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Do You Know How to Sell Yourself or Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

Common sense
When someone says, "I can't sell anything" or "I can sell ice to the Eskimos" where do you fit between these two extremes? Were you born a salesperson or did you become one? Selling is based on common sense.

Some people believe that you must have a certain type of personality in order to sell something. Some people don't like to 'feel' as if they are being sold something. Sometimes we have the mindset that we will NOT buy and yet walk away with a purchase. Why? Were we intimidated into buying? Did the salesperson make us realize that we had a definite 'need' to make that particular purchase?

Every single day we either buy or sell something and, at times, without even realizing it. We buy and sell thoughts, ideas, objects, lies, or truths.    

own worst enemy
The expression that someone is their own worst enemy often stems from them believing lies about themselves.  A negative experience or an abusive relationship can have long-term effects on our state of mind. When you buy the thought, you buy the lie. If we hear something about ourselves for a long enough period of time, we tend to believe it -- or 'buy the lie.'  That thought can be one that we have told ourselves or one that someone has drilled into us. When our self-esteem is low, we have a tendency to tell ourselves things like - "You have no value."  "No one will ever love you or want you."  "You aren't qualified."  "You will never be successful."

If we are products of our environment, we need to take inventory as to where these thoughts are coming from.  Are we in a relationship where we are made to feel that way about ourselves?  Or are we possibly jealous of others' successes that we believe we will fail if we try?

giving up

In the face of failure, some people throw their hands up in the air because they feel helpless to change the situation -- so they don't even try.

don't care about you

I am a public speaker and learned a long time ago that people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. People will gravitate toward you when you can empathize with them; when you show them that you understand their situation.
Years ago while making a presentation for the products I was selling, a man said to me "I am not sold on your product but I am willing to give it a try because I trust you."  Fortunately, after his purchase, he was extremely satisfied and thanked me.  When you believe in what you are selling, people will trust what you say about it.

There is a lot of information available on how to sell your merchandise. You can take a course, read a book, do research online. What I want to address here is how to guarantee you don't sell.  In other words, here is a humorous look at how NOT make a sale. 

Whether you are selling a car or a bottle of vitamins, certain things you do will help guarantee you do not make the sale. It has been said that trying to sell yourself is not as important as selling your product. Hogwash! Selling is ALL about selling yourself. Here is how to guarantee you DON'T sell. Think about it!

Starting with the 10th way not to sell.......


10If your prospect asks you a question to which you do not have the answer, make it up. Hopefully, they will never find out. No matter what they ask you, say “I don't know.” Appear uninformed. Don't offer to find the answer to their questions.

head in sand

9. Establish your customer's needs and then tell him what he wants to hear, even if it isn't true. Again, hopefully, he will never find out. The only thing that is important is the sale, right?

sloppy dresser
8. Pay no attention to your appearance. Unkempt, sloppy – it doesn't matter. They are buying a product – what you look like does not have any effect.

7Control the conversation. Do not give your prospect a chance to voice his opinion or ask questions. What is important is that you talk about you and your success.


6. Make sure to emphasize the downside. Let them know why this product may not work for them.

self pity

5.  Tell them about YOUR day or how rough your week has been.

don't care

4. Don't get excited or show any passion for your product.

3. Don't ask your prospect questions. What they have to say is not important.
Listen to ME

2. If they insult your intelligence in any way, get angry. Let them know who is in charge.

If, after following the guidelines above, you still manage to make a sale, the number ONE way to squash it is.......(drumroll, please)......

1. Do not stop talking. Oversell! Hopefully, they will change their mind.

What kind of salesperson are you?

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