Friday, February 17, 2017

Making the World a Kinder Place Starts at Home

I bet there are many times in our lives when we would love to be a fly on the wall and know what goes on behind closed doors of our friends' homes.  This monthly blogging challenge gives us that opportunity each month and I thoroughly enjoy hearing my friends share their stories.

This past month, although busy as always, was rather uneventful.  I know that much of the country was hit with unusually severe snowstorms.  Living in the Pacific North West in an area that rarely sees snow, Mother Nature gave quite the performance.

In our area, we do not even have snow removal equipment. Normally, we don't need it. However, this year we broke all records for snowfall. It certainly was beautiful but our town, our highways, schools, businesses, banks, basically everything shut down for a few days.  

Here is a picture of the first day's snow and by the time it stopped snowing we had over three feet.  There were no tire tracks on our roads -- only footprints.  It was so beautiful.  

2017 snowstorm

My daughter called me a week before the snowstorm as she and her little ones were struck with that terrible flu that put many people flat on their backs for more than a couple weeks. She would not have asked me to help her unless it was serious.  When she called at 5 A. M. on a Sunday morning, I knew it was serious.  

There were no flights available so I had to make the seven-hour car trip to find all three of them terribly sick.  I was so happy to have the time and the opportunity to be there and lend a hand.
kind children
One thing that will stick in my mind forever is watching my five-year-old grandson, who never got off the sofa for a week, be considerate and kind to his one-year-old sister when she wanted his attention.  He would gently tell her that big brother was too sick to play but that he loved her very much.  

When he needed a glass of water he would ask using his best manners - please and thank yous.  It's great to be proud of your kids and grand-kids, but when you see them behave in such a manner, it is button-busting. He had bouts of throwing up regularly, and yet he never whined or cried.  He apologized for doing it and was sorry Gramma and Mama had to clean it up.

Once again, my hat is off to his mama for raising thoughtful, kind and polite children. People, even strangers, often ask her what her secret is to having such courteous and mannerly kids.  
precious granddaughter

Getting up one morning, my daughter strongly suggested I head home as a storm was approaching.  I didn't believe her because we don't get snowstorms!  But I am certainly glad I listened because I made it home a few hours before the storm hit.

snowstorm 2017

It was awesome to be housebound for almost a week.  I wrote articles, met deadlines, and got caught up with interviews and work I had to postpone the previous week while tending my family.  Crazy how things work out!

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