Friday, August 19, 2016

Does Your Dog's Breath Make You Want to Run Away?

For those of you who like the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer and the heat that goes with it -- I hope you are seriously enjoying this one.  There is little I like about summer which I shared in my post this time last year.  For a smile, read 10 Reasons Why I Would Like to Skip Summer.  This year is no different except we are not having the wild fires on the North West Coast.
Salmon fishing

What I do enjoy about summer is seeing the grandkids more often and watching them enjoy their summer activities. William loves to go fishing with his daddy and has learned all aspects of fishing including driving the boat.


Here's Aubrie, William, and Louie chillin' ...........and Aubrie posing for the camera!

Lazy days of summer

What's worse than bad Dog breath?

Speaking of dogs.....for any of you who have a dog with dental problems, I have made an incredible discovery.  Many of you know that all of our rescue dogs eat a raw food diet. Often, when we get a new rescue, he comes with serious health issues.  After we put him on a raw food diet, it is usually only a matter of a few weeks before all their health issues have disappeared. The only vet bills we have had in at least a dozen years have been to get their pedicures done as older dogs' nails are too hard to clip at home.

A couple of months ago when I had Star and Gunner's nails clipped, I asked the vet why their breath smelled so awful.  It was hard to cuddle them because the smell sent you running to the other side of the room.  These two rescues had been seriously neglected for ten years.  Their teeth were so bad that they had to have major dental work, including pulling over 10 teeth, before we could adopt them.
Star and Gunner

When the vet looked at their mouths, he told me they had periodontal disease from all the years of neglect.  Their gums were inflamed and so sore.  No wonder they couldn't eat treats or bones. As a result, their teeth were loose.  The vet quoted me $1100 per dog to have their teeth cleaned and a thorough check-up to determine what else would need to be done.  Then a regular annual cleaning which would require anesthesia and $1000 each visit.  It made me shudder and almost cry.

However, I was excited to receive that diagnosis for FREE because I knew exactly what to do.  That night I added Co-Enzyme Q10 to their daily dose of vitamins and within one WEEK, the gums were pink and normal -- no swelling, no pain, no loose teeth.

BUT......we still had the breath issue because the tartar build-up was terrible.  These poor little guys had such a terrible diet before we adopted them -- no wonder they had tartar.  I researched on-line and discovered an absolutely incredible product called Leba III.  

The greatest part about this spray is it is a NATURAL product.  LEBA III   balances  the chemistry of the mouth keeping the teeth clean and healthy for the entire life of a dog - with NO side effects.  You spray it into your dog's mouth one to two times a day for a month and it removes the toughest tartar.  We noticed a major change in one week.  The tips of Star's teeth are pure white now and the dark brown at the gum line is disappearing quickly.  
Tartar on Dog's teethTartar on Dog's teeth

I have not sent a testimonial to the company yet but I certainly plan to when their teeth are completely white.  Isn't that amazing?  And I am so blown away by the fact that it is NOT a chemical product -- it is all natural herbs (and spices :)

Chew on that until next month and enjoy the rest of the HOT SUMMER!  I'll be waiting for winter.

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