Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Choices You Make

I am pleased to introduce to you my guest, Suzy Que from New Zealand.  I met her during a blogging challenge in April of 2014 and have appreciated her poetry and insights during the past several months.  When challenged by a co-worker in 2010 she started a private blog and realized that it was a way to fulfill her passion for writing.  The following year she began blogging regularly and now has three blogs.  

I asked Suzy to share a poem that she specifically wrote for this post. Writing comes easy for her and I know you will enjoy following her blogs of poetry, photos and fun.

These are Suzy's thoughts and why she blogs:

  I dream because dreams make life worth living
I write to share the insights of my soul
I rhyme because poetry brings me great joy
I photograph to capture a moment in time to remember forever  

The inspiration for this poem came from her bus journey to work while observing people.  As the bus progressed towards its final destination, there were many who got on at various stops and a few who got off the bus.   Those who got on chose a seat if there were any.  They also had the choice to stand or sit if there was only one seat.  And there were others who were forced to stand.

Looking out the window I saw people walking briskly, head down oblivious to the world around them, intent on reaching their destination as quickly as possible.  Some others chose to cycle, some were jogging, and others were strolling.  Some chose to cross the road carefully waiting for the pedestrian signal to turn green, some took risky chances and others, calculated risks.

We all reach our destination in our own way and in our own time. Along the way, we make our own choices on opportunities that destiny presents us.  Some bring us great joy and some bring us pain.  In the end, it all balances out. 

The Choices We Make

We reach our destinations
In our own time and way
Many stops at many stations
Sometimes we go, sometimes we stay

Many points of destiny
Some choices we can make
Don't give it too much scrutiny
There's always give and take

All things in life must balance
No constant joy or sorrow
Most things are not a game of chance
In His plan we trust and follow.

What choices have you made that have sparked a change in your life or defined it in some way?  I would love to hear about them.
You can follow Suzy on Twitter: @suzyq1810   On Pinterest:   On Facebook page: Suzy's Ilation

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