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What Are Your Top 11 Pet Peeves?

Pet Peeves.  We all have them. They make us go GRRRRRR.

The Difference Between... 

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What is the difference between things we hate and pet peeves?   An example:  I hate to see people smoking in a car with a dog inside.  I want to run over and smash their windows.  It is now against the law to smoke with children in the car but not animals. Don't they have rights too?

A peeve leans more toward an annoyance experienced by many people.

We all have things in our lives that drive us nuts but we don't always want to admit it -- it sounds like we are whining.  

It is difficult to put them in order of most annoying to least as pet peeves are usually equally annoying!  
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People who are always late
People Who are Always Late  To be late once in awhile is acceptable.  To be late every time. No. Excuse. NONE.  Get a clock that works.

People who say "No Worries  I have never figured this one out.  A waitress can take your order and then say "No worries."  Is she preparing me for something I may have to worry about?  I hear it so often, it makes absolutely no sense.  It only shows a lack of vocabulary. Or they will say "No worries" instead of "Thank you" or "You're welcome"  What the heck does "No worries" MEAN?

People who say "like" all the time.  Valley girls in the 80s said it; yet, some of them still like 'live' there.  Drives me like bonkers.  Take the word "like" out of their like vocabulary and they could like say their like piece in like half the time.

pet peevesSlow people.  It has nothing to do with being in a hurry, it is the inconsiderate behavior that makes me go insane. Driving in the left lane, too slow, and maintaining the same speed as the person in the right lane. Consequently, no one can pass on either side.  They dawdle beside each other either completely oblivious to what is going on behind them or they just don't care.  

The same scenario happens in hallways, grocery store aisles, or on the sidewalk. You want to pass the two people in front of you who are taking up the entire space and not allowing those behind them to pass. Oblivious?  Rude?

Cashiers who say "Altogether that will be...."  and you only bought one thing.  Can they not count?  I often want to say something but figure that if they can't count, they would not get it.
Answering a business phone with a long spiel -- "Good morning, you have reached AA Company, your home for all your xxx needs. We appreciate your business.  My name is Carol.  How may I help you?" When you call a business, you are obviously going to tell the person who answers the phone why you are calling and it really doesn't matter who answers as you will be redirected elsewhere anyway. 

People who say OMG to everything  I have made a conscious effort to never, ever say it.  

SLOW cashiers.  SLOW drivers.  SLOW walkers.  SLOW......


When people spend more time on their phone than interacting with you and you are sitting in front of them.  People who spend ANY time on their phone when they are in a conversation with you.  (Unless it is a phone call that can't wait)

And, drum roll please.....when you call a service provider such as your cell phone or credit card company and you have to go through a series of prompts for 5 minutes to find out they are CLOSED.  Or, finally speaking to an agent who is in a foreign country who cannot understand you nor can you understand them.

And Last But.......

People who don't know which way to hang the toilet paper on the roller!  C'mon, people - really! There is only one way.  

toilet paper

Now, It Is Your Turn.....

Remember these are pet peeves which fit the description above for annoyances. Here is your chance to air those frustrations.  I can't wait to read them.

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