of those who are hurting and feel they have no one to turn to and have lost so much. There is comfort in knowing we will see those kids and grand kids again!

  2. I'm definitely going to look into AllSocial, Carol, as I'm just a tad fed up with Facebook. Loved the mother/daughter photos, too - no wonder you won! And yes, we're missing our grands, too. What a drag this all has been, but I'm optimistic that we will be free to fly soon.

  3. Looking forward to seeing you at All Social!

  4. Congrats on the wins!! Also--love the bank story. See? Over the hill really does have its perks. I love being over the hill!

  5. Well I'm with the bank guy, you do NOT look 72. Our bank isn't taking any cash deposits, at all, and hasn't for over a month, almost two.

  6. I laughed, I cried, and I enjoyed your post...yes, there are some perks to being over the hill and one of them is to lose some of your filter from over the years to finally say what you mean...

    1. Actually my filter is better now then when I was younger -- I think I don't want to get slapped LOL

  7. I love your questions Carol and you’ve inspired me to ask my own. I have a natural curiosity in people and their stories. You led the way for me to be bold to ask the questions and open up conversation. ��

    1. Thank you -- and I'm glad. That is precisely why I started my talk show six years ago and it has become so successful Karletta

  8. And....I am so glad to have met a like-minded person. This is one of the main reasons I started my talk show over 6 years ago. You would love it. I interview people who never ever gave up hope. Some of their stories are spell-binding. Check it out here: