Friday, August 12, 2016

Bits and Bites You May Not Need to Know

I'm sorry
My sincere apologies to all bloggers participating in Use Your Words this month. For a reason that will forever remain a mystery, I did not receive my words in time to prepare a post. The words are floating in cyberspace.  Please let me know if you see them out there.  Hopefully, this was a one-time fluke.

I am 'on the road again' and was not able to formulate a story around the words I received only yesterday.  My words are Gone ~ Mottled ~ Bleach ~ Washer ~ Paint ~ Lap and submitted by Southern Belle Charm

If I took each of these words and put them into a sentence with the first thing that popped into my head -- it would look like this:

Sorry for missing this month's post -- I was gone.  The words are gone.  I'm coming back.  Hopefully, this will never happen again.

The first time we saw our son - the day the adoption agency placed him in our arms, I noticed his mottled skin.  I thought something was wrong with him as I had never seen a newborn before.  But, he was beautiful and we were told it was very common in newborns and would disappear quickly.

Bleach is something you will never ever find in my house.  It is one of the most destructive chemicals you can have around children or anyone with respiratory issues.  Considering how many medical facilities use it causes me great distress.  There are better alternatives than bleach that perform even better.  As far as the claims that it kills bacteria -- that is a farce.  It kills bacteria but it returns rapidly, often mutated.

Got a new washer and dryer which makes life easier.  They do everything but fold the clothes or put them away.

My sister asked me to help her paint her living/dining room years ago.  I mixed up the cans and started painting the ceiling green and the walls white.  Then I fell off the ladder and landed on her new vacuum and broke it.  She never asked for my help again.  My plan worked.

My lap has held many babies and many puppies of every description. My mostest favoritest thing in the whole wide world is holding one of my grandbabies on my lap while rocking them to sleep.  It is these moments I will never forget - especially when I sing them a lullaby.  I can't carry a tune and even the youngest of children knows when a song is 'off.'  They open their eyes and signal me to tone it down.  I can hum -- and that works.

Thanks for your understanding about this
month's post and P L E A S E check out the other bloggers. I promise you that they will have great stories made up from the words they received for this month's challenge.

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