Friday, May 13, 2016

Where is Your Focus When Life Throws You a Curve?

When calamity strikes, how do you cope?  Have you ever had to suffer the loss of everything you hold dear in this world?  After years of traumatic events in my life, I was constantly asked to "write a book" because as difficult as it was to believe, people would draw strength from it.

I did write the book and that is precisely what happened.  I firmly believe we need to share our stories to help others who may be experiencing a similar dilemma.  Hence, my talk show was born - interviewing ordinary people who went through extraordinary circumstances and remarkably survived.  They give us tips and coping skills in dealing with the curves life throws at you.

THEN....smack in the middle of one of the greatest pains in my life (read about it here) the fires in Fort McMurray started.  Around the world, people pulled together to support those who had to flee their homes. Many of them did not have a chance to retrieve their wallets, or heartbreaking to believe -- their pets.  That story is here.  That post was written in response to a prompt challenge in a blogging group.  

Imagine my surprise when the next challenge was to use words that tied in precisely with those fires.  A fellow blogger at Climaxed gave me the words honey ~ blowing ~ fort ~ fireplace ~ problematic ~ social anxiety.

I was not expecting to grieve so deeply for the people in Fort McMurray, but it was too close to home.  My daughter and her family recently moved from there and they have friends and family who work there.  This tragedy is far from over and will affect lives for a long while.  In light of the fact that the summer has not yet started, the world prays for rain, the blowing winds to cease, and cooler temperatures.

The social anxiety that comes with these disasters is often bittersweet.  The tragedy can be beyond coping but it draws families and communities together.  We learn very quickly what is important in our lives.  As difficult as it is to lose our possessions, we cherish the people in our lives on a deeper level.

It also brought back memories of sitting in front of a warm fireplace with friends when my daughter called to alert us that our workshop/storage unit was set on fire by an arsonist high on drugs.  While my son was running towards the shop in hopes of saving one of the several vehicles stored there, it exploded a few feet in front of him. His life was spared.

Dealing with stress and problematic situations with a calm and positive attitude is what helps us to cope. Sometimes life throws us several bends at once and we feel like we have no resources left. Our thoughts are bombarded with negativity.  

I am often asked how I ever survived shattered dreams, brokenness, helplessness and tragedy on many fronts.  It has been a relationship with my Heavenly Father that has sustained me and given me the strength to put one foot in front of the other. It is that relationship that is as sweet as honey in the throes of the bitterness that life sometimes offers.

I read the blog posts of my friends who are going through insurmountable trauma.  I listen to my guests on Never Ever Give Up Hope who share their stories.  At times, I think I have either heard it all or experienced far too much.  Then I hear another story of survival against every odd.  A common thread among these people, including myself, is the tenacity to never give up.  To keep focusing on a positive future.  To keep laughing no matter what. To help one another.  And to put our trust in God who cares about everything in our lives and gives us the strength to win.

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