Saturday, May 11, 2019

No Greater Love Than a Wanted Child - A Daughter

I wish I had words to describe my love and admiration for my daughter. I try -- but come up short. I have watched her survive great trauma in her young life and she never complains. She was a little girl when her father was in a serious car accident, leaving him disabled. She did everything she could to help me, encourage me and make me laugh. She was strong and a wealth of support for her mom. She has lost friends to cancer and suicide but is always the first one to console those around her.  She has lost much and endured immeasurable pain.  She is always first to offer a helping hand.  She lost her brother when he chose to walk away from our family seven years ago and broke our hearts.

Her dad and I were told we would never have children.  After 14 long, difficult years of waiting, we had our baby girl -- and now she is a mom. 
My daughter on the left.  Her daughter on the right.

I now watch her as a young mother and am overcome with emotion as she is a pillar of strength. She was born to be a mother. Almost losing her little son at birth, she stayed strong in her faith and he survived miraculously. But before he was a year old he contracted a very rare bacterial infection, had to undergo surgery only a handful have ever survived.  Shortly thereafter, the load was almost unbearable when she lost her second baby in utereo, yet she managed to be a source of strength for her family. Then her little girl had to fight an uphill battle to come into the world.

I watch her raise her children with love and strength only a mother who has endured much heartache could comprehend. I consistently hear comments from friends, associates and even strangers who say they rarely see such incredible, polite, kind and gentle children. They have a mom who teaches them beyond their years.  Even though her son is only seven years old, he has learned how to respect his parents, teachers, and peers.  He adores his baby sister, never tires of taking care of her and helps his mom in any way he is capable. 

When I need a friend.  When I need advice.  She has a unique perception and ability to see situations with resolution.  Every. Time.  She is my rock.

It is the strong women, the ones who give of themselves until they have nothing left to give – these are the women we need to applaud.  These are the women we need to rally around and cheer, returning the strength and love they so freely give to others. 

My beloved daughter – a mother who stands head and shoulders above – in any crowd.  


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your daughter. She is a gift from God for sure! Your grandchildren are adorable and I can see the love and compassion in the pictures. Happy Mother's Day to you and your beautiful daughter!

    1. Thank you Martha. Yes, she is a gift and a miracle.

  2. What an incredibly special, strong daughter you most have! Of course, she was born to one of the most loving, self-sacrificing, determined women I know--so it rubs off.

    1. Your kind words mean so much to me. Thank you.