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If Only You Had Not Made That Mistake, Then What?

Battered Hope
This is a Secret Subject Swap blogging challenge.  Each month a group of bloggers is given a secret challenge to interpret in their own way.  The challenges are just that -- to make you step out of your comfort zone and share your thoughts about that subject in a new way.

My challenge this month gripped my heart.  It would take a book to be able to answer it but then again, that is why I wrote my memoir.  Battered Hope was written about so many traumas in my own life so other people would be able to relate to me on a variety of levels.   

Here is the question posed to me this month and my answer is in the form of other questions:
Has there ever been a time in your life where, in the heat of the moment, you would have literally sold your soul for a different outcome if it was an actual possibility and not just a phrase?

My responses:

Like the time my doctor told me I had cancer and without a hysterectomy, I would die?  Instead of accepting his diagnosis, I chose to challenge him and refuse treatment.  I wish I did not have to go through all those years of pain but I cured myself and 40 years later am healthier than ever.


Like the time my husband decided to throw himself on the mercy of the court and plead guilty to a crime he was innocent of in hopes that the judge would realize the only witness we had to prove our case committed suicide before we went to trial?  If only, we had known hubby would go to prison resulting in that bad decision.
Loss of child

Or the time we didn't run away because after having our baby for a full year the birth mother decided she wanted him back?  We wanted to run away -- what if we had?  Would we still have our son?

Battered Hope

What about the time I took a different route home from work and was gang-raped and left for dead?  Do I wish I had not made that mistake?

Loss of Family

Or one of my deepest hurts of all time is when, over six years ago, our precious son said he never wanted to see us again and we thought he was joking?  The day before he had shared how much he loved us and then in a moment he and his wife and two babies walked out of our lives and we have not seen them since.  Do I wish I had run after him and asked him why?

Escaping authorities

Or the time when we had to run for our lives.....because we made a mistake?  That cost us dearly and we are still paying for it.  If only.......

 Suicide Prevention

Or the time when hubby was on the 19th-floor balcony railing in South Africa ready to jump and the sound of the phone ringing stopped him?  I was able to talk him down. 


Often in the heat of the moment, we make stupid mistakes.  We say things we cannot take back.  It is how we deal with these moments that form us into the kind of person we want to be.  It is these moments when we share them with others, we can help others in their own situations.

That is the underlying message in my book.  It is a gripping story, written as a novel, and will draw you into it as if you were living it yourself.  It will show you that no matter what happens in your life, it is your attitude towards yourself and others that make or break you.

Battered Hope
If you haven't had the chance to read Battered Hope, I guarantee that you will enjoy it and hopefully, be encouraged as well.

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