Friday, April 17, 2020

Are You Worrying About Your Health?

Happy Easter

Can you think of any other time in the history of our modern world when the number one thought on everyone's mind was the same?  The only time I can think of is Christmas and that only lasts for a day or two. 

The conversations I hear in the grocery store, on the internet, or on the street when taking a walk all have the same core -- the "V" word. Most of them are not positive comments but riddled with fear, anxiety, and judgment. I am not sharing anything you don't already know so I won't dwell on it but one thing I have noticed that seems to be exploding is RUDENESS.  This shocked me. At a time when the human race should be pulling together in kindness, it seems to be the opposite.  

When I was in the grocery store lineup yesterday waiting for more than 30 minutes to get into the door, I started 'interviewing' people. It was so much fun and almost everyone within hearing was laughing. It made the time go much faster.  When I exited the store later, the doorman asked if I could come by every day to entertain the people in line. What a great compliment and I told him, "I'll consider it!"

I stopped at the TP aisle in the grocery store and noticed a lot of unlabeled toilet tissue on the shelf. I thought I discovered gold and was about to put my limit of one into my grocery cart when I heard this:

"Excuse me, sir, but can you tell me if this is one or two-ply paper?"

"Why are you talking to me? Do I look like someone who knows anything about it?" His voice was curt and loud. I wanted to slap him.

I immediately walked towards the woman who was asking the question, at a safe distance of course.  She was quite dirty, only had a few teeth, and looked as though she was about to cry.

"Let's see if I can figure this out for you." I took one of the packages off the shelf and sure enough, there was not one single word on the package. No brand name, nothing. 

"There are eight big rolls in this package for $3.99 and eight rolls in the Charmin package that is clearly marked as two-ply for $11.99.  I think you would be smarter and just as safe to buy the one for $3.99. They certainly look like two-ply paper."

The old gal's eyes teared up and she thanked me with her big toothless smile. I wanted to hug her distancing.

Easter Weekend (without grands)

Not much change in my routine

My life hasn't changed much this past month. I work from home and usually stay in my office eight to ten hours a day. We almost never go out to eat and never, ever order in. I have three freezers full of food because I make everything from scratch in large batches and have ready-to-go meals if needed.

When the alarms were sounding about the long lineups at the grocery store and limited access, I decided to get some fresh vegetables but didn't have much more on my list. Someone actually accused me of shopping needlessly and that I should only come into the store when I needed to do a full shop. Judge, much?

We had to close our jewelry stores during this crisis because we are not an essential service. However, that would depend on who you ask. Several people called us wanting to sell their gold or buy an engagement ring.  My understanding is marriage proposals are on the rise. 

With our two stores closed, my hubby is now home 24/7.  Previously he worked seven days a week which is not uncommon when you run your own business. This is a major change in his life. We have a recording studio in our home that has cobwebs sprouting up due to lack of use. It is wonderful to watch hubby now playing the piano, writing and recording songs, which is his passion.

I was counting the days until Spring break. The grands were coming for a week-long visit and I was so excited. And then this happened. Along with millions of other grandparents, the visitation doors slammed shut. I had not hugged those little ones since Christmas. It felt like a knife in the chest - so close and yet so far away.

When I stand on my deck I can see the island where they live. It is a 12-minute flight which costs $51. But you can't take luggage on the small floatplane. If I want to drive there, it is a full day trip. I have to take two ferries, wait in line for two hours between ferries and the cost is almost $300 to go a distance of 21 miles. Insane!

My daughter suggested I walk on the ferry, instead of driving, which cuts the cost by almost $200. The next day there was an announcement that all the ferries to the island were grounded for 60 days. How is that possible? This is our highway. The island has a population of 871,000 people!  No words.

All of a sudden, people worry about their health

As you may be aware I am a certified health coach and symptomologist who deals only in products that have the life factor present - in other words, nothing synthetic.  This is the basic reason the products work and can build life and restore damaged cells. The thrust of my business for the past 35 years has been prevention. We don't have to worry about our immune systems when we have taken precautions to keep them strong. 

All of a sudden, people are contacting me begging for help. Everyone wants to get on the health train and find out what they can do to protect themselves. Many of them apologized for not listening to my warnings of past years. I am thrilled to be able to give them the assurance that it is never too late to start. Optimum health is an option.

Until I see the kids again, it is wonderful to have face time and photos. 

Always the protective big brother


Railroad tracks

Abandoned railway tracks

Abandoned railway tracks
I know it's 

abandoned but this

pic still made my 

stomach tighten up

Brotherly love

William can't wait until he can show his Papa how 

much his golf game has improved

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  1. I'm shocked at the attitudes of people in the grocery store too. I had to go yesterday and most weren't wearing masks, were ignoring the one way signs in the aisle, were not practicing social distancing and were putting their items right on the belt while mine were still there despite signs saying to stay back and wait. What is wrong with people?

    1. In answer to your question....I believe that most people do not know how to deal with fear of the unknown so they lash out or ignore it.

  2. Love, love, love the pictures of your grandkids! Most of mine live within three minutes of us, but they may as well be in Kalamazoo.
    Here in Canada, I'm seeing an upsurge in kindness. People smiling and waving. Calling out to each other, even from across the street. So far, the two times I've had to shop, the tellers have been uber friendly and helpful. I hope this will be the takeaway from all this when it's over!
    P.S. Come and stand in line with me! ;)

    1. I hope so, Diane. I suppose a lot has to do with where you live.

  3. It is such a difficult time, Carol, not being able to see our grands or get close to one another. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos of your precious ones, and yes, seeing those track pictures made my stomach to a flip flop! Face Time has been a saving grace for us here, too.

    1. I thought of you a lot when your grands moved away. It's been that way for us since they were born and it still is upsetting.

  4. I love that you are being positive and helpful when you are out and about. It is a time to show kindness to one another! Be well!!

    1. I think that is what people in general do - help one another. A crisis shouldn't change that, right?

  5. I totally understand about the pain of not seeing the grandkids. I miss mine, too. Thank God for FaceTime. Also, sorry to hear that you had to temporarily close the jewelry store but how nice that your husband is getting back in touch with his musical side!!

  6. We completely agree on this. All are facing such issues where we cannot meet our loved ones, can't go outside. But we all have to fight with this situation together.