Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Who Wants to Know How to Create a Great Profile Picture?

How important is your profile picture?   There are many people who post profile pictures that are not pictures of themselves at all. You may choose to do this for various reasons.  Some people may be more interested in sharing their brand instead of a photo of themselves.  Some may want to post a family picture (which tells a story about who they are).  Some may post a picture of their furry friend.

What I want to address here is what a potential client may see when they look at your profile picture. No matter how often we may say that we don't judge a book by the cover, it is human nature to do just that.
Be careful not to judge too quickly

If we see someone in tattered clothes staggering down the street, we may jump to the conclusion that he is a good-for-nothing drunk.  In reality, he may be someone who was in business and lost everything, even his family.  Most of us know someone like this and our heart goes out to them when we realize that, but for the grace of God, it could be me.

Or we may see an executive wearing expensive clothes, driving a new car and think they have it all together.  What we may not realize is that he could be one step away from losing it all.  We really never know unless we know them personally.  For a heart-warming shocking story that is an example of this, please check out what happened when I paid for a woman's coffee at the drive through window.  It was published in the recent release by Chicken Soup for the Soul, Random Acts of Kindness.
Even though we may try hard not to prejudge people before we speak to them, we are all a little guilty of it.

Back to profile pictures.  On my talk show, Never Ever Give Up Hope.  I interview guests who have remarkable stories of how they conquered overwhelming obstacles and achieved success.  When I choose a guest and ask them to send their picture to me for posting on my website, I want to be sure they reflect a positive image.  This is the first thing people see on the internet.  They see it before they hear a story or read a bio.  It must show confidence and strength.

Here are some tips I have given to my guests and certainly can be used wherever you post your profile picture.

1. The best profile picture is of your head and shoulders only -- not full body.  The closer the picture of your face, the better to show that you are genuine, honest and really do want to help others.

2. Look INTO the camera - not off in the distance or up in the air.  Give eye contact. Believe it or not, this is extremely important.

3.  Show good posture.  It is okay to lean into the camera a bit but do not overdo it. Don't try to look sexy.  It just doesn't work for a profile picture.

4.  Smile with teeth.  This is welcoming and
shows warmth.

5.  Wear dark-colored clothes with lighter accents.  Don't wear light colors that may blend you into the background. Don't wear big bulky jewelry as that is where the eye will be drawn to and your face will be secondary.

Profile pictures say a lot about us -- you know what 'they' say about first impressions.  Put your best face forward!

If you have a story you want to share with the world about your own experience of turning your hopelessness around, please contact me with the name of this post.  I'd love to have you on the show.

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