Thursday, February 25, 2016

Can You Solve Any of These 9 Mysteries?

PLEASE.  HELP.  I need answers and possibly you have the right ones!  Most of us wonder about 'stuff' and never really get a proper answer.  I am hoping you can help me answer some of the things I have not been able to figure out.

1.  Why do people have those "Baby on Board" stickers on the rear window of their car?  One argument for the sign is that in case of an accident, paramedics would be alerted that there is a child in the car.  Another one is to warn drivers not to drive too closely to the vehicle with a child inside.

baby in car badge
Poppycock!  First of all, if the paramedics are depending on a sticker on the rear window to tell them whether or not there is a child on board, that is pathetic.  What if the sticker is there but the child stayed home?  Will they keep looking until they find the child?

Secondly, it has been proven that bumper stickers of any type cause people to drive closer to the car in front of them so they can READ the sticker.

shoe on side of highway

2.  WHY do you always see only ONE shoe on the side of the highway? Asked a few times but no one really knows.  If a shoe is thrown out of a car during an accident, WHY is it always just one?

3.  WHY don't cops pull over completely onto the shoulder when they stop a vehicle on the highway?  This one makes me shudder.  I understand that some shoulders are narrow and this could be a safety issue for the officer.  However, for years, the officer would approach the driver on the passenger side of the vehicle to protect himself from being hit by on-coming traffic.

Why does this make me shudder?  Almost every time I approach this scenario on the highway, there would be plenty of room for the cop to pull completely over but does not.  Of course, this slows traffic down considerably and that may be the whole purpose. is a huge traffic hazard.

Four of my mother-in-law's sisters were travelling to visit her a few years ago.  They were approaching the crest of a hill when they noticed a squad car had pulled another vehicle over.   The cop's car was over the shoulder line.  In a split second decision and in an effort to avoid hitting the squad car, my aunt pulled slightly into the next lane into oncoming traffic.  She hit a car head on and three of the four women were instantly killed.  Almost as sad was the fact that there was never an apology of any kind from the police department.

Cops causing a traffic hazard

elderly couple4.  Why do 'old' people hold hands when they walk together?   Of course, this is great to see and brings a smile to anyone's face who observes an elderly couple holding hands and enjoying each other's company.  The other day I was walking past one such couple and overheard this:

"Don't let go of my hand, Henry, because I may fall down."

"I won't dear.  I need you to balance me as well."

There you have it - asked and answered!

5.  Why do bathroom stall doors open inwardly?   Here's another one I will N E V E R understand.

toilet stall doors

If you have any parcels, a handbag or boobs bigger than a nine-year-old's, it takes a great deal of effort to open the stall door without being forced to straddle the toilet in an attempt to get out of there.  I have often considered that crawling under the door might be easier but we certainly are NOT going to go there.

6.  Why do the same people who 'preach' to us that we should not judge our fellow humans get on their soap boxes and bash a political candidate?  It's one thing to have an opinion and to share that opinion with our friends, but when someone starts carrying on about a candidate they do not like and feel an obligation to share that opinion with the world......any respect I had for them dwindles quickly.  What I have noticed time and again is that these are the SAME people who tell us not to judge others.  I will never understand that logic.

soap box

toilet lid up

7.  Why do people leave the toilet lid UP? It certainly is not rocket science nor does it require any type of educational degree to figure out that when you flush the toilet, it SPRAYS.  There have been several studies done to determine how far the bacteria can fly around the bathroom. Do you want to take the chance that your toothbrush holder is far enough away from the toilet or not?

When I walk into someone's bathroom and see the toilet lid up, it disgusts me.  Mind you, I am not 'judging,' I just feel the need to inform the resident that they could be poisoning themselves and their families.  But, sigh, I never say anything -- that would be plain rude.  And don't get me started on which way to properly hang the toilet paper.

8.  Why do people try to choke us with their fragrance?  A wise woman told me that fragrance should be 'discovered' - NOT ANNOUNCED!  I find this is especially true with men who wear strong cologne.  It makes me wonder if they are bathing in the fragrance or trying to mask their body odor and too lazy to shower.

9.  "Mommy, why is that lady's skin dark brown?"  I saved the best for last.  When my daughter was in the grocery store last week that is what her four-year-old asked in a loud voice.  I loved the way she handled the situation and answered the question.

"No two people are alike.  Some people have blue eyes and some have brown or green ones.  Some people have blonde hair and some have black.  Skin has different colors as well."

She was saying this loud enough for the lady to overhear it and saw through the corner of her eye that she was smiling.

colors of skin
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