Friday, July 7, 2017

Are You Sitting on the Fence?

Decision time

Are you a black and white kind of person? All or nothing?  Or are you easily influenced and possibly can have your mind changed regarding your 'convictions?'

In many ways, I am black and white - all or nothing.  However, I have learned that being this way may not allow for change and one could become quite close-minded.  Take food for example. I love or hate.  Rarely is there a middle ground.  I enjoy cooking and will try new recipes but they must pass the love or hate test and I will not make them again if they fall into the 'like' category.   

I have strong principles regarding my ethics, morals and the way I treat people.  I work diligently at not judging others at face value but choose to look beneath the surface and find out why they may do or say things I do not necessarily agree with.  

All or Nothing

I am empathetic to many issues other people have, as my own life has been traumatic in multiple areas.  I will give people the benefit of the doubt because I may have walked in their shoes and know the pain of rejection, loss, and grief. 

I do not have a 'circle' of friends as they are each so very different.  I have wealthy friends and friends who live on the street.  I have friends who have solid spiritual beliefs from atheist to Christian and friends who have none.  I have strong friends and others who are extremely weak.  

Yet, my absolutes remain strong and solid.  I know who I am and what I believe.  But, I will always take the time to listen with an open mind and try not to pass judgment prematurely, if at all. 
Myth or truth - one or the other

I have seen many changes in a world that is no longer based on absolutes.  Many people live in a gray world.  They are not sure what they believe until they are influenced by outside sources.  My belief system has never changed and it is how I raised my children.  It has made them strong and secure.

Where my black and white side shows is my conviction to the truth.  I realize that there can only be one truth.  Either something is true or it is not.  Truth does not have a gray area. There are no 'little white lies.'  Living this way makes one strong and the ability to make quick decisions much easier.  You know who and what you are and you are not hoping someone will make the decision for you. There are consequences to be paid in life when we choose to live life sitting on the fence.  

As I am watching my daughter raise her children I see the same pattern. Her children know what "no" means.  There is no wavering.  Begging does not change anything. This must be taught from day one - no child is too young to learn right from wrong.  

Know yourself

I am curious to know if you have strong convictions or if you may struggle in this area.  Or maybe you have never really given it much thought.  Please share your 'story.'

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