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How Do You Ask Your Fiance if He was Unfaithful the Night Before the Wedding?

One.  Two.  Three....Seven   The sound of the clocks brought me back to reality.  Nine...eleven
Was it really that late?  Twelve.

@BatteredHope #LightandShadeChallenge  The clocks was striking twelve

I stood on the bridge at midnight as the clocks were striking the hour;  lost in my thoughts, vaguely aware it was starting to rain.  Isn't it written somewhere that if it rains on your wedding day, it is good luck?  I needed more than good luck.  I needed some guidance. 

"Sorry, I don't really want to tell you this, but I will never forgive myself if I don't.  I saw Jake with another woman a couple days ago and it was obvious they were more than friends."

I wasn't sure if Alicia was telling me this to appease her jealousy of the relationship Jake and I had or if she was genuinely concerned.  Her motive was not as important as realizing I had a major decision to make.

Why Did She Tell Me NOW?
The rehearsal dinner was a blur since Alicia pulled me aside to lay that heavy on me.  Jake and his groomsmen had already gone home and I was headed to my parents home.    I couldn't go back there yet.  I needed to think.  Somehow, my car ended up on the bridge where I often came to ponder decisions.  The out-of-town guests had arrived.  The tables were set for the reception.

@BatteredHope #LightandShadeChallenge  The wedding must go on

I knew Jake loved me.  If I said something to my parents, it would ruin the whole day for them.  They adored Jake; sometimes I think more than their own daughter.

I could call Jake and ask him about it.  He would probably be up all night with his friends and a phone call from me would be really inappropriate.  For the same reason, I couldn't show up unannounced at his apartment.  

 Too Late To Ask For Advice

It was too late at night to call my pastor for advice.  WHAT can I do at this point?  WHY did Alicia choose to tell me that tonight of all nights?  Could Alicia have been mistaken?  A marriage is to be built on trust and honesty.  What hope was there of that happening?  My emotions were all over the place - from anger to tears.         

If I didn't say anything, would this always be in the back of my mind, wondering if it was true?  If I did say something and it wasn't true, would Jake be hurt that I was not trusting him?

 I Knew What I Had To Do 
Just as the tears were starting to run down my cheeks, I knew what I had to do.  I chose to trust Jake.  Maybe someday I could bring it up, but not now.  

The clap of thunder startled me and woke me up.  It had been a bad dream.  I never dream; at least I don't remember them.  I was certainly going to remember this one and was thrilled that I made the right decision.  Jake loved me and I loved him.  Nothing could shake that fact.  I rolled over and went back to sleep, secure and happy.

This was a Light and Shade writing challenge to use the picture prompt and the Longfellow quote "I stood on the bridge at midnight as the clocks were striking the hour."

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