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Dogs - P is for Perky

Cumplemes [ROUGH COLLIE] Agosto 2010
Lady Perkins.  Perky.  Perky was my first dog as an adult.  I always wanted a Collie, having grown up watching Lassie on television.  A Collie would not fit into my lifestyle as a single young woman, living in an apartment in the city.  But....a Shetland Sheepdog would!  Beautiful and gentle.  Driving her home from the pet store, she snuggled into my lap and it was instant love.

Perky will always have a special place in my heart.  She was with me through an abusive marriage and an ugly divorce.  When she was in my car and someone tried to steal my car, she shocked the intruder with a growl and bark that sent them running.  Perky slept with me, cried with me and traveled with me wherever I would go.

Watching the truck run over my dog was heart-breaking
We chose the perfect suitor for her to mate and she produced three gorgeous pups.  We kept one of the pups, Peppi.  She was just as beautiful as her mom until she made the mistake of chasing the mailman down the road.  He ran over her and never even stopped.  I thought my heart would break as I had been running after his truck, yelling at him to slow down, but he didn't listen.

Perky had some quirks that were very funny.  She adored door stoppers.  She would hit them with her paw and then bark at them as they made that funny rattling, springy sound.  This was sheer entertainment for her and kept her busy for a long time.

@BatteredHope #AtoZChallenge  Perky

And they say dogs can't think things through???  Give your head a shake!

Whenever anyone came to the house, they would comment, "What an absolutely gorgeous dog!  She is beautiful and so sweet!"  She waited until they were quiet, would look them straight in the eyes, with her tail wagging, and then let out a loud BURP.  She did it every time so there was no doubt she knew exactly what she was doing.

Perky was with me for thirteen years.  While I was in the hospital giving birth to our daughter, my husband had to put Perky to sleep along with our precious Sinker -- remember Sinky's goofy character in H is for Hiding Behind a Tree?

I am participating in this year's A to Z Challenge 2014 and am sharing 26 dogs stories - one for each letter of the alphabet. 

A is for All the Dogs               B is for Babe                             C is for Charlie
D is for Dyeing Hair                E is for Emergency                   F is for Flying Snake and Flying Dogs
G is for Galloping down the road                                              H is for Hiding behind the tree
I is for The Intimidator                                                              J i for Just Dream Big
K is for Babe is Killed
L is for Louie Vuitton
M is for MercedeZ 
N is for New Addition Chiweenie 
O is for Old Fart and Other Cats

It would be awesome if you would visit other blogs in this challenge.  There is a wide range of subjects posted every day and my fellow bloggers would be honored to have you drop by.
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