Thursday, May 21, 2015

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Last month I spent a few days at Rochelle's farm doing the usual house/dog/cat/sheep/lamb and goat sitting.  I was unaware she had hired a team to landscape the area around the house.  As I watched from the kitchen window I was shocked at how organized and fast this team worked.

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I have never seen any gardeners maintain such an incredible pace. They mowed the lawn, completed the weed eating and pruned the fruit trees and bushes in record time. They had equipment that was so quiet I never would have known they were there if I had not looked out the window.  But the most amazing part was the unique way they fertilized as they worked.

goats, landscaping, pets, humor

When they were finished, they left as quietly as they arrived and I found out they never charged for their services.  I wonder if they need a promoter....

goats, landscapers, pets, humor
Oh, and by the way, the sheep do not make that nice "Baaa" sound we read about in nursery rhymes. They sound more like old men burping....or worse.

No matter how well we train our little ones, we never know what they will say or where they have picked up certain expressions. Daughter Rochelle and three-year-old William were in our store when one of our clients arrived.  Hubby introduced his daughter and grandson to her.  William extended his little hand to this beautiful lady and said, "Nice to meet 'cha Baby!"

All the adults peed a little and Rochelle immediately said "It isn't polite to call a woman Baby."  To which the client responded, "Back at 'cha Baby."  (High Five)
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By the way, she is the client we made this gorgeous necklace, earrings and ring set for last month.  I put it on Facebook and offered a free Montana sapphire to the first person who could guess what the stones were.  Of all the dozens of responses, only one lucky woman guessed correctly. Anyone care to guess?  There may be something in it for you!

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A Definite Hallmark Moment

Rochelle hung the Mother's Day card I sent her on her fridge and when William saw it he asked,
"Is that from Gramma?"

"Yes, it is."

"Can I read it Mommy?"

"Of course, honey."  William opened the card and 'read.'

"Dear Mommy.  You are the best mommy in the world and I love you more than anything.  From Gramma."

The astonishing thing is this -- that is precisely what it said.  He used the words Dear Mommy instead of Dear Rochelle obviously.....but the message on the card was praising her for what a wonderful mother she was and how much I loved and appreciated her.
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Just chillin'

One Giant Step Out of my Comfort Zone

Most of the month I worked on getting my Never Ever Give Up Hope radio show and website organized.  It was a rude awakening to realize how little I actually knew about what I challenged myself to do; but the rewards are going to be over the top.  I am interviewing five to seven people a week.  That is roughly eight or more hours of hearing astounding stories of success.  This makes quite the impact on one's psyche.

These stories are from people all over the world who have triumphed over insurmountable circumstances and risen to success. They did not wallow in self-pity because of misfortune but used their negative situations to turn their lives around and become conquerors in whatever arena they chose.  I am excited to be able to share these stories with you very soon and will keep you posted.

If you want to feel younger and better.....

I started a series of posts this month on The World's Greatest Con Job #2.  These are posts  giving you tips to help determine if the vitamins/food supplements you take are, in fact, what they are supposed to be.   Take time for your health today have health for your time tomorrow.

Saving the best for last.....

Didn't know pre-schools did this but William attended his first Mother's Day Dance.  He is the little three-year-old in the white shirt.

That's it for this month and I hope I brought you a smile or two -- I would sincerely appreciate your comments and shares!

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