Wednesday, January 11, 2017

12 of the Best Persuasive Words to Use

Want to make an impact?  Choosing words carefully when you speak or write make people take notice and listen.

My brother is one of the greatest salesmen I have ever known and he is not in the 'selling' business.  He sells himself and consequently, people trust him.   He gave me this list of persuasive words that he compiled from his experiences in business over six decades.  His training comes from experience - tried and proven.

These are words we can use in conversations that trigger a positive response from the listener.  Try using them and see what a difference it makes when you input positive, rather than negative or passive words.

Discovery  implies something new as a detection, revelation or analysis.

Guarantee  gives assurance, certainty, or agreement that what you are saying is true.  Be careful not to overuse it, however.

Proven indicates that you know what you are talking about and you are absolutely sure of what you saying.

Results  coupled with proven shows that the experience will be positive and guaranteed.

Save is a tricky word.  Everyone wants to save but don't use it unless you can prove what you are saying is accurate. This is often used too often in advertising and patrons tend to not believe it.

Easy is a key word because there is a little bit of laziness in all of us. If it can be done easier with little effort, we gravitate to that.

Money can be an alarming word and often sends up the antenna of your listener. Money often triggers greed and can stimulate that passion in many of us. Use it wisely especially when it is used with save.

New works with many key words; results, easy, health, guarantee, love and discovery.

Safety is what we look for regularly, especially in our changing world  People want to know that the product or service you offer is safe.

You is one of the most important words we can use. Most people tire of hearing about you and want to hear about them.  What will the service do for them?  Why do they need it? careful, don't oversell here. You also makes people feel important and if you really do care about them, it will come across loudly in your conversation - and not by just the words you speak.  They will sense it from your heart and passion.

Love is a word that can be overused but leaves an emotional impact and when properly used generates trust.

Health is my middle name.  It is what I love to talk about and can PROVE with GUARANTEED RESULTS that optimum health is possibleNot only can I save you money but, more importantly, can help save you from poor health. I practice what I preach which is crucial in the use of all these words.  As a health coach, people want results and are often desperate for answers when they make an appointment with me.  It is with confidence I can guarantee them results and hope which builds trust as well.

Here is a link to some of my posts on health.  There are a few listed - click on them, absorb them.  I can help you..... guaranteed.  I have been a coach for over 35 years and there is no obligation to listen to my suggestions.  Wouldn't you love to live in optimum health? I hear the health concerns of fellow bloggers and on-line friends and acquaintances and it grieves me to see them suffer.  It thrills me to be able to remove those concerns and share health with them.  The positive testimonials often make me cry when I can give someone( who I never met) a new lease on life and health.

The body has the ABILITY to heal itself when given the proper tools (nutrients). Period.  I'm only an email away --

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